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Skin Tag & Mole Removal
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Some Of The Commonest Skin Tag Types

Introduction And Background

Skin tags are not a common word used. In fact, most people have never heard of this type of skin condition and wonder what it is. Well, wonder no more. Skin tags are a type of skin condition where a little piece or flap of skin hangs from the actual skin through a connective stalk. It is not a big or huge flap but is often as little as the nail on the fingers. Skin tags do not happen to everyone and there are reasons for their occurrence which we will discuss further on in the article.

The Areas Where Skin Tags Occur
Skin tags can occur possibly anywhere. You can see them on the cheeks, on the eyelids also and even the genital areas. They can occur on the neck and the stomach. Basically, there is no area of skin where a skin tag cannot occur.

The Commonest Skin Tag Types
There are no ‘types’ of skin tags but rather there are common areas where skin tags can occur. Skin tags are most commonly found in two regions:

  • Around the neck. Although skin tags cause no potential harm to the health, they can be pretty uncomfortable to have around the neck. The area is sensitive and exposed to the outer world which can make a person really uncomfortable. Also, their location around the neck could be closer to where guys want their hair cut which can be a nuisance since it would hurt if the skin tag is cut off accidentally and it will also affect women on a certain level, at least those who want to wear their hair up.
  • Around the armpits. This is another common region where skin tags are found the most. This is a hazard for the women especially because they might have to wax and shave their armpits and the skin tags coming in the way of that cannot be easy.

Another common area of skin tag is the groin but since the area is not really visible, it doesn’t bother anyone that much. However, it is better to get rid of the skin tag if it is bothering you so much. The procedure is not that hard.

What Causes Skin Tags To Occur?
There are three basic reasons for skin tags to occur and it is only these three reasons that cause skin tags. The first reason is genetics. Skin tags come about because they were in your genes and you inherited them from either your mother or your father or both. Most young people who have skin tags is because of this. The second reason of why we can get skin tags is obesity. The increase in weight and the stretching of the skin can sometimes lead to the formation of skin tags in certain areas. The third reason is old age. People who are old and their skin is wrinkled and sagging will often experience skin tags. Since their skin sags and one layer can overlap the other in certain areas of the body, skin tags can form easily this way. In every case, it is a hazard and if it is bothering you then you should get it removed. Pregnancy is also another reason of skin tags formation but we can put that in obesity because the gained weight of the mother is why she gets skin tags in the first place.

Is Skin Tag Removal Necessary?
Skin tags are not at all harmful for health because they are just a sort of extension of the skin. In fact, skin tags are not really messed with until a person becomes really annoyed at them. You can live your entire life with skin tags and it will not hurt you in anyway. It is not necessary to remove it at all but if you are beginning to get annoyed by it and feel uncomfortable because it is visible to everyone else, then you can get it removed if you want.

How To Remove Skin Tags?
Skin tag removal is not that hard. In fact, you can do it yourself. It is better if you go to a doctor who can easily do the procedure but if you do not want to spend money on this, there are ways you can do it yourself. However, it is always better to go to a doctor. The procedure of skin tag removal is harmless but being safer than sorry is always good. For instance, if the skin tag is on the eyelid, you better not do the procedure yourself.

Do not get scared if skin tags form in an unusual place. The doctor can deal with them easily. If the skin tag is bothering you, you can easily get it removed. 

Complications Of Surgical Skin Tag Removal

Introduction And Background

We hear that surgeries are always complicated and there are certain risks involved in each and every one of them. This is certainly true. However, skin tag removal is a fairly common surgery with minimal risks. Even if the risks are minimal, there are still some risks and complications involved. I hope everyone knows that skin tags are since I am already talking about their removal but for those of you who do not know, they are a flap of skin which is connected to the skin through a stalk. It is not sensitive and certainly does not cause any pain or trouble. Even the removal of the skin tag does not cause any pain.

What Are The Complications Of Surgical Skin Tag Removal?
The complications of the entire procedure are few but they are there. Some of them are:

  • Scarring can occur if the doctor does not remove the skin tag carefully.
  • Some of the real skin tissue can come off as well but this rarely happens if you go to an experienced doctor.
  • Some irritation and rash can occur on the area where the skin tag used to be after the surgery.
  • Sometime, a certain nerve can grow into the skin tag. This is the rarest of cases but it can happen. When the skin tag is cut off, even by a surgical procedure, you are still in pain because part of the nerve has also been cut off with it.

