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Best Juices For Your Skin

Introduction And Background
Juices are healthy, we all know that right? Even when a person is sick, there are usually juices on his or her bedside table, from friends and family. Sometimes the hospital provides it themselves since it is a great factor for nursing one back to good health. Why are juices so good? Why are they the best thing for your skin? The skin benefits greatly from juices. Read the article to know how and why it does it. All your questions will be answered about this and that which ones are the best juices for the skin.

Why Are Juices Good For The Skin?
Juices are generally a healthy drink. As you can clearly see, they are preferred over any other sort of drink because the rest of the list contains sodas and carbonated drinks which might be good to taste but they are certainly not ideal of health. In fact, most of the people drink juices during meal times too because if made from the right substances, they also fulfill your nutritional requirement. They contain all sorts of minerals and vitamins and other nutrients that are essential for good skin.

What Are The Best Juices For Skin?
Since now you know all about the benefits for the juices, time has come to reveal which ones exactly are the best juices. They are not few in number but here are just a few of them to tell you which ones to drink most. They are not in order of importance because each is unique and has its own value. Here you go:

  • Cucumber Juice
    Staring off with a vegetable juice, cucumber juice is extremely refreshing, We see in movies that people often put slices of cucumber on their skin to freshen it up. Drinking its juice is no different. It has a lot of potassium and magnesium. It gives the skin a certain glow and youthful look. One can make the juice of about one or two cucumbers. It is recommended that you add about half an apple for sweetness since we all know cucumbers are not sweet.
  • Mixed Fruit Juice
    Ah, this will be one of the best juices on earth. Filled with rich elements, this juice is something you should sincerely think of having on a daily basis for your skin. The ingredients of this juice include some kind of milk (preferably aloe vera), strawberries, blueberries, a few cherries and beet. Kale is also used, after removing its stem. Mixing a fair amount of these items brings you another refreshing drink for the skin.
  • The Green Drink
    Don’t go on the color please, it does look weirdly awful but please know how amazing it really is for your skin. It contains all green substances, hence the color. It will give you energy, increase your blood flow and also increase your brain activity. All these are beneficial for the skin. The drink contains cucumbers, celery, kale, spinach, parsley, ginger and just a pinch of lemon. Sometimes people have it for breakfast about three to four times a week. Look at their skin to feel motivated in having it.
  • Orange Juice
    How can we make such a list and skip this delicious drink out? Rich in vitamin C and probably the tastiest of all juices, orange juice is highly beneficial for the skin. The benefit of it is not really hidden and one can truly see the change in skin after drinking orange juice for a few days. The skin looks healthier and younger than ever.
  • Coconut Juice
    This is not only healthy for the skin but is great for your overall health as well. A lot of electrolytes are present in coconut juice which helps the blood system. It also helps fight the dehydration inside which is amazing because more often than not, our body is dehydrated. We do not realize it because we consider dehydration a mechanism of thirst when it is not so. And everyone knows how important hydration is to skin health. Thus, drink lots of coconut juice. It might not be specific to the taste but you can add sweeteners if you like.
  • Papaya Juice
    With a pinch of lemon, this juice is perfect for digestion. Everything in the body is related. If your digestive system is not working properly, it will show on the skin. Urea can collect and your skin can become yellowish in color. However, papaya juice helps in digestion, especially protein digestion.

After reading about the benefits of all the juices, you probably want to go right ahead and starting making the drinks as soon as possible. Well, go right ahead. Do not delay on drinking and soaking up the wonders of juices for your skin.


Why Sunlight Is Essential For Healthy Skin?

Introduction And Background

We are all looking for the ultimate solution for the healthiest and youngest skin alive. Everyone wishes to stop aging and of course, the skin has a major role to play in that. Think for yourself for a moment. How do we really know that a person has aged? One can see it through the lines and wrinkles that are present on their skin. Skin ages. But we can keep it healthy, can’t we? And sunlight has a major role to play in that. Now, you’ll be confused about this little blessing of sunlight. Many people tell you stay away from it while others say you can have a little of it while most around the world happily lie beneath it. What is it about sunlight and healthy skin then? Where is the connection? Read on to find more.

Why Sunlight Is Essential For Healthy Skin?
Sunlight is actually very essential for healthy skin. We think that the sun is our enemy sometimes when it gets too hot or we get sunburned. But the thing here to see is that how much sunlight is really required for healthy skin? We’ll get to that later though. Here are a few reasons of why sunlight is actually very important for healthy skin.

