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Skin Tags On Neck And How To Remove Them

Introduction And Background

There are skin conditions which make your skin crawl, like acne, and then there are skin conditions like skin tags. Skin tags are becoming quite common and we now know a lot more about them than we used. However, we are still quite unaware about skin tags. There are a lot of people left who do not yet know what they are called even though they must have seen it regularly on those around them, especially on parents or grandparents. Skin tags might not ever be as famous as acne but they are not unpopular as well. Still, they are a much better skin condition than acne. Read on further to understand how and why.

The Information On Skin Tags
You might understand skin tags a little just by the name. They are actually small tags or flaps on skin which grow on the skin but are usually of a different color and one can clearly see that they are not part of the original skin. Skin tags have their own blood supply as well. They can grow on your body because of genes. If you are aware of the topic you might know that the tags sometimes run in the family. If your parents had it or your siblings have it, chances are that you will have it too. However, they mostly develop due to friction. Frictions of skin against skin or skin against any item such as clothes are likely to make skin tags appear. This does not mean that you freak out if your skin comes into contact with any such item. It only happens after regular and frequent friction occurring in an area. This is why older people get skin tags more often than younger ones. Their skin sags and wrinkles form which means that your skin is slightly drooping and forming layers which means friction is bound to occur. This is also why obese people also have skin tags.

Where Do They Form?
Skin tags can form anywhere basically. They can appear on the shoulders, near the eyelids and even in the genital region. They are however very common around the neck.

Is Having Skin Tags On The Neck Dangerous?
Having skin tags on the neck, or any other part of the body for that matter, is not dangerous at all. This is a very common misconception. More often than not, men and women tend to freak out at the appearance of skin tags. They think it is some sort of cancerous growth that is forming on their body and they rush to the doctor who tells them that they only have a case of skin tags. Skin tags are actually quite harmless and you can let them stay there if you want but since they are not pleasant to look at and people who have them get self conscious, it is best to have them removed. Luckily, removing skin tags is an easy process, one you can even do right in your own homes.

How To Remove Skin Tags On The Neck?
Now, since you know about the existence of skin tags on the neck, you would obviously be interested to know how to remove them. Well, firstly, you need not go to the doctor to have them removed. Of course, it is often the first choice for people and they rush to their doctors and spend money on having their tags removed or zapped off. Well, understand that the neck is an area which is not very sensitive (like the eyelids) and you can easily remove skin tags yourself from there. Here are a few methods how:

  • A lot of people remove skin tags by taking a piece of dental floss and tying it around the connecting stalk of the skin, the thin stalk which is where the real skin ends and the skin tag begins. This blocks the blood supply to the skin tag and it eventually falls off in a day or two.
  • Another natural way to remove skin tags from the neck is to put Tea Tree Oil on it. This organic oil is to be massaged and rubbed gently in circles around the skin tag. It is to be done for a week or two at least for the skin tag to come off.
  • People also apply the use of vitamin E and duct tape. The vitamin E cream is applied and then duct tape is put on the skin tag. Eventually, when you take the duct tape off after a few hours, the skin tag comes off with it. You can also use a bandage if you want.

As you can clearly see for yourself, removal of skin tags is not that hard. The best part is that removal of skin tags on the neck is very easy since it is not a sensitive area and you can easily do it by yourself. It won’t cost you a thing.

Oily Skin – Dos And Don’ts

Introduction And Background

When we hear something about the skin, our ears literally perk up to gather new information on how we can make it better or how it can be beautified even more. We are usually very concerned when it comes to our skin and the dos and don’ts that are involved do not seem hefty a duty to anyone when it comes to a better looking skin. Types of skin also matter a lot. Sometimes when someone gets to hear a tip, they automatically apply it to themselves without thinking for a moment whether or not their skin type is suited for it. Always remember that the tips and the instructions one receives should always be taken into consideration only after knowing what skin type they are for. You cannot have dry skin and do everything that a person with an oily skin should do. It would only make matters worse.

Identify Your Skin Type
This is usually very easy. People always know what their skin type is. Some people have dry skin and it is always itchy or rough. It is not hard to identify! Some people have oily skin and that too is easily recognizable since you will have oil on your face most of the time. Some people are lucky and have combination skin type which means they do not have a skin which is too oily or too dry. It is just right somewhere in the middle which is a perfect balance and usually the skin type that most people prefer to have.

