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  Skin Tags And Tea Tree Oil

Introduction And Background

If you have ever seen your grandparents up close and have taken a good look at their skin, you might have seen some sort of hanging substance on their face or their neck or any other part of the body. You might have thought it is a wrinkle. You might have thought it is some sort of weird pimple. You might even have considered it to be something out of the ordinary or maybe something is actually growing on their skin. In reality, your grandparents are going through a simple case of skin tags. Now don’t think that only grandparents get skin tags. You can get it too. It was only that it is most commonly seen in elderly people was this example given. Otherwise, don’t think that this condition comes in old age only!

What Are Skin Tags?
With the above description, you might have figured out a little what skin tags are. They are actually small tags or flaps on the skin which grow but are not really a part of the actual skin. They are often of a different shade and are hardly ever bigger than a fingernail. Most of the skin tags are visible around the face and the neck while some may grow in areas which are covered by clothes.

Can Skin Tags Be Treated?
Yes, they can! That is the only good side to having this skin condition, it is one of the easiest to deal with. It is not like acne that you have to go through an entire treatment process for several months to get your skin to heal. Treating skin tags is easier because one only has to find a removal method or disappearance method for them. And skin tags are hardly accumulated in one area only. They are often seen scattered and there is quite some space between one skin tag and the other.

Treatment With Tea Tree Oil
This is perhaps the best treatment method to deal with skin tags. Think about it yourself, even the name sounds alluring! Tea Tree Oil is actually organic oil which contains vitamin E along with other such minerals and nutrients that have the ability to deal with skin tags and either disconnect them with the skin or treat them by making them less obvious. Treatment with Tea Tree Oil is often the best way to deal with skin tags and this is said by most people who have skin tags!

How To Use Tea Tree Oil To Treat Skin Tags?
Using this oil to treat skin tags is not hard. You only have to do the following and you are on your way to a better skin surface!

  1. Go to a good market and get a bottle of Tea Tree Oil from there. Do not get the cheap version as sometimes quality also matters a lot. However, this oil is readily available and about ninety percent of the time you won’t have to specifically search for it in a particular market.
  2. Clear the surface of the skin where the skin tag is and gently take the Tea Tree Oil either on the tip of your fingers or on a clean cotton ball. The choice is yours.
  3. With either the finger or the cotton ball, massage the oil onto the skin tag in gentle circular moments. Do this for five to ten minutes.
  4. Sometimes people put a bandage or a duct tape on top of the skin tag so that the oil is completely absorbed in the skin tag and that when the duct tape or the bandage is taken off, the pull will also decrease the connection the tag has with the skin. This choice however is upto you. It isn’t necessary that you put one on.

How Do Skin Tags Form?
You must be wondering how skin tags actually form on the skin. The answer is simple. Skin tags are formed due to friction. It can be friction of skin against skin, in case of old people with sagging skin or it can be because of friction of skin against clothes in cases of young people who get skin tags on their body. Obese people also get skin tags due to their skin forming layers due to fat.

A misconception is that treating skin tags or removal of one skin tag will cause more skin tags to form. This is wrong and not at all true. If you want to treat or remove your skin tags, you can and should do it without any false fear of more skin tags forming. If more skin tags do form somehow, it is because that place has a higher probability of formation and not because you were removing your tags. Hence, take up this natural treatment method and see the difference yourself in two to three weeks!



Human Papillomavirus And Skin Tags: Is There Any Association?

Introduction And Background

You might be aware of what skin tags are and you might not be. You might have heard about the human Papillomavirus or you may not have. You might even be confused whether or not there is an association between the two. However, you need not worry. The article will aim to explain everything to you and to handle this question whether or not the two are linked in any manner. But to understand this, we first have to know exactly what skin tags and the human Papillomavirus are! Read on further to find out.

The Human Papillomavirus
We will handle this first since you might have heard about skin tags but there is little chance that you are well versed on the human Papillomavirus. It is actually a virus of the DNA that infects humans. However, the infection is only limited to the skin. Basically, this virus makes warts grow on the skin and they can form possibly anywhere. They are even found in the genital regions so you can imagine where else they can easily form. This virus is considered to be transmitted through intercourse most of the time but it has other ways of transmission as well. Warts are actually known to be certain growths on the skin, almost flap like structures. Sounds familiar? Well, it might in a bit. Read on!