  • The Sun Gets Rid of the bacteria
    Bacteria and germs are present everywhere, most of them on our face. They can easily cause blackheads and most of them also block pores to cause acne. Now, the sun’s rays are a very powerful thing. They can actually kill the bacteria on our body, quite easily though. In the olden ages when there were not many medicines present as such, the patients were given the sun treatment which meant lying in the sun and letting their wounds heal quickly. That is how good the sun is for the skin.
  • Skin conditions can be fixed by the Sun
    Obviously, not all skin conditions come under this category but there are some that can be fixed if one sits and basks in sunlight. Skin conditions such as eczema requires the treatment of sunlight. Even acne sometimes requires sunlight though you have to be a little careful with how much exposure you give. Sitting in the sunlight for a long time will not do anyone any good. You have to be a little careful. Psoriasis is also another disease which can be cured by sunlight.
  • Immune system gets stronger
    The more sunlight we get, the stronger our immune system gets! Our immunity is very important. It battles everything, down to the last pimple that arises or the smallest whitehead on the back of the arm even! If our immune system is strong, we’ll have healthier skin, won’t we?
  • Sunlight helps fight depression
    When we worry or age, the lines are pretty evident on our face. They can make our skin age years from its actual age. Sunlight can actually help fight that. A lot of studies have shown that many people claim that they feel better and less sad when they sit under the sun. That means that they are not depressed as such and are definitely not releasing any extra stress hormones which can actually cause our skin to look beyond its years.
  • You Sleep Better
    Sunlight has also proven to make people sleep better. Obviously that does not mean that you sleep under the sun. It means that if you have exposure towards sunlight on a daily basis, you will sleep better at night. And we know that sleeping better gives a fresher and glowing skin rather than dark circles beneath the eyes.
  • Sunlight will lower the cholesterol levels
    Science and research has shown the connection between the two. Cholesterol levels which are high more often than not take a toll on the skin. Lower the cholesterol levels, healthier will be the skin.
  • Cleans the Blood system inside
    The inside is as important as the outside to the skin. In fact, it is the inside that reflects on the outside. Sunlight can actually help cleanse the arteries and other minute blood vessels present inside the body. Once this happens, the blood circulation improves beneath the skin which means the skin cells are getting proper blood circulation and oxygen which means better coloration and in the long run, healthier skin!

Sunlight is no doubt the best thing for healthy looking sun but again you have to know how much exposure to give yourself. Sitting underneath the sun for longer periods of time can also make you age. We don’t want that now, do we? We want healthier and younger looking skin. You can that from sunlight but limit your exposures towards it very carefully. You can even time yourself.

Skin Tag Facts And Fiction And Treatments

Introduction And Background

If you want all the information on skin tags, you’ve come to the right place. Now, before we embark on all the points, let’s get it out what skin tags really. Skin tags, as the name itself indicates, are actually small little flaps that are connected to the skin through a connecting stalk. They are not really an original part of the skin but grow later on due to reasons which we will get to later. They are generally of a different color than the skin. Most people do not know what skin tags are but they’ve definitely seen it. The problem sometimes is that what they’ve seen, they don’t know what it’s called. Well, now it’s clear that the name is Skin Tags!

Facts About Skin Tags
Now that you know what skin tags are, here are a few general facts about skin tags. They’re interesting and a lot of things will clear up about skin tags after reading them.

  • Skin tags are formed because of friction of skin on skin. They are sometimes formed due to genetic reasons too, especially when a person of young age develops skin tags. But usually, it happens because friction is created. This is the major reason why elderly people get skin tags. Obese people also get skin tags because of the same reason.
  • Skin tags can easily be treated. Their removal is not at all painful or difficult and sometimes, one does not even have to worry about money since the treatment can be done right at home too. Going to a doctor is not compulsory and not even necessary sometimes.
  • Skin tags can be formed on all possible areas of skin but they are generally more common around the eyelids, the underarms and even the neck region. They are found in the genital region as well.
  • Skin tags are not associated with causing any pain to the person who has it. In fact, skin tags are quite harmless and their existence is often gone unnoticed unless you’re looking at a mirror. Only the sight discomfort causes people to remove skin tags.

Fiction Of Skin Tags
Along with getting the facts straight, you should also know the myths behind skin tags so that there is no confusion whatsoever.