Oily Skin
With oily skin, the stakes become higher. The stakes are higher with the care for oily skin because even though oil on the skin leaves the skin glistening and moisturizes it somewhat, it is still the skin type in which acne is most common. Bacteria can easily settle on the skin and with the oil present, it can make matters worse. The bacteria can settle on the oil and cause some sort of reaction, perhaps an allergic reaction on the skin which can cause acne to form. Oil also clogs the pores, as you must have read in various skin care articles, and it is mostly these blocked or clogged pores which cause the formation of pimples to occur or perhaps inflammation as well. Oily skin constantly needs to be taken care of. With dry skin, sure you have to look after it too but a simple moisturizer can make everything alright. With oily skin, you have to be on the lookout to keep your skin clean and healthy.

The Dos Of Oily Skin
Here is a list of things you should know to do if you have oily skin. They are not that hard and if you incorporate them into your daily routine, life will become a lot easier and your skin will also flourish.

  • Ensure that you clear your skin with a clean tissue or towel about once every two to three hours at least. If you have oily skin, you should be on the lookout that your skin remains clean lest any bacteria or dirt clogs up any pores.
  • You should keep a moisturizer or a face wash which is suited for your skin type. Otherwise, a lot of problems can occur.
  • Always remember to wash your face before you sleep.
  • Try using very little make-up as it oily skin and all those chemicals are the farthest thing from making a good mixture for your skin.

The Don’ts Of Oily Skin
Here is a list of the things you should not do if you have oily skin! Remember, it is as important to know what not to do as it is what to do.

  • Do not make your skin oilier than it already is by putting on lotions or heavy moisturizers which you do not need. Your skin is naturally moisturized so be happy with that.
  • Do not go out in the sunlight a lot as it will make your skin even oilier and can cause some kind of reaction.
  • Do not keep your skin oily for long periods of time as the skin is constantly in contact with the environment and a lot of things can occur because of that. You can even develop acne if the skin remains oily and clogs your pores. You have to be careful with oily skin.
  • Do not sleep with cosmetics on your face; it will be like an invitation for pimples to form!

If you have oily skin, it is nothing to worry about. You don’t have to fret about it. There are a lot of good things that can come from it too. You will develop wrinkles later in life than people who have dry skin. Hence, look at the good side of things and keep the dos and don’ts in your mind.


Skin Tags – Don’t Worry – Be Happy

Introduction And Background

The topic of the article might have you rolling your eyes. Skin tags is a skin condition so why shouldn’t you worry? Who would ever be happy at having a skin condition, correct? Well, no one is telling you to be happy because you have skin tags. This article will explain to you that you don’t have to fret and worry over having skin tags because there really is no reason to. Skin tags are not acne. Acne scared the living daylights out of people because of their appearance and what it does to the skin. Skin tags are not like that. Why is that so? Acne takes a long time to cure and sometimes you can go on for years and months and still not end up with the skin you wanted. But with Skin tags…

Skin Tags – What Are They?
Mentioned above is specifically the comparison between skin tags and acne, that with the tags you shouldn’t be worried. The word skin tags sound a little creepy but they aren’t really. Most of you must have seen skin tags but very few know that this is the name they are called by. They are actually small flaps of skin which are connected to the skin through a connecting stalk. They are not of the same color as your original skin and although they are not that big, hardly the size of a small ladybird, they are not that good to look at. In fact, most people are rigidly embarrassed with the appearance of skin tags on their skin because they feel as if something abnormal is growing on their skin.

Areas Where Skin Tags Appear And Why
Skin tags are usually seen around the eyelids, the neck, the armpits and even the genitals. You can also see them on your stomach and even at the back. What is the reason why skin tags appear? Well, the reason is basically friction. If friction is occurring of skin against skin or skin against clothes, skin tags will develop. This is the reason why skin tags are so common in elderly people. Their skin sags and forms layers which mean friction is occurring of skin against skin. This is also the reason why obese people have skin tags too. Another reason of why skin tags are occurring is due to the genes. It sometimes runs in the family and even young people can get skin tags this way.