Skin Tags
Skin tags is very common term. You might easily have heard it being used by your parents or your grandparents. Funny thing is, most people often confuse a skin tag to be warts because of their similar appearance. Skin tags are also noncancerous growths on the skin, flap like structures that are visibly different from the actual color of the skin. They are not bigger than the size of a fingernail and are often found around the face, the armpits and also the genital regions. Told you it would soon sound familiar, yes?

The Association Between Skin Tags And Human Papillomavirus
You can easily see the similarities between the two, so many of them that it can often lead to confusion as well. But that is where the similarity ends. The association between them is nonexistent or at best just in the appearance. Otherwise, they are extremely different from each other. You should know the differences well enough to not be confused by it.

  • Skin tags are not contagious at all. In fact, they are not even considered to be remotely infectious and all evidence leads to the exact same conclusion; that either they are a hereditary appearance or they are caused by friction of skin against skin or skin against clothes. You might now have figured out that the human Papillomavirus, being a virus, is infectious and the most common pathway for it is by sexual transmission. It is contagious and is painful as well sometimes which is not the case with skin tags. The human Papillomavirus can easily be transmitted to another person and sometimes the person does not even know about till a lot of signs and symptoms are seen or felt.
  • Skin tags are more harmless than the human Papillomavirus. Having skin tags does not hurt and sometimes it is only their appearance that causes discomfort. But having warts is actually painful at times. They can also form on the plantar surface of your feet, making it unbearable to walk at times! You do not hear that about skin tags now, do you?
  • Their treatment methods are also pretty different from each other. With skin tags, the removal process is often easy and does not take much of your time. With the warts of human Papillomavirus, you certainly have to be careful and considerate with them and their removal methods, said again, are different from each other. Home treatment methods and remedies are easily used in skin tags. In fact, they are preferred by a lot of people instead of paying for expensive visits to the doctor. But with the warts treatment, you must visit a doctor first and then consider your options. It is not good to treat them by yourself as that is not favored and can even make the condition worse if you do not know what you are doing or what it might possibly lead to.

As you can see, the association between the two is very little. It just lies in the appearance and nowhere else as skin tags are not contagious, they do not hurt and they are easily treated even at home. It is the opposite with the human Papillomavirus. The warts are contagious, they do hurt at times and they are not that easily treated. Nevertheless, now you are well aware of their differences and the similarity they behold!


Skin Tags And Insulin Resistance – Is There A Relation?

Introduction And Background

The term skin tags and insulin resistance are often heard in the older crowd, the crowd of parents and grandparents. Younger ones do not usually know what these terms mean until they study about it or go through it themselves somehow. Otherwise, the only skin condition they know too well about is acne and they do not even think to research on skin tags or anything with the word insulin in it. However, things have changed no and even the young ones are becoming too well aware of what skin tags are and about other diseases such as those concerning insulin resistance.

What Are Skin Tags?
They are short flaps of skin that are connected to the actual skin through a stalk. What you should know though is that these flaps are not really part of the skin and can be easily removed. They are also of a different shade mostly and are no bigger than a size of a fingernail. Skin tags are found in areas of friction which is how they are commonly formed. They can be seen around the neck, the shoulders, in the arm pits, between the legs and even in the region of the genitals! Mostly, they are seen on either elderly people or obese people which is why the youngsters often do not know what skin tags actually are as their age group are mostly oblivious to it.

What Is Insulin Resistance?
This term might be heard used by a person who is diabetic or is on the verge of becoming a diabetic. Insulin is actually a hormone which is released in our body by the pancreas (an organ) which takes care of our blood glucose level. If we eat sugary foods and our blood glucose level rises, insulin is released so that the glucose can be turned into glucagon for storage for later use whenever required. By insulin resistance one means that the insulin is being created and released by the pancreas but it is unable to perform its usual function because the cells of the body are resistant to it. Thus, this can cause a lot of problems for normal functioning of a human being. Glucose cannot enter this way and it collects in the blood which can lead to a dangerous blood glucose level for the body.