  • The removal of skin tags will not cause more skin tags to grow. Numerous times, the people do not want to get their skin tags removed because they fear that more of them will grow if they just removed one or two. This is false. If skin tags do grow after some removal, it was because they were meant to anyway in that area. It has nothing to do with the removal process.
  • A lot of people think that skin tags are some benign and malignant growth on their skin. They become deathly afraid. Only after the confirmation of a doctor do they become okay. Well, skin tags are not at all some sort of cancerous growth. In fact, they are pretty harmless. They do not cause any pain or damage.
  • Skin tags do not only occur in elderly and obese people. They can easily occur in youngsters too. Of course then, as mentioned above, genetics would play a huge role in it, more so than friction.

Treatment Of Skin Tags
Since they are displeasing to look at, no one wants to keep their skin tags around. Lucky for them, skin tag removal is an easy process. They don’t have to worry about much. Here are a few methods in which skin tags can be removed:

  • The first and foremost method to mention would be by going to the doctor’s and getting your skin tags zapped away. The doctor will numb the area and remove the skin tag. It is a safe process and recommended in case the skin tag is at a sensitive area such as near the eyelids or the genital regions. If it is in other places, you might want to use the home remedies which are safe and free of cost.
  • Using a dental floss can also easily remove a skin tag. You wrap the dental floss around the connecting stalk and then pull at it about twenty four hours later. The skin tag will come off by itself due to lack of blood supply to it.
  • Bandage and duct tape with tea tree oil and vitamin E is also used. The duct tape or the bandage is applied to the skin tag and then removed after a few hours. The skin tag comes off with it. Repeat the process if it doesn’t. But be gentle. Some also rub Tea Tree Oil on and off at a daily basis for a few days to remove the skin tag.

Skin tags are nothing to worry about. As you can pretty much see in all the segments mentioned above, they are harmless. You can remove them if they bother you as the process is not that difficult or harsh. But if you don’t want to, that is fine too.

How To Get Rid Of Skin Tags From Your Neck?

Introduction And Background

You’ve seen them. I have seen them. We have all seen them. The only problem is, most of the time we do not know what they’re called! Those small little things that are on the skin, that seem to most of us as some sort of abnormal growth are actually skin tags. Now, before you get confused on what skin tags are, the answer to that will be given before the answer to their removal from the neck is given! Scroll down and enhance your knowledge on skin tags and what they are, how they are formed, where they are formed and how to get rid of them from the neck!

What Are Skin Tags?
They are little flaps that are attached to the actual skin. But bear in mind that they are not really part of the actual skin and neither are they in a continuous attachment with it. In fact, they bear a connection only through a small stalk. Skin tags are not even of the same color as the skin which is why our faze often comes to towards them, especially if they are on a visible region of the other person, such as the face or the neck.

How Are Skin Tags Formed?
Skin tags are formed due to three basic reasons:

  1. They can be formed because of the genes. Sometimes, skin tags arise on incredibly young people and sometimes they run in families too. The reason behind this is genetics. If they are common in your family, chances are that you will grow them too.
  2. They can arise due to friction of skin on skin. As the skin of old people often becomes saggy and forms layers on top of another, friction is created which enhances the rise of skin tags on that place.
  3. They can form due to obesity. The reason here is the same. Obese people also have hanging skin and a lot of friction. Thus, their skin tags are also formed easily.

Are Skin Tags Only Formed On The Neck?
Skin tags are formed on the neck because a lot of friction of skin on skin occurs there. However, that is not the only place that skin tags are formed. Sometimes they are formed on the eyelid, sometimes they form near the shoulders and even the underarms. Sometimes they are also formed between the thighs and the genital areas! Thus, wherever friction of the skin occurs, skin tags can form there. Of course if the reason for formation has to do with genes, then it can be formed in other possible places as well. But these so far are the most common.

Skin Tags Can Be Removed Or Not?
Of course they can be removed. Skin tags are not part of the actual skin thus they can be removed easily.

How To Get Rid Of Skin Tags From Your Neck?
Ah, the moment you all have been waiting for. To get rid of skin tags from the neck, there are various methods you can use but first and foremost, the visit to the doctor has to be mentioned. Skin tags can be removed right at home by natural remedies but bear in mind that the visit to the doctor is a good option. For skin tags in the genital areas and the eyelids, relatively more sensitive areas than the rest, the doctor would be the best option at zapping away those skin tags. Nonetheless, since we are concerned with the neck at the moment, you can do the good old home remedies to take off the skin tag right off!

