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   Some Common Causes And Types Of Skin Tags

Introduction And Background

This generation is very in tune with their skin and all the information that has to do with it. The older generation was only aware of a few things but with technology and word now spreading easily to the farthest corner of the Earth, it is fairly easy to share knowledge. However, no matter how much knowledge has been spread people are still in the confusion of what skin tags are. They are still unaware of what it looks like and almost eighty percent of the people get a frantic worry when they see skin tags on their skin because they don’t really know what they are. Hopefully this article will resolve it all.

What Are Skin Tags?
Skin tags are actually small flaps of skin. They are not part of the actual skin but grow later in life due to reasons you will read later. They are hardly the size of a fingernail although that can vary and they are visible to the eye. Some of the skin tags are so small and clustered sometimes that women, especially, often mistake them for being wrinkles. Only when the flaps take a darker color do they realize that they’ve got skin tags and not wrinkles.

Some Common Causes Of Skin Tags
Skin tags do not have many causes. In fact, the common causes of skin tags being formed all follow down to the same thing; friction. Friction of the skin against skin or skin against clothes is the main reason for the formation of these tags. This is also the reason that most of the skin tags are found in the fold or creases or even the wrinkles of the skin. This is also the reason why old people and obese people are at a higher risk of getting skin tags. They both have folds and layers of skin as old people’s skin sags and obese people generally develop tires. Thus, their skin tag formation is pretty predictable. Another common cause of skin tag formation is genetics. Sometimes it does not take friction but you grow the skin tags anyway because they run in the family. It has to do with genes and blood vessels but in that case, you are not to blame. Skin tags risk increase if a person is obese, diabetic or old.

Types Of Skin Tags
There are no ‘types’ of skin tags, just to be clear. They are only of one form and their sizes can vary but other than that they are not really categorized into being of any type.

Where Can Skin Tags Grow?
Skin tags grow on the skin so basically that would mean they can grow anywhere! But they arise in areas of friction which are most commonly in the Axillary region which is the armpits and around the neck, near the eyelids and even in the genital areas. Some of the skin tags are even commonly found on the stomach, especially of obese people. Women also get them on the cheeks if they have wrinkles. However, do not mistake this sentence to be a sign toward any gender preference. Skin tags effect men and women at the equal ratio.

Are Skin Tags Harmful?
There is a reaction that most people get after developing skin tags and that is screaming and running to the doctor. Since the appearance of skin tags is abnormal and highly displeasing to the eye, most of the people start to think they have some cancerous growth which usually ends up with the doctor telling them that they only have skin tags. Skin tags are harmless. They do not hurt and neither do they provide any kind of danger to your body. The only reason people don’t like skin tags are because they are not good to look at and make a person conscious. Otherwise, there is really nothing to worry about with skin tags.

Removal Of Skin Tags
As said above, skin tags are really harmless but people want them removed. Thankfully, there are many ways of removing skin tags which range from going to the doctor to doing your own procedures right at home. If the skin tags are at a sensitive area such as near the eyelids or in the genital region, it is better to go to the doctor and have them removed. However, if any other areas then there are a lot of home remedies which work wonderfully and will probably save you a lot of money by escaping the doctor’s visit!

The common causes of skin tags you now know along with knowing that there are not types of skin tags. There are only skin tags and that’s it. Along with this, you are also aware of the removal and how skin tags are not harmful. Also know this that removing a skin tag does not cause more skin tags to grow. This is a common misconception.


Skin Tags; causes and treatments

Introduction and Background

Skin tags are a common problem especially among obese adults and generally appear on the parts where there is friction of skin and other areas where creases occur like eyelids, neck, arms and upper chest. While they are a common skin hassle they don’t cause much pain as they are soft in appearance and small in size too. So what is implied by skin tag? Well skin tags are soft tissue of skin that grows on the existing skin. It appears round in shape and is very small in size. In medical terms, skin tags are known as Pappiloma colli or Acrochordon. A skin tag is outpouching of skin that is usually associated to the underlying skin through a narrow and slim stalk.