What Is The Relation Of Skin Tags And Insulin Resistance?
After reading about the two, you might be wondering what could possibly be the relation between two such different conditions; one that is inside the body and one that is solely outside. However, insulin resistance can cause skin tags to appear. Even before taking blood glucose tests, a symptom of recognizing diabetes in an older person is the appearance of a lot of skin tags. Of course, this is not an accurate diagnostic test but it is widely accepted that skin tags are a symptom of insulin resistance. And you should notice it too in people who have type two diabetes mellitus. You will notice the strange appearance of small flaps or strange pimple like appearances on their face or the axillary region. Those are skin tags.

Are Skin Tags Dangerous?
No, they are not dangerous. In fact, skin tags are pretty harmless. They can also easily be removed which is why there is not a frenzy created about them like there is about acne! People can let their skin tags be. The only reason that they don’t is because sometimes skin tags appear in obvious places and they are not good to look at and everyone is conscious about their appearance. One should not worry about skin tags. It is the insulin resistance that is the dangerous condition here!

How To Remove Skin Tags?
Removal of skin tags is not a very hard process. In fact, it can be done right at home. You can of course visit a doctor and he can freeze them and zap them right off or with whatever else technique he uses but you can also remove them at your own place. There are techniques such as wrapping a dental floss around the tag and cutting off its blood supply. After a few days, it will shrivel up and fall off by itself. You can also use Tea Tree Oil and massage it on the skin tag till it falls off after a week or two. There are many other home remedies you can use.

Skin tag removal is not hard. And neither is it dangerous. If you want to remove it, you can and if you don’t want to then it is up to you. However, insulin resistance does cause skin tags to form. Do check your blood glucose levels if skin tags are forming on your skin all of a sudden.





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Herbal Remedies For Treatment Of Skin Tags

Introduction And Background

You might be unaware of the fact that almost every human being has a skin tag in old age. It is often noticeable and sometimes unnoticeable, but our grandparents have it. We see it too but the thing is, we almost never know what to call it. Children sometimes refer to is as something hanging from the skin or others call it a flap. Some would even call it a weird wrinkle or a strange pimple that has risen in a weird manner. The few who would know about skin tags would call them skin tags. But other than that, you’ll probably get to hear funny stuff if you haven’t already said them yourself.

Information On Skin Tags
Before learning about how to treat skin tags, you should be aware of what they actually are. Skin tags are known as small, tiny flaps that grow on the actually skin without really being a part of it. It is evident that it is not part of the continuous skin that one normally has and often they are of a different shade or a slightly different color. Skin tags can also become black after a while so that makes them very obvious. They are formed due to friction of the skin. It can be friction of skin and against skin or skin against clothes. This is why mostly obese people and elderly people get skin tags.

Are Skin Tags Curable?
Yes, skin tags are curable. In fact, they are probably the easiest skin condition to deal with and do not even leave a mark. If you have skin tags, you should not be worried. There are numerous methods to cure skin tags. You can visit the doctor and get him or her to zap it off or they could use some other kind of therapy. You can use home remedies to get rid of skin tags. You also have the option of herbal remedies for treatment of skin tags. Out of all these options, we will now talk about herbal remedies.

Herbal Remedies For Treatment Of Skin Tags
There are various herbal remedies you can use for your treatment of skin tags. Commonly, herbal remedies are also used as a source of home remedies. Nonetheless, here are a few home remedies that you can apply to treat your skin tags and remove them for good.

  • Many people have used Tea Tree Oil to remove their skin tags. Tea Tree Oil is a herbal oil which is very easily found in good stores. It is taken in small droplets and massaged on to the skin tag in smooth moments. This is done for about a week or two and the skin tag come off after pulling on it slightly. No pain, no interference of any sort of any medicine and no scar.
  • Some use oregano oil as well due to its antibacterial nature. Oregano oil is applied on the skin tag, mixed with coconut oil, about thrice a day. It is a fast way to remove skin tags as it takes up to a week or two. It can however also take up to two months.
  • Garlic is also used to remove skin tags. This option is less favorable due to the strong sense of smell of garlic which is generally disliked. But garlic has proven to be beneficial to the skin as well as removal of the tag. Cut up a thin piece of garlic and put it on the skin tag. To keep it there, paste a small piece of duct tape or bandage over it. Remove it in the morning and wash your face. Do this for several days for best results.
  • There are also herbal ointments available made from natural herbs that are quite good for treating skin tags. You can also ask around and read on the internet to find out the best and reliable one.