  • The most common method to get rid of a skin tag from the neck is by using a dental floss. It is the easiest technique and dental floss is present in the cupboard of everyone’s bathroom! The dental floss is used to wrap around the connecting stalk of the skin tag. This way, the blood supply of the tag is blocked and thus is it falls off by itself after about twelve to twenty four hours!
  • Tea Tree oil is also used to remove skin tags. This oil is available pretty easily and is applied on the skin tag. You should massage thoroughly and let it stay there for a while before washing away with water. Repeat the procedure for a few days, about four to six at least. The skin tag will fall off by itself after a few days. With Tea tree oil, you will not only be getting rid of the tag but also nourishing your skin!
  • Duct tape and Bandage with Vitamin E are also used as a method of skin tag removal at home. The duct tape is pasted on to the skin tag and then taken off. Sometimes the skin tag comes off with it. The trick is to let the duct tape stay there for a while before pulling it off. The same is done with Bandage but a little vitamin E is applied before doing that. It also nourishes the skin and is a great antioxidant!

Treating the skin tags on the neck are the same as treating the skin tags of any other area, unless they are the eyelids and the genitals. Then you need to be more careful. However, getting rid of the skin tags on the neck is pretty easy, as you can see for yourself!

Lemon And Skin Health

Introduction And Background

Skin health is a very important factor in the life of an individual. It is sometimes the utmost essential factor behind every activity that we do. For instance, many women will start eating and living a certain way which can benefit their skin the most. Men would suddenly avoid sunlight when they feel like their skin has suddenly become way more tan than they like. Therefore, skin health, as we all know, is quite vital to us. We like to know everything we can about how to make your skin younger looking, more beautiful or just to make it flawless again if there is some kind of terrible skin condition such as acne. But in this article, we will be concentrating more on lemons. Yes, lemons.

The Skin Health Factor
There comes a certain age in everyone’s life when they become more aware of their skin. It could be because their skin has suddenly developed wrinkles. It could be because their skin has suddenly developed acne. It could be a million other reasons, whether their skin has become too oily or too dry etc. The thing with skin health is, it always catches up to you, no matter how much you try to ignore it. It does matter to you and pretty soon, you care immensely for it. Skin health is also important for being in a state of inner calm. You’ll notice that many people who have skin conditions like acne, they are more prone to being quiet and unsure. They can also get depression if things get way out of hand.

Lemon And Skin Health
We have all heard about the goodness of lemons sometime in our life. It comes only behind hearing about the apple! Lemons are in fact one of the best things that our skin can get. Here, written below, are a few reasons as to why one should use lemon for skin health:

  • When there are acne scars or even spots of some kind that ruin the color and single tone of the skin, one can always use lemons to rectify this problem. Lemons have the ability to heal the discoloration on the skin and to make it better. The citrus that is present in lemons have a larger role to play in this.
  • Lemons can actually heal acne. Many people would disagree with this but in fact, it is true. In lemons, antibacterial are present which can lead to the curing of acne and then preventing it from happening again. It also stops the breakout of acne just in time if used timely. Mostly, lemon is often used with honey for treating acne as the paste is a really famous home remedy, known to work wonders on the skin.
  • Lemon has anti-aging properties! It has the antioxidants which play a part in stopping or delaying the aging or the wrinkling of the skin. Lemons can be used to stay young forever in a few years perhaps?
  • Lemons are generally good for the skin overall as they produce a cooling effect too and can be used in favor in summers.
  • Lemons can also be made use to make your skin less oily than before. But please make sure that it does not get too dry. Use lemons but use them smartly.
  • Lemons do not only help from the outside, but they also help from the inside. Mostly, lemons are already being used in face washes and lotions but you can also drink lemon juice as well for good skin health. What matter on the inside shows on the outside too.

Lemons are good but let’s make one thing clear; do not put lemon on your skin for an extended period of time and putting on just lemon can also irritate your skin and create red patches even if only for a short time. Lemon juice can sting, we know that. Do not aggravate or irritate your skin with lemon juice clear cut, especially if you have acne. Try using lemon in other forms, such as mixing it with honey and then applying it on the face or using some other methodology which does not include only lemon drops on the skin. Making a paste with lemon is much better. Do not leave lemon on your skin for an extended period of time as well because it can sting and irritate. Beware of the sunlight too while having lemon on your face. The combination is not good.

