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Skin Tags – What Medical And Surgical Options Are There?

Introduction And Background

Our grandparents and parents mostly have skin tags. We cannot identify it as skin tags because we do not really know what skin tags are most of the time. However, we can point them out clearly, often calling it some weird thing hanging from the skin. Before we get to the weird thing hanging from the skin, you should know that skin tags are even quite common in youngsters and that it is not only old people that have them. Skin tags can be removed. Read on further to know more about skin tags and what options there are for their removal.

What Are Skin Tags?
Skin tags are actually small flaps of skin, often the size of a finger nail only. They are freely hanging flaps that are connected to the actual skin, often giving a weird appearance because their color is different from your original skin. Skin tags can arise in any region where there is friction of skin and skin or skin and clothes. This is one of the major reasons of why people get skin tags. They can arise on the eyelids, the underarms, around the face especially the neck region, the shoulders and even in the genital regions and between the thighs. Obese people also get skin tags because their layers of skin create friction. Old people get skin tags due to the same reason but it is because their skin sags and forms layers, not get fat and does it. Another reason for skin tag formation is genetics. If it is in your genes to get skin tags, you might even get it before friction takes place!

Are Skin Tags Dangerous?
Not at all, skin tags are quite the harmless thing. However, their appearance causes a lot of discomfort to the one who has skin tags and the one who looks at the one who has it. This reason causes a lot of people to get their skin tags removed. Otherwise, their skin tags are really of no danger.

Can Skin Tags Be Removed?
Skin tags can be removed easily which brings us to the important segment of this article.

What Are The Surgical And Medical Options For Skin Tag Removal?
Many men and women often visit their skin doctor or dermatologist to be exact. They want their skin tags removed because it causes them visible discomfort and it looks like some benign growth on their skin in worst case scenarios. The surgical and medical options for skin tags are:

  • Visiting the doctor and getting their skin tags zapped. It is a small procedure and the zapping is not even painful as that part of the body is numbed by the doctor. Their skin tags are zapped away without any further ado.
  • The doctor also sometimes freezes the skin tags by use of liquid nitrogen or any other substance that can freeze the skin tags. Then the skin tag either falls off by itself or the doctor performs a procedure of removal which is again easy and painless.
  • Some doctors recommend dermal creams for skin tags. These creams are to be applied on the area of the skin tags as instructed and after a few days or maybe even a few hours, their skin tags are removed.

Any Other Method…?
If you’re wondering whether or not there is any other method of skin tag removal, there is. There are various home remedies that have become quite famous and most people like to try those out rather than go to a doctor. After all, why should one waste money and time on going to a doctor when they can do the entire thing themselves right at home? The doctor is safer, obviously but the home method is cheaper and it isn’t dangerous as well. Some people use a dental floss to remove their skin tags. They tie it around the connecting stalk of the skin tag and that cuts out the blood supply. The skin tag falls off after a day or two. Some use duct tape or bandage with Vitamin E or Tea tree oil for skin tag removal. All these methods are easy to do and the farthest thing from being dangerous.

Do not use these methods if the skin tag is somewhere sensitive like very close to the eye on the eyelid or the genital areas. In these cases, it is better to go to a doctor than perform any procedure on yourself.

Skin tag surgery is not even a major surgery and is quite the painless procedure. If you want your skin tags removed, you can either visit the doctor and get them zapped or get some cream that he or she recommends. You can even perform the procedure at home, keeping the warning in mind.

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