Are Skin Tags Harmful?
Skin tags are not considered to be harmful. In fact, you don’t even have to treat them and they won’t harm a single cell of your body. But the fact remains that they are highly unpleasant to look at and those who have skin tags are often embarrassed by them or lose their confidence in public, even elderly people! No one wants to have some sort of growth on their skin now, do they? And especially one that looks like a cancer growth! Yes, many a times men and women think that they have some cancerous growth! When they visit the doctor do they get to know that it’s just a case of skin tags.

Treating skin tags is easy and one should do it if they want to. There is also a myth going around that removal of skin tags causes more skin tags to form! This is not true. If more skin tags form it is because they were supposed to and not because they were removed.



The Top Super Foods For Skin

Introduction and background

When it comes to taking care of our body, the skin takes a lot of preference and there is a multi-billion dollar industry based on skin care products that are continuously being made and sold every passing day. This much care is not just good but necessary as well since the skin is a very important component of our body. Keeping it fresh and healthy isn’t just good for our health but it also has a social value. The better you look the more attraction you gain in the society and this attraction is majorly grabbed by a well maintained and glowing skin. However, it is not just the products that help you in gaining that beautiful and smooth skin. What we eat also has a major impact on our skin and if we include the right foods in our diet, we can really achieve that attractiveness and glow that makes us stand out. While there may be some kind of skin related benefit that we get from most of the foods, there are some super foods that you can consider to be tailor-made for taking care of your skin. Consuming them on a regular basis can really ensure a great texture and glow in your skin and make it smooth as silk. Read on to find out more about these super foods.


First on the list is this delicious type of berry that is particularly famous for its use in blueberry pancakes. Apart from its great taste, blueberry also has many antioxidants in it which protect the skin from all kinds of damage. A particular impact of consuming blueberries is that they prevent your skin from premature aging and help in keeping it fresh as ever.

Wild salmon

Remember the word “wild” as farm-raised doesn’t work here. Consuming wild salmon is extremely beneficial for your skin as it has an abundance of omega-3 fatty acids in it. They help in keeping your skin well moisturized and supple. In addition to that it also has a mineral in it called selenium which helps in protecting the skin from the harmful effects of sun exposure. Vitamin D is also a found in it which is very crucial in keeping the teeth and bones healthy and strong.


This is another great source of antioxidants and in addition to that, it also has a lot of important nutrients in it which are very beneficial for the body. One important component of spinach is omega-3 fatty acids which are very beneficial for the skin. It also has a lot of other minerals and vitamins. It would be a good idea to replace lettuce in your salads with spinach or perhaps sauté it to create a good and healthy side for your meal.


Oysters are also a great food when it comes to skin protection. One major component of oysters is zinc which plays a very important role in renewing and repairing skin cells. In addition to that it is also beneficial for hair, eyes and nails. Bringing oysters into your diet can have a major impact on the look and feel of your skin.


This particular fruit is not only delicious; it also helps in the maintenance and protection of the skin in a number of ways. There are a lot of antioxidants and Vitamin C in kiwis which play a vital role in keeping the skin firm and wrinkle free. The antioxidants that are found in kiwis are also helpful in prevention of heart disease and cancer.


The benefits of the super foods mentioned above clearly tell how important a role they play in the protection and maintenance of a healthy skin. So make sure that you include as many of these foods in your diet as possible.

Difference Between Moles, Freckles And Skin Tags

Introduction and background

Our skin is the most important part of our body and taking good care of it is extremely necessary. Living by this notion is something that everyone needs in their lives, regardless of their skin color, living conditions or any other factor that may distinguish them in terms of their skin. To do that, we have a vast industry that is based solely on products that are made to make the skin look good and help it fight back against all kinds of skin related diseases. However, to really understand the problems that you may face and to make sure that the treatments that you use to cure those problems are effective, you need to understand some of the very basic skin related problems. These problems are moles, freckles and skin tags. People often confuse them as to which is which, and therefore we have decided to share with you all the crucial knowledge regarding all three of them. To find out more about these skin problems, keep reading.