These are some of the complications of surgical skin tag removal. They are not that serious because the procedure itself is very minor but the complications are there and if they occur they can be really painful. In fact, most of the people refrain from getting skin tag removal surgery because skin tags are not at all harmful for the body. They are pretty much just flaps hanging there, sometimes in places which is not even visible to the public eye. However, if they are in a visible area only then does it become important for people to remove it. And if it is in areas where it can annoy, such as the neck or the arm pits, it can be a nuisance then too and one has to get it removed.

Can One Remove The Skin Tag By Themselves?
There are certain techniques in which you can easily remove the skin tag by yourself and do not even have to go to the doctor for consultation. But remember this, it is always better to go to a doctor because he or she would know better and would do it much more carefully with more experience than you ever could. But if you want to save money, then you can try removing the skin tag by yourself. The most common way is to take a piece of floss and wrap it tight around the root of the skin tag. The blood vessels which supply to the skin tag are thus compressed and their blood supply is stopped. After a few hours, approximately twenty four hours, the floss is removed and the tag falls of itself. There are other methods as well where certain leaves and oils are applied to the skin tag until it falls off a few days later but they are all home remedies and there is not even real guarantee that they will work. Thus, it is always better to remove the skin tag by getting a doctor to do it rather than inexperienced hands dealing with the situation.

How Do Skin Tags Form?
Skin tags are not a disease and they do not form by any action of the human like acne is formed. It does not have to do with hygiene or any other such thing. Skin tags are mostly formed because of genetics. They are inherited eighty percent of the time. The other twenty percent are divided into skin tags which are caused by obesity and skin tags which come on the skin of old people. In both cases, skin is sagging and in the case of old people it is wrinkled as well where the skin overlaps. This can easily cause skin tags to occur. These are the main reasons of why skin tags form. They can also form in pregnancy but besides these four factors, there are no other major reasons for the occurrence of skin tags.

The complications of surgical skin tag removal are minor and are not major enough that you might think of avoiding the surgery completely if you really need it. If your skin tag is bothering you and is becoming a nuisance for you in the public eye, you can easily think of getting it removed by going to the doctor. No harm in it.

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Various Ways For Skin Tag Removal

Introduction and Background

Well, we are all well endowed with the knowledge of any kind of skin condition aren’t we? Everyone knows about blackheads and pimples and the different types of acne but we rarely hear about the type of skin condition known as skin tag. Well, in this article we will get to know what skin tags really are and how to remove them easily. Skin tags are not as bad as everyone thinks they are. They might look a little…well…disgusting. But other than that, they really are harmless pieces or flaps of skin hanging.

What Are Skin Tags?
A little introduction has been given above but here is more information about this skin condition. Skin tags are flaps of skin that are usually hanging from the body by a connecting stalk. The flaps are not huge flaps as you would imagine but rather small pieces of skin that are sometimes undetected by the general public. They are harmless to health and do not really cause any trouble. It is just that some people find them strange which is why they want to have it removed. But know that skin tags are not a disease and are just skin that is hanging, in other words. They usually develop in obese people or people or it is sometimes genetically present. It is also quite common in older people because of the sagging of their skin.

Ways For Removing Skin Tags
Now you’ll think that removing a piece of skin requires some doctor work. This is not the case. Removing a piece of skin does not require a doctor in the scenario for skin tags. There are ways you can remove it easily yourself. Here is how:

  • Skin tags usually have a blood supply which can be completely stopped by wrapping dental floss around the end of the tag. This is not easy to do alone so it is better if you have someone to help you. Let the blood supply be diminished completely for a day or two and the skin tag will automatically drop off. Make sure that you are not harming your actual skin while putting on the dental floss. This is exactly why it is better to make sure that someone else does it rather than doing it yourself.
  • Another way to remove the skin tag by yourself is to get a band-aid and some vitamin E whether it is in a medicinal form or a powder or pill form. Apply the vitamin E to your skin and then cover the skin tag area with the band-aid. Make sure that it sticks securely. This will, again, cut off the blood supply of the skin tag and after two or three days it will get removed by itself when it falls off.
  • Well, if you have a duct tape or a scotch tape lying around or even masking tape, it is better to use it now. The main thing to do to remove a skin tag is to cut off the blood supply of that area of the skin. Apply the tape sharply and firmly on to the skin tag and ensure that it is tight enough. After a day or two, remove the tape to see if the skin tag comes off with it as well. If this does not happen, repeat the exercise. It is sure to work the second time you do it.
  • Dilute acid for some warts and inflammatory spots are constantly used on the skin by people. This can also be useful for getting rid of skin tags. However, make sure you do not do this exercise alone as it can be harmful.
  • The last way is to go to the doctor’s. There is no high level surgery to be done. The doctor simply numbs the area a little and cuts it off with scissors. However, if you want to try to remove it yourself, you can try. But the doctor can do it easily too if the option is viable for you.

A Thing To Keep In Mind
The above mentioned techniques are for skin tag removal but there is one thing to keep in mind before performing any of them. The area of the skin tag should be kept in mind before doing anything. Sometime the skin tags are on the eyelids. Of course, you certainly wouldn’t want to put any tape on that part of the area, would you? In cases like these, it is better to go to the doctor. But if the skin tag is around the neck or the shoulders, then it is easy to remove it yourself.

The name skin tags sound quite unique and unusual but now that you think about it, it isn’t that bad at all, is it? It’s just a piece of skin you don’t want.


Herbal Treatments For Skin Tag Removal

Introduction And Background

There are some things that you want removed from your life. Well, skin tags are one of them. If you don’t know what they are, here is a little introduction. Skin tags are the pieces or flaps of skin that are connecting to the skin and are hanging outside. They are not actually part of the skin and can be cut off or removed. In fact, most of the people do get skin tags removed because it isn’t nice to look at even though the flaps of skin can be no longer than the nail on the finger but no one likes to have extra skin, do they?

Why Do We Get Skin Tags?
Skin tags are not like acne. They do not appear because of hygiene or blocked pores. In fact, there are little reasons to why we get skin tags. Some people get skin tags because of inheritance. It is in their genetic make-up which is why they’re stuck with it. Some people get skin tags because they are overweight. Many obese people have skin tags. Some people get skin tags because of their old age. A lot of people in their sixties and seventies get skin tags because of the wrinkles on their skin and the sagging of it they have to face. These are the main reasons of why we get skin tags. Other than that, there is little possibility of developing a skin tag.

A Fact About Skin Tags
Skin tags are a nuisance and might seem hazardous to some people but the fact remains that skin tags are not at all harmful for the body or health in general. They are just pieces of skin which are hanging. One can get them removed but even if we don’t get them removed, they will not alter anything or any chemical reaction. They are just not good to look at which is why people want to get them removed.

Herbal Treatment For Skin Tag Removal
We all know about the skin tag removal done by the doctor but that should be our last resort. Why go the doctor when you can do something right at home which could be free of cost or could cost way less than the doctor would charge for removing the flap of skin. Here are the herbal methods to skin tag removal:

  • Castor oil is frequently used to remove skin tags. Castor oil is to be applied on the skin but some people drink it as well. Since it does not taste that good…okay, I’ll be honest. It tastes awful. Since the taste it really bad, it is better to use castor oil only externally. Mix the castor oil with a little baking soda and then apply it to the skin tag area. It is necessary to cover the area with a band-aid. The skin tag will come off when you take the band-aid off. Repeat if it doesn’t work.
  • Tea Tree Oil is another herb which is used specifically for skin tags. This ointment is not mixed with anything but applied simply and plainly on the skin tag. Keep doing it until the skin tag vanishes. It might take a little time.
  • Apple Cider is the third perfect herbal treatment for skin tag removal. You only have to take a little cotton and dip it in apple cider. Apply it on the skin tag. The same as tea tree oil, you have to apply it for a few days to get the skin tag to come off.
  • Oregano oil is also used for skin tag removal. The same directions are done as the ones used in tea tree oil.

A Warning!
Make sure that you do not apply any of these herbal treatments on the areas of the eyelids. That area is best dealt by a doctor only. If it is some other general part of the skin such as the neck or the shoulders, then it is okay to do it by yourself.