The famous saying “When life gives you lemons” has given you an answer now. When life gives you lemons, you are supposed to utilize them for good skin health. Try and include this citrus fruit in your life in some way or the other. You will notice the profound difference on your skin it has created. 

Skin Tags – What Medical And Surgical Options Are There?

Introduction And Background

Our grandparents and parents mostly have skin tags. We cannot identify it as skin tags because we do not really know what skin tags are most of the time. However, we can point them out clearly, often calling it some weird thing hanging from the skin. Before we get to the weird thing hanging from the skin, you should know that skin tags are even quite common in youngsters and that it is not only old people that have them. Skin tags can be removed. Read on further to know more about skin tags and what options there are for their removal.

What Are Skin Tags?
Skin tags are actually small flaps of skin, often the size of a finger nail only. They are freely hanging flaps that are connected to the actual skin, often giving a weird appearance because their color is different from your original skin. Skin tags can arise in any region where there is friction of skin and skin or skin and clothes. This is one of the major reasons of why people get skin tags. They can arise on the eyelids, the underarms, around the face especially the neck region, the shoulders and even in the genital regions and between the thighs. Obese people also get skin tags because their layers of skin create friction. Old people get skin tags due to the same reason but it is because their skin sags and forms layers, not get fat and does it. Another reason for skin tag formation is genetics. If it is in your genes to get skin tags, you might even get it before friction takes place!

Are Skin Tags Dangerous?
Not at all, skin tags are quite the harmless thing. However, their appearance causes a lot of discomfort to the one who has skin tags and the one who looks at the one who has it. This reason causes a lot of people to get their skin tags removed. Otherwise, their skin tags are really of no danger.

Can Skin Tags Be Removed?
Skin tags can be removed easily which brings us to the important segment of this article.

What Are The Surgical And Medical Options For Skin Tag Removal?
Many men and women often visit their skin doctor or dermatologist to be exact. They want their skin tags removed because it causes them visible discomfort and it looks like some benign growth on their skin in worst case scenarios. The surgical and medical options for skin tags are:

  • Visiting the doctor and getting their skin tags zapped. It is a small procedure and the zapping is not even painful as that part of the body is numbed by the doctor. Their skin tags are zapped away without any further ado.
  • The doctor also sometimes freezes the skin tags by use of liquid nitrogen or any other substance that can freeze the skin tags. Then the skin tag either falls off by itself or the doctor performs a procedure of removal which is again easy and painless.
  • Some doctors recommend dermal creams for skin tags. These creams are to be applied on the area of the skin tags as instructed and after a few days or maybe even a few hours, their skin tags are removed.

Any Other Method…?
If you’re wondering whether or not there is any other method of skin tag removal, there is. There are various home remedies that have become quite famous and most people like to try those out rather than go to a doctor. After all, why should one waste money and time on going to a doctor when they can do the entire thing themselves right at home? The doctor is safer, obviously but the home method is cheaper and it isn’t dangerous as well. Some people use a dental floss to remove their skin tags. They tie it around the connecting stalk of the skin tag and that cuts out the blood supply. The skin tag falls off after a day or two. Some use duct tape or bandage with Vitamin E or Tea tree oil for skin tag removal. All these methods are easy to do and the farthest thing from being dangerous.

Do not use these methods if the skin tag is somewhere sensitive like very close to the eye on the eyelid or the genital areas. In these cases, it is better to go to a doctor than perform any procedure on yourself.

Skin tag surgery is not even a major surgery and is quite the painless procedure. If you want your skin tags removed, you can either visit the doctor and get them zapped or get some cream that he or she recommends. You can even perform the procedure at home, keeping the warning in mind.

Skin Tags – Some Popular Myths

Introduction And Background

Our skin is the most important thing to us, correct? Day and night we worry about it. We buy an endless list of skin care products and often research about the problems that arise on our skin. It could be acne, it could be scarring and it could be skin tags. Skin tag is not a very common word and people often do not understand what it is. My parents have skin tags and they often think it is some sort of weird wrinkles that are forming on the skin or some dark spots that are arising. They did not know that they had skin tags.