This is the most common type of abnormal skin growth that you will see in your daily life. Almost everyone has a few moles on their skin and they are completely harmless. Usually they are black or brown in color and can appear on any part of your body. They are either found in groups or as a single mole on a particular part of the body. They usually occur during the childhood and keep coming till the age of thirty. This is only the more common time of occurrence, as the moles can appear at any time during your life. Having 10-40 moles is considered to be normal for adults. Over the time, they can grow, change color or even grow hair on them, and there is a chance that they may disappear altogether. While it is completely harmless to have moles on the skin, you should immediately contact a dermatologist if your moles start itching, as this could be a sign of skin cancer.


Freckles are flat tanned spots found on the skin in circular shape and their typical size is that of a nail’s head. The spots are usually found in groups and usually occur in the parts of skin that have been exposed to sunlight repeatedly. Most common occurrence of freckles is found on people with fair skin, and they can form in areas like cheeks, arms, nose and also upper shoulders. The appearance of freckles can start at a very young age, usually 1-2 years. While freckles remain on the skin for a very long time, it is still possible that they may fade away completely with the passage of time. There are no serious diseases that may occur directly from a formation of freckles.

Skin tags

Skin tags are also a very common occurrence and they usually form as a very small abnormal growth of skin like pimples. They are harmless, small and occur in places where the skin gets folded. This can be armpits, eyelids, groin folds, neck and even under the breasts. Their occurrence is so common that it is believed that almost everyone experiences a skin tag growth at some point in their life. The most common occurrence is in people who are middle-aged and obese. While there is no harm in removing a skin tag, it is highly recommended that you use a method that is approved by a doctor or perhaps go to the doctor and have it removed there. It is a good idea to have them removed as they may not be harmful but they still look bad.


After reading the above descriptions, you not only have the proper knowledge to differentiate between moles, freckles and skin tags, you can also figure out what treatment you need to use and how to handle them.

Skin Tags… Don’t Ignore… Treat Early

Introduction and background

Skin tags or Acrochorda, as is the medical term for skin tags is a problem that is taken very lightly and considered to be harmless. This couldn’t be more wrong and the truth is that if you end up having a skin tag in a wrong place, it could actually turn out to be pretty annoying and discomforting. The most common place for the formation of a skin tag is places where the skin gets folded. So the most common places where they form are necks, armpits, groin area and even the eyelids sometimes. If they are in a place where you can just let them be and don’t feel bothered then what you usually do is just let the skin tag do its time in that place after which it falls off by itself. But what happens when it grows in a part where it becomes irritating. Well this is when you feel the urge to remove them and that is the worst decision ever because once you do, the whole spot grows red and then you are left with a bad looking mark. Removing skin tags just like that or simply ignoring them isn’t healthy in any way and can cause complications too if left untreated. There are several ways with which you can remove them and at the same time avoid all the mess. Read on to find out what these methods are.

Skin tag removal techniques

Using oregano oil – In this method, what you do is take a couple of drops of oregano oil and mix these drops in 4-6 drops of coconut oil which acts as the solvent. Applying directly can cause the formation of red skin marks and you don’t want that. Repeating it all daily 2-3 times will cause the color of the skin tag to change for some days after which it will fall off automatically.

Using tea tree oil – This remedy is also very effective and what you do is take a small cotton ball and dip it in some water. After that you squeeze most of the water out, leaving some to keep the cotton ball moist. The next step is to add the tea tree oil and the water acts as a solvent here too. Rubbing it on the skin tag and repeating it all three times daily will result in the skin tag falling off in only a few days.

Using lemon juice – The importance and benefits that lemon has are simply countless and here is one of the ways it can benefit you. All you need to do is take the juice of half a lemon and soak a small cotton ball in it. Apply it gently onto the spot where the skin tag is and then let it dry. Repeat the whole procedure 3-4 times a day and within 2-3 weeks you will see that your skin tag is gone without a trace. One thing you must remember is to not go out into the sun with the lemon juice on you. Otherwise you will end up with a bad skin tan.