Skin tags are small portions of tissue generally colored or darkly pigmented tissue emerging from the surrounding skin from a small, narrow stalk and most Doctors also refer skin tags as skin tabs.

It is not yet known as to what causes skin tags precisely and therefore there are various assumptions attributing to the emergence of skin tags. Some say it’s due to hormonal imbalances, genetic and hereditary problems where if some family member has skin tags chances of you having them will be high. Some state that they are caused due to chaffing or when we rub our skin through fingers. Besides, some beauty experts claim that allergic reactions to cosmetic and beauty products can’t be ruled out either.

These are normally tremors of skin and have no symptoms. They occur suddenly and sometimes disappear without even realizing it existed. While skin tags are common equally among women and men they are generally common in adults over 60 years of age.

Almost anyone may develop a skin tag at some point in their life, however there are certain categories of people who are more prone to suffering from skin tags. These include pregnant women as their body secretes varied hormones and other imbalances in the body. Then people suffering from Diabetes and those who use steroids illegally, middle-aged, obese adults because of numerous skin folds and creases in their body are automatically more prone to skin tags.

Usually, skin tags are not dangerous in nature at all and cause no harm to the body in the long run, so one need not worry about its consequences.

In addition, skin tags occur in one’s mid life ranging from 50-70 years of age. Scientifically saying they are caused by the bunch of collagen and blood vessels that are trapped inside the deep skin areas. It penetrates from within skin and appears like small balloons hanging on the skin.

Sometimes they might go on their own and sometime they might call for urgent medical treatment. Therefore, knowing about causes of skin tags and their respective treatments will help you prevent from any recurring skin tags in the body. It’s now important to learn as to what causes skin tags and what are the reasons? Despite the fact that skin tags are technically referred as skin tumours they are tender soft and absolutely harmless. And while couple of skin tags on the body might make no difference, but their presence especially on the face does lower one’s self confidence by constantly annoying and embarrassing you. Also, these become irritating when a woman wears jewellery and accidentally getting rubbed with clothes or skin friction. So, yes in a way these cause more irritation to women than men.

It is due to this annoyance that most people opt for laser removal of skin tags only for cosmetic and beauty enhancement purpose and not for any health hazard. Some people are just more prone to forming skin tags.

There are various treatments available to treat skin tags and some of the most common and natural process includes freezing, laser surgery, tying off with a thread or suture, or cutting off. In a laser surgery the doctors usually clean the skin tag with alcohol and later on snip it off through surgical scissors. Sometimes through freezing or burning it through electric current called as electro surgery treatment. The entire process might give slight pain but it is not that unbearable. And the healing takes within a day without any extra medical care and precaution and you are back to looking good like earlier.


Some of the common medical treatments include electro surgery, laser surgery and cryotherapy where the doctor freezes off the skin tag through liquid nitrogen and cuts it off. There are also some easy home remedies that can be applied for skin tag removal. In one process one can simply tie a string or thread to the stalk of tag, this process stops blood circulation and finally leads to fall of skin tag on its own.



Anti aging skincare

Introduction and background

Having a well tone and beautiful skin is what every woman would love or rather kill to have. The fact is that as you age so does your skin and to have a young skin for the rest of your life is quite impossible. No one can stop the natural process of aging but the trick is that you can always delay them. Skin is the most essential protective covering that our body has. There are quite a lot of anti aging skincare methods that you can take up to make your skin look smooth and younger.

Today due to many reasons the skin seems to lose its charm rather soon. Due to aging, skin type, sun exposure, stress, pollution or unhealthy lifestyle, the skin becomes quite dull and dry. To take care of the skin people can take up lots of options like cosmetic surgery, meditation, and use anti aging skincare creams or change to a healthy diet. All these options have been quite effective in rejuvenating your akin into a more youthful look.


Three simple rules

Even though you have got a lot of options to choose from to look after your skin, these three simple rules must be followed to have a healthy looking younger skin.

Avoid over or direct exposure to the sun. If you are outside then, always put some sun protective lotions. It is a known fact the UV rays damage the skin cells which will make it quite dull and old.

Drinking plenty of water is also a must and one of the best treatments for anti aging. It will help to hydrate your skin and give a well tone look. At least drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily.