Why One Shouldn’t Worry About Skin Tags?
It is useless to worry about skin tags. Why? Well, there are various reasons:

  • Skin tags are harmless. One shouldn’t worry about them because they cause no danger to your skin or to your health. They are just small flaps that might be unpleasant to look at but other than that, they do not prove to be in the very least way, harmful.
  • Skin tags are easily curable and removable. If you are worried that the skin tags look awful and you won’t be able to do anything about it, boy, are you in for a surprise!

Why Be Happy?
The reason for happiness is already mentioned above but there are further reasons of why one should be happy about skin tags. Yes, they are not harmless and are easily removable but the cure is not only easy but also free of cost! There are multitudes of home remedies available which can make you deal with the skin tags right at home with things that are lying around the house. If you want to visit the doctor to get them removed, you can, but why spend so much money when you can remove them right at home for free?  Here are a few methods you can apply:

  • The dentals floss method is probably the most famous. In this method, you take a piece of floss and wrap it tightly around the connecting stalk of the skin tag. This will lead to blockage of the capillary network supplying the skin tag and it will eventually fall off in a day or two when you remove the floss!
  • People use organic oils such as Tea Tree Oil to remove skin tags. All you have to do is take a little oil and massage it gently over the skin tag. One should do it for about two to three weeks for best results.
  • The use of duct tape and bandage with vitamin E is also used. You can easily get rid of the skin tags by using vitamin E and then putting a duct tape over it. When you remove the tape, the skin usually comes off with it,

Now do you see why you should be happy and not worry? You have nothing to worry about! However, do not use the methods if the skin tag is in a very sensitive area such as on the eyelids or near the eyelids. It is best to visit a doctor for sensitive areas where you cannot probably even see what you are doing!

Skin Tags – Cure Via Natural Methods

Introduction And Background

We have all seen skin tags one time or the other. We must have seen them on our parents, on our grandparents or other older relatives. Sometimes we might even have come across them, even if rarely, on our friends. We have seen skin tags, we have observed skin tags but we hardly know that they are skin tags. Very few people are well acquainted with this term and in those very few people are mostly those who have skin tags themselves. In this article you will find out what skin tags are and how to cure them without going through much trouble.

The General Information On Skin Tags
The name itself might indicate a little bit; tags on skin. Skin tags are actually small flaps of skin which are just the size of a fingernail if you look at them. They are of a different color and usually easily visible if they are in such an area. They are usually found around the neck region, near the eyelids and the cheeks and are even found in the armpits and the genitals as well. They can be found anywhere really but these are the most common areas of skin tag formation. Now, you will be wondering about how they are actually formed, correct? The cause behind the formation of skin tags is friction. Friction of skin on skin or skin against clothes causes skin tags to form. This is why mostly the older people get skin tags. The older people get skin tags because they have skin which sags and forms layers which often leads to friction and thus the formation of the tags. Obese people also have skin tags because layers are formed on their skin as well due to all the fat. Another reason for why they can be caused is genetics. If it is in your genes, you might probably get them at a younger age.

Curable And Treatable
Even though skin tags might give a very unpleasant look and more often than not a lot of people suddenly freak out at the sight of them, thinking it is some kind of cancerous growth. On the contrary, skin tags are actually quite harmless. Their existence does nothing to your health and the only reason they are so bothersome is because they don’t look that good. But luck is in the stars for everyone since skin tags are easily treatable and their cure is not that hard either.

Cure Via Natural Methods
Curing via natural methods is the trend now for curing skin tags. You might wonder why one would not go to the doctor and get them removed since playing with the skin is not exactly a top priority now, is it? However, you will not be playing with your skin if you cure by natural methods. The methods are actually quite easy to follow, have no side effects and they might also end up proving to be good for your skin and not only for the removal of the tags. Going to the doctor is fine too but think about it. Why would you go and empty your pockets on something you can do right at home free of cost?

Natural Methods For Curing Skin Tags
There are a variety of methods for curing skin tags. Even though you’ll find way more if you actually search, here are some of them which are amongst the popular ones for the natural methods of curing skin tags.