Do not ignore your skin tag

It is a very important thing that you get your skin tag checked because sometimes what may look like a skin tag could turn out to be something much bigger. Therefore having complete information about what it is and being vigilant about getting rid of it properly is very important.


For your own well being, it is highly recommended that you seriously take note of all the information provided above and stop taking skin tags lightly. The whole purpose after all is to ensure that you look and feel great.


All About Acrochordon

Acrochordon, or what is commonly known as a skin tag, is a very small and usually harmless tumor that is found mostly in the areas where the skin gets folded and forms creases. They look like a soft piece of skin that is hanging off your body in any place where they form. Although they can appear on virtually any part of your body, there are some places that have the most chance of seeing a skin tag occurrence which include:

·         Eyelids

·         Armpits

·         Upper chest

·         Under breasts

·         Neck

·         Groin

The skin the part of our body that we are the most conscious about and it looking bad in any way is not something that anyone would want for themselves. So if Acrochordon ever appears on your skin, it would certainly make it look really bad. Therefore, knowing about it in detail is pretty much a necessity. Read on to find out more about Acrochordon.

What causes Acrochordon?

There are a number of reasons for the appearance of Acrochordon on one’s skin and they have been described below:

·         Age: As a person grows old, the chances of skin tags appearing on their skin grow exponentially. The main reason this is believed to happen is because in most old people, the aging causes the skin to start sagging and that causes it to fold, making a viable place for the appearance of Acrochordon.

·         Genetics: This is also a reason why one may have a formation of skin tags over their body. If you have other people in your family who have had skin tags growing on their skin then there is a fair chance that you will also experience it at some point.

·         Weight gain/Pregnancy: If you gain weight in general or have been pregnant and have excess weight on you, there is a chance that you will end up having a growth of Acrochordon on your body.


·         In general, there is a 46% expectancy of the occurrence of Acrochordon in any human being.

·         The percentage increases significantly after the age of 50. 59% of people who reach an age of 70 have Acrochordon on their skin.

·         The male and female population is equally susceptible to an occurrence of Acrochordon on their skin

·         There is no severe medical condition that may occur from a formation of Acrochordon. They are completely harmless.


In its early stage, the occurrence of Acrochordon on the skin looks like a very soft and tiny bump on the surface of your skin. However as the time passes, it starts growing and turns into a flesh-colored little piece of skin that is attached to the skin on its surface with a stalk. It is soft and wiggly and is virtually painless. However, if it is rubbed a lot, it can cause irritation to the person. They key here is to avoid twisting this lump of skin over its own stalk as that could result in a clot inside itself which can cause some serious pain.


Most of the time, people don’t even bother doing anything about a formation of Acrochordon on their skin and simply let it be since it is painless. However in some cases it can spread or grow bigger than most cases and the need to remove it becomes quite obvious. Therefore many treatments have been devised to remove skin tags without causing any harm or infection. Sometimes doctors simply remove it using a sharp sterile blade while others involve therapies using natural materials like herbs.


Acrochordon is completely harmless to the skin and while it is completely fine to let them be as they grow on your skin, getting them removed is still recommended to ensure that you look as good as ever.

Skin Tags – How To Counter Them Effectively And Safely?

Introduction and background

The general view about skin tags is that they are pretty much harmless and not too big thing to worry about but if they grow in the wrong places, they can be a source of great discomfort too. The medical name for skin tags is Acrochorda and they are found in places where the skin usually folds. This includes armpits, necks, the groin area and sometimes on the eyelids too. There is the option to simply let them do their time and then have them remove themselves from the spot they are on. But if they grow in the wrong place and cause discomfort or give a bad overall look, then you feel like removing them as soon as possible. However, simply ripping them off the skin isn’t exactly the brightest idea as this could lead to further growth and a bad mark. Therefore there are several tested ways that are not only safe but can also ensure that you are not bothered by skin tags again once you remove them. These methods have been described below in proper detail so that you can apply them easily as an effective home remedy.