A well balanced diet is also very important to keep your skin look healthy. All you eat will reflect in your skin texture so eat well to look best.


Natural anti aging skincare

The best way to take care of your skin is using a natural product. Though this may take a longer time than the surgical skin care, it will not have any side effects like most surgical skin care products do. These natural anti aging skincare products will hydrate your dull and dry skin to a smother and glossy look.

Now-a-days people are depending more on these products as they know it will benefit them in the long run. There is no fear of getting any side effects in these natural products.

These natural products will help to stimulate the collagen in the skin as well as hydrate it also. All wrinkles, lines or any discoloration will be erased completely or for a longer time.


There lots of products that you can choose from the skin care market. Whatever you decide, it is recommended that you always choose a product from a reputed company. It is better that you do not experiment on your skin from any of the unknown products. Most of the products use a cheap chemical addition and it may cause some harmful reaction for some people.

Causes Of Skin Tags


Introduction And Background
We often see skin tags but we rarely know about them. They are a skin condition that very few know about, even though most have seen them on the elder generations or even the younger ones. It isn’t like acne because it rarely strikes at a young age and can be easily removed to. The word skin tags might confuse you so first you will get the low down on what skin tags are and then you will get to know the causes behind it. You will also know a few facts about skin tags that will get you off the confusion of what they really are.

What Are Skin Tags?
Skin tags are small flaps of skin. They are no bigger than the size of a fingernail and more often they take a round type of shape. They are not actually part of the skin but are connected to it by a connecting stalk which is where the blood supply to the tag develops as well. Due to this blood supply, you cannot just take off skin tags like that or else bleeding will start. There are proper ways to do it and they are pretty easy. Removing skin tags is not a difficult process not is it a necessary one.

Why Removal Of Skin Tags Is Not Necessary?
Skin tag removal is not necessary because skin tags are harmless. People only remove skin tags so that their skin does not look uneven because a growth on it looks a little weird to people. If skin tags do not really bother the eyes, men and women are not really concerned with their removal. Only if they get to be more in number does a little worry start. However, skin tags do not hurt and their existence is not harmful to the body at all.

Causes Of Skin Tags
Skin tags develop in different areas. They can develop around the face and the neck region. They can develop around the shoulders and the arm pits. They are often seen on the cheeks and near the eyelids in the face region. They also form in the genital areas and between the thighs. Needless to say, they form on various parts of the body, not only just one. The causes of skin tags are not a lot. They are only two or three to name. They are written below.

  • Skin tags are caused by friction mainly. The friction can be of skin on skin or skin on clothes. The main reason why skin tags are often seen on elderly people is because they get wrinkles and their skin sags. This creates minute layers of skin which creates friction amongst one another. This in turn creates skin tags.
  • Obese people also get skin tags due to friction. Their skin stretches and sometimes layers are formed when they sit or are in a position which can cause friction. This also creates skin tags on them.
  • Genetically, skin tags are also caused. This is the major reason why younger children also get skin tags. Sometimes it runs in the family and friction has nothing to do with it. You can skin tags at an early age then.

Removal Of Skin Tags
Removal of skin tags is pretty easy and is not necessary, as said above. However, many people are of the opinion that they should be removed since if near the eyelids, they can become a nuisance for the vision and even if they are not, they are deemed to be a nuisance for everyone else’s vision! Removal of skin tags is an easy process. You can go with either of the two:

  • A visit to the doctor will get your skin tags removed. It is the best choice if the skin tags are at a sensitive area which should not be dealt with at home such as the genital areas and near the eyelids. The doctor will zap them right off. It will sting a little but other than that it is a quick and easy process. It will also cost you though. There are home remedies available which you can do right at home.
  • Home remedies will also remove skin tags. There are quite a few and are successful. Some use dental floss and wrap it tightly around the connecting stalk of the skin tag. The tag falls right off after a few hours due to the lack of blood supply to it. Some use duct tape and bandage and paste it tightly on the skin tag after putting Vitamin E or Tea Tree Oil on it. However, research has to be done on proper steps before doing it at home.