  • The use of dental floss is among the top methods. Take a piece of dental floss and wrap it tightly around the connecting stalk of the skin tag, where your actual skin stops and the skin tag actually begins. This trick blocks the blood supply of the skin tag and it eventually shrivels up and falls off!
  • Using duct tape is another natural method. Apply vitamin E to the skin tag and then put a duct tape on top. Removing the duct tape after a few hours or even a day causes the skin tag to come off with it. Do it again if it doesn’t work but be gentle with your skin.
  • Tea Tree Oil is another mechanism of removing skin tags and this one is actually quite good for the skin! Take a little of Tea Tree Oil on the tip of a clean finger or a cotton ball and then apply gently on the skin tag. Repeat for about a week and you’ll see the skin tag eventually come off.

Skin tags being cured naturally are the way to do things, correct? Yes they are. Natural methods are inexpensive and they also prove unthreatening. However, remember one thing. If the skin tags are in a sensitive area such as the eyelids or the genital regions, it is better to visit a doctor and have them removed rather than doing it yourself.

Skin Tags – Herbal Treatments Provide Safe And Natural Option


Introduction And Background
It is almost impossible to go through this life without worrying about the skin. Every human being wants to look pretty and naturally, the skin is where their attention is the most next to hair too that is. You might have noticed that most of the markets are filled with beauty products to make your skin fairer, to make your skin shine or to remove and kind of blackhead and pimple you have. In fact, acne creams are selling more than ice creams maybe! Look at yourself even. It might be impossible that you have never worried about your skin too. Whether it be acne or skin tags…skin tags…now that is something that we have to talk about. A lot of people develop it, a lot of people will develop it but both the categories will never know what to call what they develop.

Skin Tags; What They Really Are
We might have skin tags ourselves and we might have seen them on our parents or their parents but we rarely know what to call them. The small flap which is on our skin or hanging from it by a stalk is known as a skin tag. It is not even bigger than a fingernail but it is of a different shade mostly which is why it is distinctly visible especially if it has developed in such an area. Skin tags grow because of two reasons mostly. Reason number one is that the person either has the genes to develop them. In cases like those, the person can get them even in their mid twenties or thirties. The other reason is friction of skin which is why it is very common in the older generation. Friction of skin against skin or skin against clothes leads to the formation of skin tags. Old people have sagging skin which usually forms layers which is why their tags develop so quickly. They are mostly seen near the eyelids, on the cheek, the neck, around the shoulders and the armpits and even the genitals.

Treatment And Removal Of Skin Tags
Skin tags can be easily removed and treated. One can always go to the doctor to have them zapped but why will someone spend money whereas they can get the entire process done for free right at home? This is where natural remedies come in. Herbal treatments are a safe and natural option for skin tags. What’s more, they are even good for the skin in general!

Herbal Treatments For Removing Skin Tags
Here are a few herbal treatments for removing skin tags.

  • Using apple cider vinegar is one of the treatment processes. Easily available at the markets, you only have to take a little of the vinegar on a cotton tip and apply it on the skin tag. Since it is vinegar, it might sting a bit but repeat the process once a day.
  • Tea Tree Oil is another herbal method of removing skin tags. It is in fact used quite a lot because since it is natural oil, it is also very good for the skin. The oil is to be massaged on the skin tag in circles. This method too is to be repeated in a day.
  • Castor Oil is another oil used for this purpose. However, it is sometimes used with baking soda. Citrus oil is also added into the paste. This paste is then applied on the skin tags.

Safe And A Natural Option
Herbal treatments are a relatively safe and natural option. Now why is this so? Why are herbal treatments considered to be a safe option? For one, they do not have any kind of side effects.

  • Herbal treatments pose no danger to the skin. They are natural ointments and oils which help remove skin tags in a peaceful and painless manner. If you use some other technique which involves going to the doctor or even clipping off your skin tag, you will experience some pain even if a little! Clipping off a skin tag is bad and one should never do it. It can lead to blood loss and even a permanent scar.
  • Natural herbal remedy treatments for skin tag removal not only remove the skin tag but they are generally good for the skin as well. For instance, tea tree oil is often used in beauty products for the skin and the tea tree extracts are considered to beautify the skin. It is a double treat this way!

Skin tags are not dangerous to health. They do not pose a threat and even though they look like some cancerous growth at first, they are not. The only reason why skin tags are removed mostly is because they are unpleasant to look at and sometimes they obstruct something such as having a skin tag near the eyelid.