All About Skin Tags
Skin tags are small flaps of skin that are not the actual skin but are just connected to it through a connecting stalk. Skin tags are often not of the same color as the skin and are pretty evident on the skin. They are most commonly seen on the face, near the neck and the eyelids, the shoulders and the genital areas as well. Skin tags are also found on the armpits. They are not that big and are just the size of a fingernail if not more. There are basically three reasons of why people get skin tags. The first reason is of course genetics. Sometimes, skin tags run in the family. In such scenarios, even youngsters can get skin tags. In other cases, skin tags are caused because of friction of skin against skin or skin against clothes. Obesity and old age then becomes a reason for skin tags formation.

Some Popular Myths Of Skin Tags
Here are a few popular myths of skin tags with explanations of why this is so and what is actually true. Read below to see:

  • Skin tags are only formed on old people
    This is one of the biggest myths and most men and women do not worry about themselves because they think it is a skin condition for the older people. Skin tags can occur even in obese people.
  • Removal of skin tags cause more skin tags to form.
    This is also a common myth which is not true at all. It is because of this reason that most people do not get their skin tags removed although they should if they can. If skin tags occur because of removal of skin tags, it is because they were supposed to form there in the first place. Skin tag removal is not the reason.
  • Removal of skin tags cause scarring.
    This is also false. Of course, removal in a bad way without doing any research can cause scarring but if one gets their skin tags removed by a doctor or by doing a proper home remedy, then scarring will not occur. Only a little redness will occur.
  • Skin tags are actually cancerous growths.
    In old age, if the skin tags are more prominent, this is the first reaction that people have. They think that skin tags are some sort of cancerous growth and they get worried. A check up by a doctor will prove that it is nothing but a small flap of skin on skin.
  • Skin tags cannot be removed.
    This is not a common myth but it is a myth that exists. Skin tags can be removed because they are not part of the actual skin. Skin tags are not part of the actual skin and their removal is quite easy.

How To Remove Skin Tags?
Skin tags can be removed by going to a doctor and getting the skin tags zapped or frozen off. Nonetheless, skin tags can also be removed at home by following the instructions to several home remedies. One of the most common remedy is using a dental floss and tying it around the skin tag connecting stalk. The blood supply to the skin tag is stopped and the skin tag falls off by itself in a day. Some people like using duct tape and vitamin E to remove their skin tags while others prefer a bandage and using Tea tree oil. All of these techniques do not cost at all and can be easily done at home. One thing to keep in mind is that if the skin tags are at a sensitive area such as the genital areas or the eyelids, it is better to go to the doctor. These areas are comparatively sensitive and it will be easier to go to a doctor and get your skin tags removed rather than doing it yourself at home.

Skin tags are common and one should not worry if they form. This skin condition is way better than acne and its removal is also very easy to do. Do not be afraid if you have skin tags. Anything that you’ve heard is just a myth probably!

Skin Tags: Will Herbal Treatments Really Work?

Introduction And Background

We all are worried about our skin at one time or another. It could be because our skin is becoming too rough. It could be because our skin is becoming too old, too dry, too wrinkly. Acne could be the reason behind our skin troubles. Tanning of the skin can also worry people, especially those who live in areas where the fair skin is considered to be a sign of beauty. However, in this article, we will not be talking about these worries. The worry we will be talking about are skin tags. They are more often than not ignored as a topic on the whole because old people are the ones who get the most skin tags. However, this is definitely not always true. Even young people get them. Read on further to find out.

Will Herbal Treatments Really Work On Skin Tags?

What Are Skin Tags?
Skin tags are actually small flaps of skin which are hanging from the actual skin but not really a part of it. You can see the difference and know that it is some kind of growth and not actually the skin. Some people look at it and think it is some sort of weird pimples growing while others consider it to be blackheads. But if you look closely, you can tell the difference between a skin tag and all the other stuff. They are very small, hardly the size of a fingernail or smaller but they are a nuisance to the eye and which is why we are talking about it in this article.

Where Are Skin Tags Formed?
Skin tags are actually formed on our body where friction is produced. We will get to the reasoning later but they are most commonly found on the face area which is the neck region, in the armpits, the genital regions, between the thighs and even around the shoulders. Skin tags are also found near the eyelids or on them. Skin tags can also be formed on the stomach. Almost all parts of the body have been mentioned which takes us back to the reason that skin tags are formed anywhere where there is friction of the skin.

Why Are Skin Tags Formed?
Skin tags are formed because of various reasons. No one really knows why skin tags appear in children and the reason was researched and then genetics was blamed. It could be in your genes that skin tags appear. Other than that, there is no real specific reason for it to be found in children. In old people, skin tags appear due to friction of skin against skin or skin against clothes as their skin gets really wrinkled. Obesity also causes skin friction and this is another reason of why skin tags are formed.