Skin tags are not caused by some cancer or tumor as is the first thought after a person sees the growth on their skin. They are harmless pieces of skin which can be removed easily if you want to remove them.


Removing Skin Tags Safely At Home


Introduction And Background
To have a perfect skin has become necessity, a thing that most people would die for. If anything happens to our skin, we immediately cry for help and then do everything in our power to fix it. Acne is a major skin condition and it makes the hair on our skin stand up at the ends. Most teenagers go into severe depression because of it. But acne is only popular in teens and is rarely seen in adults or elderly people. They have their own skin condition to worry about whose name is skin tags. They are the most common skin condition that hits elderly people and thus the one that is talked about the most in their circles, like acne is with teenagers.

Skin Tags…What Are They?
In case you’re surprised by the name and are not sure what skin tags are, here’s a little information to help you recognize what you’ve already seen a number of times on the skin of people who are older. Skin tags are small flaps of skin which grow on the skin but are not really a part of it. They are connected through a connecting stalk and have blood capillaries but they are not the actual skin. They are of a different color and can clearly be seen as some sort of growth. Generally, when the first few of them grow at a particular age, most start to freak out that it is some sort of malignant cancerous growth. It only turns out to be skin tags.

Why And Where Do Skin Tags Form?
Skin tags form due to friction of skin on skin or skin with clothes. Basically, they form because of friction. Elderly people have sagging skin and that causes layers, thus friction, thus skin tags. Obese people also develop the tags due to the same reasons. However, friction is not the only reason. Some get skin tags because of genetic reasons; it is in their genes. In such cases, even young children can get skin tags.
They are mostly seen on the back of the neck, around the cheeks, near the eyelids, in the underarms, around the shoulder region and even in the genital areas between the thighs. Basically, they form on areas where there is chance of the reasons mentioned above.

Removing Skin Tags At Home A Safe Option
Skin tag removal is considered to be an easy process. One can go to the doctor and get them zapped off but then again, zapping them off is considered to be painful by some people. There is mild irritation and for those whose skin is sensitive, it can even be more than irritation at times. And of course, there is the hefty bill to cover after the visits to the doctor’s office. Nevertheless, it is safe to remove them right at home with several home remedies. You need to know exactly what to do but the procedures are really simple and you won’t have a problem understanding them and putting them into action. Here are a few home remedies to consider:

  • The first and foremost and most commonly used thing to remove a skin tag at home is dental floss. You’ll be surprised to hear this word, since how can a dental floss be utilized to remove something on the skin correct? Well, it can. Take a piece of dental floss and wrap it tightly around the connecting stalk of the skin tag. This will block the blood supply of the skin tag and in a few hours, it will fall off by itself.
  • Another way to remove skin tags is to use Tea Tree Oil. This natural oil is beneficial for the skin in many other ways, not just in removing skin tags. It makes it softer and healthier. Nonetheless, people use it to remove their skin tags by dipping a cotton ball in it and then soaking it on the tag. One can also massage with the finger tip in small circular motions. This procedure is to be done at least twice a day for results.
  • People also use duct tape or bandage to remove skin tags. They first put vitamin E on their skin and then apply either duct tape or bandage tightly on the skin tag. After a few hours, about twelve actually, they remove the duct tape or bandage. The skin tag either comes off with it or it takes two or three attempts at it to remove it.

Skin tags are harmless really. One can leave them right there  but since they are very displeasing to the eye and the one who has it hates to look at it, they are eventually removed. But they prove to be no danger to the person who has it. They are what they are, small flaps only.

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Skin Tags – Leave Them Or Treat Them

Introduction And Background

We all have some kind of skin condition in some time of your life. A few face some kind of disease early through age which could be some allergy or even an inborn genetics problem. Most of us go through the terribly and torturous process of bearing acne in our teenage years. Many of us eventually get skin tags as we grow older. Now, the other two we might be familiar with but the name of skin tags is the sort that few will know about. Now, why is that? We see skin tags on a daily basis probably, on our grandparents and parents and even on other elderly people around us. Why is it then that we don’t know what skin tags really are? Read on further to know what skin tags are and is it necessary to treat them.