Skin Tags – 7 Ways To Get Rid Of Them Easy And Fast

Introduction And Background

There are various skin conditions and we have seen many of them in our life but more often than not we are confused as to what they actually are. Everyone recognizes acne because it is the most common one of them all and probably has even struck you sometime in your life. But there are others as well. Ever heard of skin tags? Your mother might have them or even your grandparents and they are pretty visible to you. But you think that it is just a sign of aging. It actually is a sign of aging too, but one should always know what they are called!

A Little Intro To Skin Tags
They are actually tiny flaps of skin which are not really part of the skin but grow on it and are connected through a stalk. The little flap also has its own blood supply but the color is visibly different from that of your original layer of skin. Skin tags can grow because of two reasons. The first is genetics; it is in your genes so you are bound to get them even at a younger age. The second reason is friction. If friction occurs in your skin constantly at an area, skin tags develop there. Old people have sagging skin and there is often friction present there which is why skin tags grow. Even in obese people, layers of skin are formed or their skin comes into contact with their clothes rather tightly. Skin tags grow there too then. Their common areas of growth are actually around the neck region, the armpits, the shoulders and even the genital areas. They are seen near the cheeks and the eyelids as well.

7 Fast And Easy Ways To Remove Skin Tags
Skin tags can be gotten rid of quite easily. One only needs to know the ways and techniques to doing it. We will start with the easiest way of removing skin tags, though this one might cost you and then we’ll go on to the home remedies that are easy and pain free.

  1. Visit the doctor and get your skin tags removed. It is an easy way and he will zap them right off from wherever they are but the thing is, this way is going to cost you. If you do not have the full pockets to do this, there are other ways of removing skin tags as well which are easy and safe and fast too. However, there is a word of caution to be exercised here. If the skin tags are at an area that is sensitive, such as near the genitals or the eyelid, it is better to visit the doctor and have them removed. Don’t mess with such areas yourself.
  2. The most common way of removing the skin tags at home is by using dental floss. This may sound weird since it is used for teeth but you can use it to remove your skin tags as well. You tie the dental floss tightly around the connecting stalk of the skin tag, from where the tag begins actually. This will block the blood supply of the tag. It will eventually change color and fall off by itself when you remove the floss. Some say that it takes about two or three days while some say that it can take about a week too. It all depends on your skin too actually.
  3. Using Tea Tree Oil is another fast and painless way of getting rid of skin tags. It has natural properties such as being anti inflammatory and antibacterial that naturally gets rid of the tags. You take a cotton ball and soak it in oil. After squeezing a little, gently massage on to your skin tag. One should do this twice or thrice a day.
  4. Duct tape or a bandage is also used to remove skin tags. One should apply either tightly on to the skin tag and remove it after twenty four to forty eight hours. Sometimes people roughly pull at their tape if their skin tag doesn’t come off but it does eventually so don’t be harsh with your skin.
  5. Vitamin E is another tactic similar to the Tea Tree Oil. You apply it and massage it gently on to the skin tag and it comes off after some time.
  6. Apple Cider Vinegar is another home remedy which removes skin tags. But this does not require a cotton ball, rather a q-tip as vinegar stings the skin. Apply a little of it every day and wait till the skin tag comes off.
  7. Pineapple juice is also used in the same way as the other oils but even though this method is fast, it is rarely used.

There are hundreds of remedies for removal of skin tags which are free and easy to do. All you have to do is find the right one which you deem suitable and do it to remove your skin tags!

Skin tags; causes and how are they developed


Introduction and Background

Skin tags are a common problem especially among obese adults and generally appear on the parts where there is friction of skin and other areas where creases occur like eyelids, neck, arms and upper chest. While they are a common skin hassle they don’t cause much pain as they are soft in appearance and small in size too. So what is implied by skin tag? Well skin tags are soft tissue of skin that grows on the existing skin. It appears round in shape and is very small in size. In medical terms, skin tags are known as Pappiloma colli or Acrochordon. A skin tag is outpouching of skin that is usually associated to the underlying skin through a narrow and slim stalk.

Skin tags are small portions of tissue generally colored or darkly pigmented tissue emerging from the surrounding skin from a small, narrow stalk and most Doctors also refer skin tags as skin tabs.