Can Skin Tags Be Removed?
Of course. Skin tags can be removed quite easily if one just knows how to remove them. However, a lot of the times people get confused on what treatment method to follow. There are home remedies and then there is the zapping of the doctor. Both of them have their own methods to follow and both of them have their own advantages. However, there is the herbal treatment that you haven’t considered.

Herbal Treatment For Skin Tags
Herbal treatments for skin tags actually work. This is not an exaggeration. Home remedies are not trusted by some but these ones are actually better for skin tags than the doctors zapping in some ways! Treating skin tags in the herbal manner not only makes sure that you treat your skin tags naturally but you also get to give your skin a good nourishing feeling. The herbal treatment has no chemicals and the things you use are actually good for your skin! For instance:

  • Using Tea Tree Oil. This home remedy is quite famous and has been used successfully by a lot of people. All one has to do is soak a cotton tip or a cotton ball in the oil and apply it gently on the area of the skin tag. One has to do it for two weeks minimum so that the skin tag can fall off easily or it vanishes completely. Some people also use duct tape with it but some people just use the oil.
  • People also use Castor Oil as a herbal ointment for skin tag removal. Mix castor oil with a little baking soda and add citrus oil to the tops. The paste has to be applied on the affected skin tag area and then apply a bandage on it to cover it properly. In about three weeks time, the skin tags will vanish. You have to do it every day though.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar is also used in some cases. The procedure is like the one with the Tea Tree Oil but the vinegar might sting a little so few people use this home remedy.

Herbal treatments are actually quite famous and are known to work wonders for skin tags. Going to the doctor to get the skin tags removed is just going to cost you a lot of money. You could save all that money only if you’re a little patient enough to wait for at least two to three weeks and make an effort towards it.


Best Home Remedies To Remove Skin Tags

Introduction And Background

There are two kinds of people who live in this world now. The first kind does not believe in home remedies or old wives tales at all. They think that it will be foolish behavior to even try it out when there are so many scientifically proven and tested things available so easily in the market. The other kind think that home remedies are the only way to go and that any other thing which is packed and sealed and has a company name on it is only out to make money. On both counts they have their own beliefs but to be that extreme is not a good thing. Home remedies are really good as generations have been using them. To think that they won’t work is foolish. However, it is also not good to think that company made products are no good at all.

Skin Tags And Their Dilemma
Skin tags are the worst. You’ll hear these words spoken by anyone who has them. It’s like some sort of acne that they are sick of. However, skin tags are very different from acne. Anyone who has them should never compare them with acne as they are much easier to get rid of and in some cases hardly even visible in the first place. Skin tags are actually small flaps of skin that are hanging from our actual skin through the help of a connecting stalk. They are even smaller than the size of a fingernail. But skin tags are not pleasing to look at if they are visible. Some people think that it is some sort of abnormal growth while others see it as some benign disease. Skin tags are actually quite harmless. No one should fear them or think that they are something other than what they really are; only skin tags.

Where And Why Do Skin Tags Appear?
 Skin tags mostly appear on the neck region or the eyelids. They are also seen in the underarms or the genital areas. Sometimes, they can even appear on the shoulders or between the thighs. In other words, skin tags can appear anywhere where there is friction of skin which is the basis for their formation. Friction is the main cause for skin tag appearances. If there is friction of skin on skin or even clothes on skin, then skin tags can develop quite easily. This why old people have skin tags as their skin sags on top of each other and friction develops. This is also the reason why obese people have skin tags. The other reason behind skin tag appearance is genetics. In this case, even young people can get them.

Best Home Remedies To Remove Skin Tags
Skin tag removal is very much possible and better than that it is also very easy. Skin tags can be removed right at home without spending an extra cent on any cream or going to the doctor to have them zapped. Here are some methods to remove skin tags.

