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All About Acrochordon

Acrochordon, or what is commonly known as a skin tag, is a very small and usually harmless tumor that is found mostly in the areas where the skin gets folded and forms creases. They look like a soft piece of skin that is hanging off your body in any place where they form. Although they can appear on virtually any part of your body, there are some places that have the most chance of seeing a skin tag occurrence which include:

·         Eyelids

·         Armpits

·         Upper chest

·         Under breasts

·         Neck

·         Groin

The skin the part of our body that we are the most conscious about and it looking bad in any way is not something that anyone would want for themselves. So if Acrochordon ever appears on your skin, it would certainly make it look really bad. Therefore, knowing about it in detail is pretty much a necessity. Read on to find out more about Acrochordon.

What causes Acrochordon?

There are a number of reasons for the appearance of Acrochordon on one’s skin and they have been described below:

·         Age: As a person grows old, the chances of skin tags appearing on their skin grow exponentially. The main reason this is believed to happen is because in most old people, the aging causes the skin to start sagging and that causes it to fold, making a viable place for the appearance of Acrochordon.

·         Genetics: This is also a reason why one may have a formation of skin tags over their body. If you have other people in your family who have had skin tags growing on their skin then there is a fair chance that you will also experience it at some point.

·         Weight gain/Pregnancy: If you gain weight in general or have been pregnant and have excess weight on you, there is a chance that you will end up having a growth of Acrochordon on your body.


·         In general, there is a 46% expectancy of the occurrence of Acrochordon in any human being.

·         The percentage increases significantly after the age of 50. 59% of people who reach an age of 70 have Acrochordon on their skin.

·         The male and female population is equally susceptible to an occurrence of Acrochordon on their skin

·         There is no severe medical condition that may occur from a formation of Acrochordon. They are completely harmless.


In its early stage, the occurrence of Acrochordon on the skin looks like a very soft and tiny bump on the surface of your skin. However as the time passes, it starts growing and turns into a flesh-colored little piece of skin that is attached to the skin on its surface with a stalk. It is soft and wiggly and is virtually painless. However, if it is rubbed a lot, it can cause irritation to the person. They key here is to avoid twisting this lump of skin over its own stalk as that could result in a clot inside itself which can cause some serious pain.


Most of the time, people don’t even bother doing anything about a formation of Acrochordon on their skin and simply let it be since it is painless. However in some cases it can spread or grow bigger than most cases and the need to remove it becomes quite obvious. Therefore many treatments have been devised to remove skin tags without causing any harm or infection. Sometimes doctors simply remove it using a sharp sterile blade while others involve therapies using natural materials like herbs.


Acrochordon is completely harmless to the skin and while it is completely fine to let them be as they grow on your skin, getting them removed is still recommended to ensure that you look as good as ever.

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