It is not yet known as to what causes skin tags precisely and therefore there are various assumptions attributing to the emergence of skin tags. Some say it’s due to hormonal imbalances, genetic and hereditary problems where if some family member has skin tags chances of you having them will be high. Some state that they are caused due to chaffing or when we rub our skin through fingers. Besides, some beauty experts claim that allergic reactions to cosmetic and beauty products can’t be ruled out either.

These are normally tremors of skin and have no symptoms. They occur suddenly and sometimes disappear without even realizing it existed. While skin tags are common equally among women and men they are generally common in adults over 60 years of age.

Skin tags development

Almost anyone may develop a skin tag at some point in their life, however there are certain categories of people who are more prone to suffering from skin tags. These include pregnant women as their body secretes varied hormones and other imbalances in the body. Then people suffering from Diabetes and those who use steroids illegally, middle-aged, obese adults because of numerous skin folds and creases in their body are automatically more prone to skin tags.

Usually, skin tags are not dangerous in nature at all and cause no harm to the body in the long run, so one need not worry about its consequences.

In addition, skin tags occur in one’s mid life ranging from 50-70 years of age. Scientifically saying they are caused by the bunch of collagen and blood vessels that are trapped inside the deep skin areas. It penetrates from within skin and appears like small balloons hanging on the skin.

Sometimes they might go on their own and sometime they might call for urgent medical treatment. Therefore, knowing about causes of skin tags and their respective treatments will help you prevent from any recurring skin tags in the body. It’s now important to learn as to what causes skin tags and what are the reasons? Also, these become irritating when a woman wears jewellery and accidentally getting rubbed with clothes or skin friction.

So, yes in a way these cause more irritation to women than men. In an American research, people who were taking systemic drugs or who had a systemic disease that may be associated with lipid or carbohydrate metabolism abnormalities were excluded from a study on skin tags. Standard oral glucose tolerance tests were performed on the patient and control groups.

Serum insulin, total cholesterol, triglyceride and HDL-cholesterol levels were checked. Also, LDL-cholesterol and VLDL-cholesterol proportions, HOMA-IR and body mass indices were calculated. The mean levels of body mass index, HOMA-IR, and total cholesterol were significantly higher in patients than in controls.

It is due to this annoyance that most people opt for laser removal of skin tags only for cosmetic and beauty enhancement purpose and not for any health hazard. Some people are just more prone to forming skin tags.


And while couple of skin tags on the body might make no difference, but their presence especially on the face does lower one’s self confidence by constantly annoying and embarrassing you. Also, these become irritating when a woman wears jewellery and accidentally getting rubbed with clothes or skin friction. So, yes in a way these cause more irritation to women than men.

Some of the common medical treatments include electro surgery, laser surgery and cryotherapy where the doctor freezes off the skin tag through liquid nitrogen and cuts it off. There are also some easy home remedies that can be applied for skin tag removal. In one process one can simply tie a string or thread to the stalk of tag, this process stops blood circulation and finally leads to fall of skin tag on its own.


Skin Tags – Fact Or Fiction?


Introduction And Background
It takes us time to actually get worried about the skin tags on our skin. At first we ignore what is happening and when they finally develop, we turn ballistic! It’s actually true! There are a lot of things about skin tags that freak us out because mostly, we rarely know what they are. There are a lot of facts and fiction about skin tags although there need not be. Considering how common it actually is, it is a wonder why people are still unaware of what it really is and how it comes to be about. Skin tags might not be as common as acne but they aren’t very far behind. In fact, nowadays, a lot of people are developing skin tags just like the percentage of acne is growing. Read on further to find out what skin tags are and what the facts are and what fiction about them is.

Information About Skin Tags
Skin tags are actually small flaps that are connected to the body. They are not part of the actual skin but grow on it. Their color is different and they are often no longer than the size of a fingernail. Skin tags often grow around the neck region, in the arm pits and in the genital areas too. They also appear near the eyelids too and in the shoulder region. Basically, these are the common areas where skin tags appear but they can appear anywhere on the skin. They appear where there is friction mostly.

Facts And Fiction About Skin Tags
Here are a few facts about skin tags. You need to get your facts straight because more often than not, people end up freaking out when they see the tags forming. Hence, the fictions are also mentioned so that you can overrule them for facts.