  • Skin tags can be removed by the use of a dental floss which is the most popular and most commonly used home remedy for their removal. Take a piece of dental floss and wrap it tightly around the connecting stalk of the skin tag, mainly the area that the skin tag is attached to your original skin. This will block any blood supply that the skin tag has. After twenty four hours or maybe a little more, the skin tag will shrivel up and fall off by itself. Be sure not to remove it yourself or tug at it.
  • The use of Duct tape is also suggested in a similar manner. Duct tape can be applied tightly on to the skin tag and left there for two days at most. Remove it after and the skin tag will probably come off with it. If it doesn’t, repeat the process.
  • Band-aid and vitamin E is also used. Vitamin E is applied on the skin tag and then the band-aid is applied tightly. Leave it on for a few hours, a day maybe. Remove it after an allotted time and your skin tag will come off.
  • Some people also like to use the freezing method but that is not so different from a doctor zapping away your skin tags. However, using Liquid nitrogen brought from the stores is also a good way of removing skin tags though it is not considered to be an entirely ‘home remedy’.

Home remedies are actually a great way to get rid of skin tags. Firstly, they do not cost you a single cent. And secondly, it is easier done than said. Honest! Be sure to handle it carefully though. Do not be harsh or tug at the skin tag as this can complicate matters. Another word of caution to you is that if the skin tag is in sensitive areas such as the eyelids or the genital areas, it is better to consult a doctor than perform a home remedy on yourself as you need your eyes focused to perform.

Skin Tags – Fact And Fiction

Introduction And Background

A famous businessman once said that if one should invest in anything, it should be in skin products. Almost every single person on the planet is concerned about either their skin or their weight or their hair. The skin tops the list mostly. It is in fact skin products that get most of the revenue for companies as their prices are increasing day by day. But most people do not get that they can solve their skin problems even without buying products; that they can easily use home remedies or other methods to get their skin on the right path or the path to recovery in case of acne. Same is the case for skin tags. Before we get on, everyone should know what skin tags are…

What Are Skin Tags?
Skin tags are the name given to small flaps of skin that are hanging from the actual skin connected through a stalk. They are not large at all, about mostly the size of a fingernail. They are sometimes of a different color than the actual skin and at times they are just a shade apart. However, they are not dangerous to the health. In fact, they are quite harmless. The only nuisance they provide is to the eye. No one really likes to look at them and the person who has them becomes really conscious of their appearance. Hence, skin tags are not at all liked.

How Are They Caused?
There are mainly two causative factors of skin tags. One of them is genetics. It could be in your genes that your skin tags develop and in that case scenario, even people below the age of thirty or twenty five can get them. Usually, skin tags are associated with old age which brings us to the other reason. They can appear due to friction of skin. In old age, skin often sags and this way friction occurs of skin on skin which is why they appear. Skin tags can also develop on obese people because friction also occurs on their skin due to layers or expansion. Skin tags are often seen on the eyelids, around the neck and even the shoulders. They can also appear in the genital region and in the armpits.

Facts About Skin Tags

  • Skin tags are not at all dangerous. This is a fact. Most people are afraid that they have some sort of tumor or anything when they first see a skin tag because it seems like an abnormal growth. It is best to consult a doctor in that case who will confirm that you only have skin tags and that they are harmless.
  • They are generally common amongst old people. There will be very few young people who will be seen with skin tags and this is mostly because of the genetic reason of their appearance.
  • Skin tags do not grow into the real skin. There have been some cases in which people were afraid that their skin tag was growing into their actual skin and they actually ripped it off. There are ways of getting skin tags painfully and easily removed but ripping them off isn’t one of them!
  • Skin tags can easily be removed at home. One does not need to go to a doctor to get their skin tags zapped off at extra costs. There are a lot of ways in which one can do this at home. Instructions are easily available on the internet and one only has to go through them. There is one involving wrapping a dental floss around the connecting stalk of the skin tag and then removing it after a few hours. Then the skin tag will fall off because the blood supply of it had been blocked.

Fictions About Skin Tags

  • Removing a skin tag will cause other skin tags to grow is pure fiction. This does not really happen. If skin tags grow because of removal of one skin tag it was because of some other reason. Some people don’t get them removed because they think more skin tags will appear but this is not the case.
  • Skin tags are not any cancerous growth as some would come to think when they first look at it. It does look weird but other than that skin tags are just what they are; skin tags.
  • Removing a skin tag is painful because it is like taking your skin off? Wrong again. Removing a skin tag is painful only if you rip it off. It is painless if you do it the right way with the proper instructions, kind of like clipping your nails.

Skin tag removal is quite common. One should not hesitate to remove it through the help of a doctor or right at home by various home remedies. It is best to do it at home as going to a doctor would needlessly cost you a lot. Don’t worry, if you follow the right instructions, you will do no damage to your skin.