The Low Down On Skin Tags
Skin tags are actually skin but they are not really part of it. In other words, skin tags are small, tiny flaps of skin that hang from the actual skin through a stalk. They are not of the same color which makes it easier to differentiate and spot them more quickly. Sometimes, since they are small and often frilly, they can be confused to be wrinkles. This could be the reason why most of us don’t ask our grandparents whether they are wrinkles or skin tags. And of course, it is rude to point it out; that is another reason too.

What Causes Them?
Skin tags are basically caused due to two major reasons. One of the reasons is friction. If friction of skin against skin or skin against clothes occurs too much, skin tags can easily form. This is why old people have skin tags. Their skin, with age, often sags and forms layers. Friction increases this way and hence skin tags are created. Obese people also get skin tags because of the friction their increased skin surface area causes. The other reason of getting skin tags is genetics. They also have a major role to play. If it is in your genes, you can possibly get skin tags at a very young age too. If it is common in your family, chances are that you will have it sometime in your life.

Skin Tags – Leave Them?
Skin tags are harmless. They are not any abomination of a skin and neither do they form due to some sort of disease. They cause absolutely no harm and are pretty safe just hanging from the skin. The thing about skin tags that causes most people to get them removed is that they are unpleasant to look at. It makes a person conscious and generally displeased about their appearance. It doesn’t give as much stress as other skin conditions, such as acne, but it too in its own accord gives a discomfort. However, the discomfort is only emotionally or mentally. Physically, skin tags; as said above a few times, is really harmless. It gets a little funny when skin tags grow and suddenly people think they have some sort of benign and malignant growth of a tumor. When they go get it checked, it only turns out to be skin tags.

Skin Tags – Treat Them?
Treating skin tags is also an option one can pursue if they feel that the appearance of skin tags in public and society is too much to bear. Treating skin tags is also an option if the skin tags appear in an uncomfortable place, such as the genital regions or the eyelids even. Treatment of skin tags is very easy and is probably the easiest skin condition to get rid of. One can go to the doctor to get their skin tags removed. It is actually preferable to go to a doctor to get them zapped off if they are in a sensitive area such as near the eyelids. Otherwise, one can remove them right at home if they are in the neck region, in the armpits or even on the shoulders. One of the best ways to remove skin tags is by the use of a dental floss. Take a piece of floss and wrap it around the connecting stalk of the skin tag. A few hours later, the skin tag will fall off by itself due to the lack of blood supply! There are other ways to do it as well.

Skin tags are will not affect your health in any way. If you want to let them be, you can let them be. The only reason people get them removed is because they think it affects their beauty and they want nothing extra on their skin. Otherwise, if you let the skin tags stay, they really won’t do cause any danger to the skin.

 Is Surgical Removal Of Skin Tags Safe?

Introduction And Background

The skin is a sensitive topic but the strange thing is that until something stares us in the face, we rarely talk about it or want to know about it. Take acne for instance. No one will know about it or pay attention to it unless they get it. Only then will they take great pains to find out how they can cure acne and what made them get it in the first place. Thankfully, not all skin conditions are so bad and depressing as acne is. There is one known by the name of skin tags. It is not a skin condition as much as it is a skin connection. Read on further to know what I mean.

What Are Skin Tags?
The thing is, we have probably been seeing skin tags all our lives on our grandparents or parents but we never know what they are called. Some just take them to be some sort of growth, which they are while others believe them to be wrinkles. Skin tags are actually tags or flaps of small skin which are connected to your actual skin by a connecting stalk. They are quite small and sometimes they are no bigger than a baby’s fingernail. They are not some abnormal growth as some might perceive them to be and are actually normally seen on an old person. Skin tags basically form because of friction. They are formed due to friction of skin on skin or skin against clothes. This is why elderly people develop skin tags. Their skin often sags and forms layers which lead to friction and thus their development. Genetics also play a role in formation of skin tags. If it runs in the family, it is likely you will get them too, maybe even at a younger age.

