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Skin Tag & Mole Removal
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What Causes Skin Tags?

Introduction And Background

We know of all the common skin conditions. We know about pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, cysts and nodules. We know that they all cause acne. However, we are not that familiar with the word skin tags. It is not as common as acne but we have definitely seen it somewhere. The only problem is, we failed to recognize it as a skin tag. Skin tags are actually quite common. Here, we will discuss about the causes of skin tags, what they really are and how they can be removed.

What Are Skin Tags?
Skin tags are actually skin tags. By this I mean they are flaps of skin connected to the actual skin by a stalk. They are not really part of the skin and grow afterwards. They can be of different colors and can grow anywhere on the body. Their usual growth places consist of the neck, the shoulders, the eyelids, the cheeks too and even the genital areas sometimes.

What Causes Skin Tags?
Skin tags do not occur in the younger ages. They actually appear in the midlife or after it. There are various reasons for what causes skin tags. They are believed to be caused by collagen t is stuck inside thicker skin that can have blood vessels of its own. They are also believed to be caused due to friction of skin on skin. This is the reason they are mostly found in folds. The causes are outlined below:

  • Skin tags are mostly caused by genes. They are genetically inherited. If skin tags are common in your family, it is likely that when the time comes you will grow them as well.
  • Obese people have skin tags too. As mentioned above, they are formed by friction and since obese people have more creases and skin folds, skin tags can easily develop.
  • Pregnant women also have skin tags. They are caused in them mostly due to the hormonal changes that occur inside them during their pregnancy period.
  • Diabetic people are also known to develop skin tags because of their condition.
  • Steroidal misuse is also known as a causative factor for skin tags.

Can Skin Tags Be Removed?
Yes, skin tags can be removed. In fact, they are quite easy to remove. However, do know that skin tags are really harmless. Unless they are a hazard to you, such as a skin tag above the eyelid, you do not have to get them removed. They can just stay there.

How To Remove Skin Tags?
There are various ways to remove skin tags but the best part is; they can all be done at home. In fact, the natural method to remove skin tags is quite popular. People often think it is a waste of money to go to the doctor and have it surgically removed if a simple procedure can help get rid of it right at home. Here is how you can do it:

  • Take a little dental floss and tie it around the beginning of the skin tag, where the connecting stalk is. Tie it tightly so that the blood supply of the skin tag is blocked. Keep it on for a day or two. When you’ll remove the floss, the skin tag will come off with it.
  • Apply vitamin E and a band-aid on the skin tag. Leave it on for a day or two, just the same as with the dental floss. When you’ll remove it, the skin tag will be removed too. If this does not happen, pull it a little and it will come off.
  • Duct tape can also be used to get rid of the skin tag. In the same case as with the dental floss and the band-aid, tightly put the duct tape on the skin tag so that its blood supply is blocked. It will change color too, beneath the tape. When you remove the tape, often the skin tag sticks to it and comes off.

Be Careful
Although these methods are harmless and can be easily done at home, in some cases it is preferable to go to the doctor and get the skin tag surgically removed. I am only talking in terms if the skin tag develops in a sensitive area such as the eyelid or the genital areas. Then it would be a bit dangerous to try and remove the skin tag yourself. Go to the doctor and have it removed if such a case arises. For other areas, you can do the procedure yourself if you are comfortable and confident enough.

Skin tags are not an abnormality. In fact, they are pretty harmless. Just the sight of them makes some people uncomfortable which is why they want to have it removed but other than that, they really prove no harm to the skin or the body.

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