Methods of removal

  1. Oregano Oil – Take 2-3 drops of oregano oil and mix it with 4-6 drops of coconut oil. Apply the mixture to the place where there are skin tags and then repeat the whole process 2-3 times daily. Your skin tags will change color for a few days before they automatically drop off from their place. A word of caution is to not use the oregano oil with the coconut oil otherwise you will end up with red colored skin marks.
  2. Tea Tree Oil – What you need for this remedy is 3 drops of tea tree oil, a small cotton ball and some water. What you need to do is first of all, clean the skin tag. After that, dip the cotton ball in water and then squeeze it very gently to remove excess water from it. Put the oil on the cotton ball and then rub it on the skin tag. Repeat the whole thing three times a day and your skin tag will be gone in no time. One thing you must remember is to not swallow tea tree oil as it can possibly contain toxic substances which could result in several digestion problems or drowsiness. Consult a physician in case of such an accident.
  3. Dandelion Stem Juice – This one is pretty simple. All you need to do is take a dandelion stem and squeeze it over the skin tag. The juice inside the stem is what you need on your skin tag. Once it is applied, leave it to dry. Repeat the whole thing 3-4 times daily. The skin tag will turn black and then eventually fall off. Before doing it, make sure you aren’t allergic to dandelions.
  4. Lemon Juice – Take the juice from half a lemon and dip a cotton ball in it. Apply it to the skin tag and then leave it to dry. Repeat the whole thing 2-3 times daily. The tag will get removed in about 2-4 weeks. One small thing that you should remember though is to not go out in the sun with the lime juice applied on the skin. You don’t want a bad skin tan because that’s what is going to happen if you do.


The remedies above are very simple and the materials are easily accessible too. With no side effects to worry about, you can easily treat your skin tags and have them removed permanently. However it is still recommended that if you feel that even the slightest complication is developing then contact your physician immediately. All that is left now is for you to go ahead and say goodbye to your skin tags for good.

Skin Tags – Are They Really A Disease?

Introduction and background

Skin tags are basically small tags of skin that can also have a peduncle (stalk). They basically give the look of soft and hanging piece of skin. Skin tags can appear on practically any part of the body. However there are some places that are more prone to getting skin tags than the rest. These include the places where there is a lot of skin rubbing against skin. The places where this happens the most include:

  • Armpits
  • Eyelids
  • Underneath the breasts
  • Upper chest
  • Groin
  • Neck

The fact is that our skin is one of the most important elements of our body and we care about it a lot. The look that we desire in ourselves can be tarnished if there are skin tags bugging you all over. But what if there is more to skin tags than being a nuisance? Is it a real problem that needs to be kept in check? Could you get seriously ill because of having skin tags? In this article all these questions will be answered. Keep reading to find out more.

The truth

The fact is that skin tags aren’t actually a disease. Diseases are related to illness and skin tags don’t cause any illness. They are actually completely harmless. They are basically minute skin flaps which are about the same size as a very small nail. The reason for their growth can be one of many and they are also a naturally occurring phenomenon as the old people usually have skin tags on their bodies. You can say that skin tags are for elder people and for teenagers there is acne. Both are completely harmless and it is just because of the ugliness of the skin tags that people feel the need to have them removed.

Why do we get skin tags?

The biggest reason behind skin tag formation is one that cannot be avoided in anyway; friction. You cannot possibly imagine any disease that is cause simply by body friction. Even if you could, skin tags are definitely not it. As the friction is caused by the rubbing of skin on itself, it is due to this fact that it is the most common to see skin tags on old and obese people. Old people have sagging skin and obese people have layers of fat on their bodies and both cause a lot of friction on the skin.

Disease or not?

The most crucial question about skin tags is if they cause any illness or not. Well the answer is simple, no they don’t. Skin tags are just another skin condition and they are neither a growth segment of any type of cancer or any other mild or serious disease.

Removing skin tags

Another thing that needs to be cleared is the fact that removing skin tags is totally fine. It is wrong to think that of you remove a skin tag, another one will replace it. This does not happen in the case of skin tags and the only reason you may see new growth in the same place is because it was meant to happen anyway. The truth is that you can actually go to a doctor and get your skin tags zapped too. What you must remember however is that that can be quite expensive and there are several home remedies that you can also use to remove them yourself.


After having read the discussion above you can clearly make out that skin tags are no problem whatsoever and you can easily remove them. They only make you look bad, so don’t hesitate in either removing them yourself or getting them zapped from a doctor.