Can Skin Tags Be Removed?
Yes, they can be removed. This is precisely why this skin problem is nowhere near as worse as acne. Skin tags are harmless since they are not irritable and the only problem with them is that they are sometimes displeasing to the eye. That is the sole purpose of why skin tags are removed. Otherwise, there is no need for their removal as they are pretty harmless. Some women often think they have some benign or malignant cancerous growth when they see skin tags forming. However, it is nothing like that. Repeating again, they are pretty harmless.

Is Surgical Removal Of Skin Tags Safe?
Yes, surgical removal of skin tags is safe. Sometimes is the only option for skin tag removal. Skin tags are mostly formed around the eyelids, the neck region, the shoulders, between the thighs, the armpits and the genital regions even. Now, with the other areas of the body mentioned, one can easily use home remedies or experiment with other aspects of skin tag removal. But the areas such as the eyelids and the genital areas are sensitive areas and should not be messed with. For removal of skin tags from here, sometimes going to the doctor and getting skin tags surgically removed is the safest option even if not the best option. The doctor will probably numb the area and zap them right out. There is no mark left and no pain will be caused. It is the most painless surgery you will ever experience.

Other Ways Of Skin Tag Removal
Surgical removal is quite safe but not everybody has the means to spend so much money on a doctor and get their skin tags removed if they can do it right at home. And they can do it right at home. Home remedies of skin tag removal are not only famous but successful as well. Most men and women often use these remedies to get rid of their skin tags. The most famous one is using dental floss. A piece of floss is taken and wrapped tightly around the connecting stalk of the skin tag. Once the blood supply of the skin tag has been blocked by the floss, the skin tag will shrivel up and fall off by itself after a day or maximum two.  Another way to remove skin tags is by using Bandage or duct tape in a similar manner. Some also use vitamin E treatment or Tea Tree Oil to remove skin tags as they are also skin nourishing factors too.

If you have the means, definitely go to the doctor to get your skin tags removed, especially if they are in the sensitive areas. But know this that home remedies are quite safe too and they do not cost a lot. Surgical removal probably sounds better but only in some cases. It is safe but not as safe as rubbing tea tree oil on your skin tag to remove it, is it?

Skin Tags – Is There An Easy Way Out?


Introduction And Background
Our skin problems often take a toll on us and we stress over them a lot. Stress can actually make it worse because such feelings often produce excessive hormones which can again affect our skin in an adverse manner. Rather than taking stress or worrying about such matters, one should always think about what to do next and move on to a treatment process that they think is good enough for their skin conditions. Acne is one such condition which requires a lot of time and effort. Fortunately, skin tags are not as big a problem as acne. In fact, to some people, they are not a problem at all. If you want to know more about what skin tags are and how you can have the easy way out with them, read on further.

The Information On Skin Tags
Skin tags are something we all see on a daily basis probably but we never know what they’re called. Ever seen weird flaps of skin on the skin of grandparents or even parents for that matter? Well, those are skin tags. They are often confused to be wrinkles but when one sees them clearly, the difference is impeccable. They are small flaps of skin, very minute, almost the size of a fingernail at most and they are hanging from the original skin through a connecting stalk. Skin tags are formed due to three reasons at most. Two of them have to do with friction. Friction of skin on skin or skin with any material such as cloth even, can cause skin tags to arise. This is the reason why obese people and old people develop skin tags. The skin of elderly people sag and often forms layers which creates friction and thus the tags. The skins of obese people also form layers and the same thing happens. Genetics also have a role to play in their formation. If skin tags run in the family, chances are the next generation will get them too, even at a younger age perhaps. They are often found on the eyelids, in the armpits, on the shoulders and around the neck. Skin tags can be formed anywhere but these are the basic areas where they are commonly found. Skin tags can also be found on the genital areas.

Are They Harmful?
Skin tags might seem to be something abnormal by their appearance but they are not really. They are actually quite harmless. Their existence will do nothing to you. People only get them removed because they are unappealing to the eye. Other than that, they really are harmless.