Patience Required
Herbal treatments take a lot of time. This is purposefully why people do not like to use these treatment processes much. However, they are cheap and some of the oils mentioned above can also nourish the skin. However, know that it takes a lot of time so keep doing it and do not give up. The treatment method with Tea Tree oil actually takes about four weeks for the skin tag to fall off! So hang in there if you want to get your skin tag removed by the herbal treatment process.

Skin tags should be dealt with carefully. It is best to consult a doctor first but if a method is working fine for you then there is no need to increase your medical bills.

Freckles And How To Protect Them

Introduction And Background

The thing is, the entire world is pretty concerned about their skin and rightfully so. After all, it is the first thing that everyone else sees, right? And since we live in a materialistic universe, it would come as no surprise that those with beautiful skin are considered beautiful. This is majorly why people are so concerned about the skin and this is why we’re going to talk about one of the things that affect the skin and how we can help prevent and protect it. We’re going to talk about freckles.

What Are Freckles?
You’ll often hear the phrase ‘freckles’ countless times in your life. Almost everyone has freckles but some are more visible than others. They are basically spots of melanin on the face that are a different color and tone from the rest of the skin. Freckles are generally clearer on people who have lighter skin than those who have darker skin.

Why Do We Get Freckles?
Genetics has a huge role to play in freckles. However, do remember that almost everyone has freckles. It is just that some people have more freckles and it is more prominent while others have less and light freckles. The amount of freckles is decided by the genetic factor.

How To Protect Freckles?
Firstly, we need to decide what freckles need protection from. Freckles can get darker in extensive exposure to sunlight or heat. They can also worsen if you use some product which is not suitable for the skin. Basic methods of protecting the freckles are:

  • Try avoiding sunlight. You’ll notice that even the people who do not have freckles will get them if they sit under the sun for too long. Avoiding extreme exposures to sunlight is necessary if you want to protect the freckles.
  • Freckles get darker in the sunlight. If you cannot avoid going out the try wearing sunscreen or any sunblock lotion so that it does not adversely affect your freckles. This will also keep more freckles from appearing.
  • Wear a hat. We all know that women love to show off their lovely floppy hats and men like to wear caps so think of this as an added advantage. Whenever you are going to the beach or sitting in the sun, wear a hat. But one thing to remember here is, if you wear a hat, the only part of your skin that will be protected is the face. You hands and legs will still be exposed to the sun.
  • Lemon juice naturally bleaches and cleans. It is best to apply it for little time onto the skin so that the skin gets nourished and clean and that your freckles are less visible than before.

A Fun Fact
Scientists claim that the vitamin C is a known component to reduce the freckles and make them lighter and less visible. Well, better start stocking up on foods that contain vitamin C. I’ll give you a hint; citrus fruits contain a lot of vitamin C. Start eating oranges if you want those freckles to lighten up naturally through the diet.

Can Freckles Be Rid Of?
Yes they can. People get rid of reckless all the time through various ways. Sometimes they use the process of surgery but let me tell you, there are better treatment methods available. Simply getting the laser done is easier but it is expensive and not everyone can afford of having the luxury of simply going to the doctor and having the freckles taken away. There are creams and there are natural pastes one can make to avoid getting freckles or to make them better. There are also some foods you can eat that can make freckles disappear. As mentioned above, there are certain fruits that contain vitamins and minerals that will help to make the skin fresh and the freckles lighter. But the best thing you can do to get rid of the freckles is to avoid sunlight or protect your skin from it. Sunlight is the major reason why people get freckles because the dark spots of melanin get darker and thus it shows clearly. However, do not lose hope. Freckles are not that hard to get rid of. It does not take as long as acne to heal.

If you have freckles, do not be so sad. Freckles are actually considered cute by most people. There are little spots on the nose or on the cheek that don’t look bad at all. Nonetheless, it can become a problem if you have a lot of freckles. Then, a person is bound to get irritated by the spots on their skin and they would want to get rid of them. Well, just follow the above instructions and your freckles will probably be fine.


What Are Skin Tags And Their Types?