  • Skin Tags Are Cancerous Growth
    Fiction. Skin tags are not at all cancerous growth. A lot of women first freak out when they see the flap or the bulge, believing it to be some tumor that is just showing itself or they think they developed skin cancer. It is neither of the two. A visit to the doctor will prove that it is only skin tags. If you were able to identify skin tags better, you wouldn’t be thinking about cancer when it they occur.
  • Skin Tags Are Harmless
    Fact. Skin tags are pretty harmless. You shouldn’t fret about it if they develop. They do not cause you or your skin any kind of harm. The only thing that is unpleasant about them is the way they look. A lot of people become very apprehensive about their appearance after skin tags grow and if more grow in a single area then it starts to look really unappealing. However, the fact remains that skin tags are harmless. They can just stay there on your skin without doing anything to do harm.
  • Skin Tags Can Be Removed
    Fact. This is actually something that most people already know but skin tags can be removed. A doctor can remove them or you can do it at home by yourself. Removal of skin tags is not a hard process. In fact, it is pretty easy compared to every other skin condition. There are countless home remedies you can perform if you do not want to indulge in emptying those pockets by visiting the doctor. But you must remember that if the skin tags are in a sensitive area, like the genitals or the eyelids, it is much better to go to the doctor to have them removed rather than acting on your own. The home remedies are not dangerous but it is always good to be cautious and careful.
  • More Skin Tags Grow When Some Are Removed
    Fiction. This statement is not true. There are countless people who believe it to be true and try to live with the skin tags instead of removing them because they think that if they remove some, more will grow in the same area. This is false. It does not work like that. Removal of skin tags do not cause more skin tags to grow! If more skin tags do grow after removal then they were meant to. It has absolutely nothing to do with the removal of the previous ones. Thus, skin tags are harmless as you can see but if you’re tired of looking at them then go right ahead and do what you have to do!

Skin tags are more often than not present in elderly people. They are seen in young obese people as well but mostly it is the older generation that faces this skin condition. However, with the home remedies and the doctor zapping them out, even the elderly don’t worry that much anymore.


What Puts You At Risk Of Developing Skin Tags?


Introduction And Background
We don’t really know about skin conditions until we have them. Rarely do we research about certain common conditions and only when we’re stuck with them is when we open our computers and search the internet. Isn’t it better to know what causes those conditions in the first place so that you can easily put yourself away from risk? Isn’t it better not to do the things that you will eventually have to avoid in the future anyway after you get to know how bad it is for the skin condition? Of course by now that we are talking about skin tags. Now, what brings about skin tags? What causes it and what puts us at risk of developing skin tags? However, the word skin tag is not common as…say acne. First, you will get to know a little about skin tags.

What Are Skin Tags?
This question is a must in possibly ever skin tag article because rarely do people know what skin tags really are. Skin tags are what they are, small flaps of skin which are not exactly part of the skin but they are joined to the skin through a stalk. The stalk has blood vessels and the piece of skin isn’t exactly void of circulation but it is of a different color and it is clearly visible that skin tags are not your real skin.

Are Skin Tags Harmful?
When a person first looks at their own skin tags, they freak out and think that they have cancer because sometimes the tags look like some benign growth that is occurring on the skin. A visit to the doctor assures them that they do not have cancer but have developed skin tags on their skin. Those who know about skin tags of course do not reach such major conclusion on the first look. And they also know that skin tags are completely harmless. The only reason that people don’t like skin tags is because they don’t look nice and are sometimes a nuisance for the person because they don’t like their appearance being compromised because of that. However, skin tags do not in any way cause any defect in your health or anything of that sort. The only thing they do affect is appearance. Other than that, you’re the same as ever!

Things That Put You At Risk Of Developing Skin Tags
To understand this, you need to know what is the cause behind the appearance of skin tags. Now, considering all matters, it narrows down to only two things. One reason is genetics. If it runs in the family, the probability is high that you will develop them as well. The other reason is friction. Friction of skin against skin or skin against clothes is also what causes skin tags to develop. This is why the tags develop mostly when a person is old. However, the most common situations in which skin tags are at a risk of developing are written below to make it more clear to you.