The Easy Way Out
Now, skin tag removal is very much possible. People generally go to the doctor to get them zapped but there is an easy way out for skin tags. In fact, there are several easy ways for the removal of skin tags. It is probably the only skin condition which allows you to breathe freely and not stress about how you’re going to get it treated and how much time it will take to remove the skin tags. As mentioned before, the doctors can zap it in no time but even you can do it right at home. Here are a few easy way outs you can follow for the removal of skin tags right at home:

  • The use of a dental floss is one of the easiest ways to get rid of a skin tag. The only thing one needs to do is take a piece of floss and wrap it around the connecting stalk of the skin tag. Once that is done, you only need to pull a little at the skin tag for it to come off. Give this twenty four hours at least. The blood supply of the tag will be blocked and it will probably fall off by itself, even if you do not tug at it.
  • People use duct tape as well as bandage for this process as well. Another easy way out. Apply a little vitamin E and then put either of the items on the skin tag. Remove after a day. The skin tag will probably come off with it. Repeat it again if that doesn’t happen.
  • Tea Tree Oil is also applied in light circular movements on the skin tag and then perhaps duct tape is applied again. This is also a healthy way to remove skin tags while nourishing the skin along with it.

There are various easy way outs for skin tags but one thing you have to keep in mind is that the sensitive areas of the body where skin tags are formed are best dealt with by the doctor. For example, the genital areas or the eyelids are sensitive. It is best if you go to a doctor to get your skin tags removed. For other areas though, treatment at home would do just fine.

 All About Skin Tags

Introduction And Background

We all must have seen skin tags sometime in our life but we rarely know that they are called skin tags. We see them on old people mostly but even young ones have them, and that is when we notice their skin tags more since they become more prominent without any wrinkles present. In this article, you will get to know all there is to know about skin tags. They are not something out of this world but is just an ordinary skin condition that is likely to be treated immediately and without any hassle. Read on further to enhance your knowledge on skin tags.

What Are Skin Tags?
They are tiny flaps of skin that are connected to the skin by a small stalk. They are not actually part of the skin and are hardly the size of a fingernail but they are prominent on the skin as they are of a different color most of the time.

Where Are They Grown And Why?
Skin tags can be mostly seen near the region of the eyelids, sometimes on the upper cheek and around the shoulders and the neck. They are also grown on the armpits and even the genital areas. Basically, they are grown on areas where there is friction of skin. This is one of the reasons of why skin tags are formed. Friction of skin and against skin or skin against clothes can lead to their formation. Old people usually develop skin tags because their skin becomes wrinkly and often sags which forms layers on each other. Obese people also have skin tags due to similar reasons. Another cause behind skin tags is genetics. Sometimes, even young people get skin tags. It happens because it is in their genes. If the parents or the grandparents had skin tags at a young age, chances are that the children will too.

Are Skin Tags Dangerous?
No, not at all. Skin tags are quite harmless but their appearance usually causes a ruckus. Most of the time, men and women think it is some sort of malignant cancerous growth that needs to be checked out as soon as possible. There is nothing like that. Skin tags are not dangerous at all and their formation is natural and very much harmless.

Can Skin Tags Be Removed?
Of course they can! Their removal is one of the easiest skin remedies you will ever have to read and perform. And obviously, a doctor can remove skin tags too. Another misconception that you all should know about is that sometimes people think that removing skin tags will cause more skin tags to form in that area. This is untrue. If the skin tags do form after removal, that is because they were meant to, not because you removed your previous skin tags. Thus, there is no harm in removing your skin tags as it is an easy process.

How Can Skin Tags Be Removed?
There are various methods of removing skin tags. Some of them are outlined below:

  • Go To The Doctor. This is of course the number one thing that comes into a person’s mind. The doctor will remove the problem for you by zapping it out or performing a minor surgery which does not leave any scars and does not hurt at all either. But the thing is, why go to the doctor when you can perform your own surgery right at home? For those of you who do not have the expenses to go to a doctor, there are safe methods to remove your skin tags right at home.
  • Use a dental floss. Using a dental floss is one way of removing a skin tag. You take a small thread of the floss and then wrap it around the connecting stalk of the skin tag. This will block all blood supply of the skin tag and in one or two days, the skin tag will fall of by itself.
  • Use Tea Tree Oil. This can actually be nourishing for the skin, along with removing a skin tag. You take the oil and rub it in circular moments around the skin tag. Repeat it at least thrice a day. In one or two weeks, the skin tags will be gone. You can even apply a bandage to speed up the process.
  • Use Duct Tape. Using duct tape can also remove skin tags. Apply a little vitamin E on the skin tag and then put a duct tape on it. When you will remove it, after about a day, the skin tag will come off with it. Repeat it two or three times but remember to be gentle with your skin.