Introduction And Background

We are all well acquainted with words such as acne, pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. We know about cysts and nodules and we know about freckles. Basically, we know about everything that is a common condition that can occur to the skin. However, there are some things that are still unknown to us or we have not heard about. There are some medical conditions related to the skin that are just becoming common. There are types of cancer that are now popular because of their direct relation with the sun. And then there are skin tags. Let’s find out what they are.

What Are Skin Tags?
Skin tag is basically a small flap of skin that is connected to the skin by a stalk so that it actually looks like hanging skin. Skin tags can appear anywhere on the surface of the body but they are common in areas where there is possibility of rubbing of skin. Skin tags might look as if they are dangerous for the health and may actually be a small tumor or some cancerous growth but the fact is that they are pretty harmless. Skin tags do not cause any harm to the body.

Why Do People Get Skin Tags?
Skin tags are not that common. People get them because either it is part of their genes, meaning it was hereditary, or either it happens because a person is overweight. The flap of skin grows when you become fat because then the skin comes into contact with other skin around. Skin tags are also caused sometimes due to reasons not known. However, research has shown that women are more prone to getting skin tags but doctors and dermatologists believe that gender plays no role in skin tags.

What Are The Types Of Skin Tag?
There are no specific types of skin tag. They just vary in shape and appearance but their basic form is the same and there are no degrees of skin tags such as the degrees that are present in acne or any other skin condition. Skin tags are often:

  • Smooth. They can be without any folding or any creases in between.
  • Wrinkled. This generally appears in old people who have a sagging skin.
  • Irregular. Skin tags can be irregular in shape too because overweight people can develop them in various areas. They usually appear behind the neck.
  • Brown in color. Their color can also be fresh but they are mostly brown.
  • Short. The sizes of skin tags also vary. Sometimes they are just the size of a finger nail while other times they can be the size of your thumb even!

How To Treat Skin Tags?
Skin tags are treated by various methods. It’s a good thing to remind you that skin tags are not a nuisance nor are they dangerous to health. At times they are not even clearly visible and no one really notices the small flap. However, you should know that skin tags are not necessarily treated by surgery only. You can easily remove the skin tag at home even, all by yourself. You can remove the skin tag by scissors but if that does not seem plausible than you can always tie the end of the skin tag and then burn it using an electrical device and then lightly remove it from your body by using any utensil. Where small growths can be dealt with easily, larger growths have to be shown to a doctor because they can hurt while removing. It is better to make the area numb before removal process is taking place. Home remedies can also be applied where you can freeze the area but damage can still be done if you are inexperienced so it is better to go to a doctor to solve out the mess of skin tags.

Skin Tags; Leave Them Alone?
There is a concept that skin tags can fall out by themselves. While this is true, it is always better to deal with the problem. However, be assured that skin tags are not like acne. They will not spread around the body if you neglect taking care of them. But keep one thing in mind, it is better to fix the problem before your skin cannot tolerate it anymore. And by that I mean young skin. Young skin can heal quickly.

Skin tags are nothing to be afraid of. It is not like a case of acne that you’ll be terrified and wouldn’t be able to sleep at night! Skin tags are not good to look at but they are in places which can stay hidden from the world. If you want to get them removed, go ahead and if you want to do nothing about it then that is okay as well because skin tags are not harmful.

Is It Possible To Treat Moles, Freckles And Skin Tags?

Introduction And Background

Moles, freckles and skin tags are all features that are found in areas of the skin, mostly on the face and the back. Moles and skin tags can be found anywhere on the body even if they are most prominent on the face but freckles are generally found on the face only or sometimes on the back of the neck. We all know what they are but here is something that I am sure you did not know; it is possible to treat, cure or make these things disappear the natural way. This might come as a surprise but is certainly is possible.

What Are Moles, Freckles And Skin Tags?
Before we start on the treatment methods, we must get an idea of what they really are. Moles are actually brown or black protruded cells on the skin which have accumulated on the skin in a cluster to form what we call a mole. Freckles are just spots on the skin that are on light skinned people and can be seen as small spots that are not like pimples or any other substance but rather just spots. Skin tags are the strangest of all, no pun intended. They are actually tissue that hangs from the skin by a connecting stalk!