  • Since we know that friction of skin causes skin tags, it is not a mystery why most old people or obese people develop them. They are at a higher risk. Old people often have sagging skin or skin which has formed layers over time. The friction starts and skin tags often grow in those areas. As for obese people, they are also in a danger of getting skin tags even at a young age because their skin has also formed layers due to the fat and friction occurs quite easily.
  • As the other reason was genetics, those people whose parents or grandparents had skin tags at any age will be more likely to develop them. Genes also play a role and this will out those people at a higher risk of developing skin tags.

Removal Of Skin Tags
Luckily, for those people who do not like the shape or appearance of the skin tag, they can easily turn to removal processes. They can go to a doctor who will zap them right off but more often than not people remove them right at home. There are various methods of removing skin tags, home remedies, and they all work. Why spend so much money going to the doctor when you can do something right at home! But, it is still advisable to go to the doctor if the skin tag is in a sensitive place such as near the eyelids or the genitals. They also grow near the shoulders, in the armpits and even on the neck. They can be removed at home!

Skin tags are now considered to be a natural phenomenon of life. You cannot stop friction of skin against skin or other things now, can you? Very few people have taut and fresh skin without any wrinkles in the old age. However, don’t worry. As you can see, skin tags can be easily removed!

    Skin Tags – Are They Really A Disease?

Introduction And Background

Aside from human beings, such as family and friends, what other thing do we care about the most? Of course, pets are there but you’re missing one thing that is with you from the day you are born till the day you die. Your skin, of course. We care about the skin a lot. We often fret over it and spend a lot of money on keeping it young and beautiful. And yes, we all hate the word acne and wish it never existed. But have any of you given any thought to the word skin tags? Yes, this word must have been heard before by all of you but do you really know what it is? Is it a disease or a condition? Read on further to clear your head about skin tags.

The Truth About Skin Tags
Skin tags are not a disease. The definition of a disease is basically to do with illness and skin tags are not an illness. In fact, they are pretty harmless. Skin tags are actually small flaps of skin that are the size of a nail at most. They grow on our skin due to several reasons but that is a natural phenomenon and many elderly people get skin tags. In fact, it is sometimes acknowledged as the skin condition for the elderly, as acne is for the teenagers. Skin tags are not at all a disease and they provide no danger to you or your skin. They are just displeasing to look at which is why most people don’t like them and try to remove it from their body.

Why Do Skin Tags Form?
The most basic reason for the formation of skin tags is friction. Now, there is no disease that comes from friction, is there? Even if there is one, skin tags are not it. Friction of skin against skin or skin against clothes is one reason for the formation of skin tags. This is also the major reason why obese people and old people get skin tags. Obese people have layers and tires on skin because of the accumulation of fat and elderly people have sagging skin which leads to friction again. The other reason of why skin tags can be formed is genes. Genetics play a role in their formation. For instance, if skin tags run in the family chances are that you will get them too and probably at a younger age than most people.

Areas Where Skin Tags Form
The areas where skin tags form are many. To put it into words, skin tags form on skin so they can form anywhere but there most common areas are in the armpits, near the shoulders and the neck, the stomach and even near the eyelids. Genital areas also have skin tags.

Can Skin Tags Be Removed?
Of course they can! There are several ways of removing skin tags. One of them involves going to the doctor but that can be expensive and the doctor will only zap them out and you will feel only a little pinch if the area isn’t numb already but there are other ways of doing it. Home remedies are quite famous for skin tag removal and a lot of people do that. However, keep one thing in mind. If the skin tags are near sensitive areas of skin such as the genital region or the eyelids, it is better to go to the doctor to get them removed. The home remedies are not harmful and do not have any side effects but it is still best to go to the doctor.

Misconceptions About Skin Tags
A lot of people associate skin tags to be some kind of cancerous growth at first. Then they think it is a disease when the cancer option is out. Skin tags are just a skin condition where additional skin is attached to your actual skin by a stalk. There is nothing more to it. There is another misconception that the removal of skin tags makes more skin tags form. This is not true. If more skin tags do form after removal, it is because they had to form there and not because skin tags were removed. This myth stops a lot of people from getting them removed. But it is false.

Skin tags are nothing to be afraid of. They are not a disease as you can conclude from the article. However, you can remove them if you want. No one will argue with the fact that they are a little displeasing to the eye and one becomes conscious if they are there. Try searching for home remedies for their removal if you don’t want to spend money on the doctor’s visit. The removal is just as good and just as quick.