A word of caution; do all the home remedies around the areas of skin which are not sensitive. The genital areas and the eyelid areas need extra care and it is better to go to a doctor to get the skin tags of these areas removed.

Skin tags are nothing to worry about. If they do not bother you, then don’t remove them as they are harmless. But if they do bother you, you know your options!


Signs Of Aging On Women’s Skin

Introduction And Background

The skin ages, we all know that. It is one of the top signs of growing old. No one remains with young skin for their entire life, unless they keep having plastic surgeries. But other than that, no one can escape the realm of aging skin and certainly not women whose skin is more sensitive than men. In this article, you will read about the aging of skin, what their signs are and how a person can slow down the aging of skin. After all, no one can completely stop aging. All we can do is try and slow down the process a bit so that instead of looking fifty, we can look a decade younger!

The Signs Of Aging On Women’s Skin
A woman’s skin is a very sensitive matter to her. In fact, amongst all other things, this is the one she is most concerned about. After all, beauty lies in the skin, the world does think that. And since women are very conscious of their beauty, they are conscious of their skin. The first signs of aging on a woman’s skin are:

  • The appearance of wrinkles. Yes, this is one of the first signs. Whether the wrinkles are small or are big enough to be noticed, when they start to appear you should know that you’re not that young anymore and your skin needs extra care if you want it to look splendid still.
  • The sagging of skin. Skin tends to sag a little. No one is saying that it’ll sag completely and that is the time when a woman’s skin will age! Even a little sagging, one that can only be noticed by the person whose skin it is, is a sign of aging. Women tend to get worried about this a lot since taut skin is way more attractive than a sagging one!
  • The paleness and thinning of the skin. This is also another sign of aging on women’s skin. Often we see that a woman’s skin in her forties has become more translucent and looks like a thin sheet rather than appearing healthy and thick. It is because her skin is aging and one of the top signs have appeared.
  • The formation of skin tags. This is also an important sign as this shows that the skin is sagging and thus skin tags are being formed. However, people can escape the formation of skin tags and even young people can get them and they can be removed easily so skin tags are not something to be really worried about.
  • The hair on the skin tends to lose color. For instance, they become white and pale rather than remain in their true form. When this happens, a woman should surely know that her skin is now aging at a rapid pace than it was before and more care is required.
  • The skin secretes less oil. This happens mostly after menopause. Women stop secreting as much oil as they did before and thus their skin becomes dry and scaly. After menopause, they need to make sure that they keep their skin moisturized so that it does not become too dry. Dry skin means that their wrinkle formation will probably speed up.
  • The formation of blemishes and warts. This is also a sign for aging on women’s skin.

How To Slow Down The Aging Of Skin?
One of the topmost reasons of why the skin ages so quickly is because of a lot of sun exposure. The sun is good for healthy skin but a lot of exposure is bad for it. It tans the skin and often ruins the elasticity as well as the strength behind it. The sun also creates more wrinkles. One can always minimize their exposure to the sun and even if they can’t, they can use a lot of sunblock then. The next thing to do is drink a lot of liquids, such as water and even fruit juices. They can help a lot in keeping the skin good and fresh. Dehydration, as you can see if you’ve ever have it seen a person who has had it, can take its toll on the skin. Moisturizing the skin is also of utmost importance. In fact, doing it regularly can stop almost eighty percent of your wrinkles from forming! Thus, avoid the sun as much as you skin, drink as much water as you can and moisturize your skin whenever you feel you need to, and you’ll be slowing down the aging of skin!

Do not be afraid of skin aging and do not treat it as something that stresses you out. The stress can actually fasten the aging process. Everyone’s skin ages, you’re not alone. The best thing you can do is try to slow it down, as written.