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Skin Tag & Mole Removal
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Best Home Remedies To Remove Skin Tags

Introduction And Background

There are two kinds of people who live in this world now. The first kind does not believe in home remedies or old wives tales at all. They think that it will be foolish behavior to even try it out when there are so many scientifically proven and tested things available so easily in the market. The other kind think that home remedies are the only way to go and that any other thing which is packed and sealed and has a company name on it is only out to make money. On both counts they have their own beliefs but to be that extreme is not a good thing. Home remedies are really good as generations have been using them. To think that they won’t work is foolish. However, it is also not good to think that company made products are no good at all.

Skin Tags And Their Dilemma
Skin tags are the worst. You’ll hear these words spoken by anyone who has them. It’s like some sort of acne that they are sick of. However, skin tags are very different from acne. Anyone who has them should never compare them with acne as they are much easier to get rid of and in some cases hardly even visible in the first place. Skin tags are actually small flaps of skin that are hanging from our actual skin through the help of a connecting stalk. They are even smaller than the size of a fingernail. But skin tags are not pleasing to look at if they are visible. Some people think that it is some sort of abnormal growth while others see it as some benign disease. Skin tags are actually quite harmless. No one should fear them or think that they are something other than what they really are; only skin tags.

Where And Why Do Skin Tags Appear?
 Skin tags mostly appear on the neck region or the eyelids. They are also seen in the underarms or the genital areas. Sometimes, they can even appear on the shoulders or between the thighs. In other words, skin tags can appear anywhere where there is friction of skin which is the basis for their formation. Friction is the main cause for skin tag appearances. If there is friction of skin on skin or even clothes on skin, then skin tags can develop quite easily. This why old people have skin tags as their skin sags on top of each other and friction develops. This is also the reason why obese people have skin tags. The other reason behind skin tag appearance is genetics. In this case, even young people can get them.

Best Home Remedies To Remove Skin Tags
Skin tag removal is very much possible and better than that it is also very easy. Skin tags can be removed right at home without spending an extra cent on any cream or going to the doctor to have them zapped. Here are some methods to remove skin tags.

  • Skin tags can be removed by the use of a dental floss which is the most popular and most commonly used home remedy for their removal. Take a piece of dental floss and wrap it tightly around the connecting stalk of the skin tag, mainly the area that the skin tag is attached to your original skin. This will block any blood supply that the skin tag has. After twenty four hours or maybe a little more, the skin tag will shrivel up and fall off by itself. Be sure not to remove it yourself or tug at it.
  • The use of Duct tape is also suggested in a similar manner. Duct tape can be applied tightly on to the skin tag and left there for two days at most. Remove it after and the skin tag will probably come off with it. If it doesn’t, repeat the process.
  • Band-aid and vitamin E is also used. Vitamin E is applied on the skin tag and then the band-aid is applied tightly. Leave it on for a few hours, a day maybe. Remove it after an allotted time and your skin tag will come off.
  • Some people also like to use the freezing method but that is not so different from a doctor zapping away your skin tags. However, using Liquid nitrogen brought from the stores is also a good way of removing skin tags though it is not considered to be an entirely ‘home remedy’.

Home remedies are actually a great way to get rid of skin tags. Firstly, they do not cost you a single cent. And secondly, it is easier done than said. Honest! Be sure to handle it carefully though. Do not be harsh or tug at the skin tag as this can complicate matters. Another word of caution to you is that if the skin tag is in sensitive areas such as the eyelids or the genital areas, it is better to consult a doctor than perform a home remedy on yourself as you need your eyes focused to perform.

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