What Causes Them?
The melanocytes, cells in the skin, cluster to form a mole. These cells are responsible for the color of the skin but the color of the mole is darker because of sunlight exposure. These cells are basically what causes a mole to be. For freckles, it is basically all genetics that causes freckles. At times, extreme exposure to sunlight can also cause freckles. Skin tags are generally created because of weight gain or they are formed in elderly people because of the wrinkles and sagging of their skin.

Is It Possible To Treat Moles, Freckles And Skin Tags?
Yes, it is! There are many children, as well as adults who believe that moles and freckles cannot be treated. People believe that skin tags can be treated but they also think that it can only be treated by surgery. Well, here is news for all of you. It is possible to treat moles, freckles and skin tags the natural way. No one has to get them surgically removed!

How To Naturally Treat Them?
Well, now that we know it is possible to naturally treat them, I’m sure you all would want to know how exactly that is going to happen. Now we all know that there are creams to get rid of the pimples and pills we can take to cure acne. There are also supplements, natural supplements that can treat moles and freckles and skin tags. What can be better than this? The natural supplements are usually made from herbs and natural remedies or elements. They are not that expensive and are actually good for the health as well. The natural supplements do not have any side effects either nor do you have to undergo any expensive surgery with a cosmetologist to get rid of the moles or the freckles or even the skin tags! Other than that, if you do not want to try the natural supplements even though they are a good option, there are natural remedies you can try at home:

  • Take a small piece of raw garlic and put it on the mole, making sure it stays there by bandaging on top. Remove it in the morning. New skin will form underneath and the mole will come off like a scab.
  • Massage virgin oil on the face to get rid of moles and freckles. But remember this, do not massage in circles. It is known to work only if you massage back and forth.
  • Avoid excessive sunlight when you are trying to get rid of the freckles. Freckles are darkened by sunlight because pigmentation occurs in the skin.

Are They Life Threatening?
Moles and freckles and skin tags are not life threatening at all. They are just small appearances on the face which bother some people. But now ways are known to get rid of them! Skin tags are a much bigger hazard than moles and freckles because they are flaps that hang from the skin. But they are not life threatening either.

My mother just saw this article and has gone to work on her moles which have been bothering her for more than half her life! Well, she’ll be rid of them in a few days if she works on them consistently. More than eighty percent of the people believe that moles and skin tags can be removed surgically only and freckles are just permanently there. Well, this article will just prove to change their thinking, and yours if it wasn’t already.

Moles, Freckles And Skin Tags


Introduction And Background
We are so engrossed in the pimples and the whiteheads and blackheads that we forget one of the major things that are actually on the skin. We start to accept them as a natural part of the skin but the fact is, even these can be removed safely and effectively. They are the moles, the freckles and the skin tags. I’m sure you’ve heard the names before but a little introduction and background would do no harm, especially if you want to know what skin tags are. This is the least common name of all.

What Are Moles?
Moles are not a birth related issue, as some people think. Moles actually grow on the skin, and can be in the color black or brown. They can appear anytime in your life, in young age or in old. Mostly, you get moles because it is in your genes. However, moles arise due to a rapid growth of several cells in a cluster form on a single spot.

What Are Freckles?
These are the brown spots that you see on light skinned people mostly, especially during the summertime. Freckles are not a disease and are not a type of skin disease either. Freckles are mostly there because of genetic reasons or too much sunlight exposure.

What Are Skin Tags?
Skin tags are just what the name says they are. Skin tag is a type of tissue that hangs as flap from the skin through a stalk. Although the sight of them may seem unusual, it is not an abnormality and is quite common, mostly in women. They are formed and do not cause any pain, as they are not exactly part of the skin even if they are connected to it.

Are Moles, Freckles And Skin Tags Permanent?
Of course they are not! Even though they may not seem as if they are threatening or a bad condition like acne, they are still a skin condition and can be rid of completely if one wants them to be. Moles and freckles are generally acceptable by people which is one the reasons why it is so rare to treat them. But that does not mean that treatment is not available. There are natural methods and there are methods that the doctors apply to get rid of these three things.

How To Treat Moles, Freckles And Skin Tags?
There are creams available for moles and some lotions that will make the visibility of the freckles far less than actual and there are doctors and dermatologists who can surgically remove skin tags. However, there are natural methods of treating moles, freckles and skin tags. Some of them are listed below:

  • Wash your face thoroughly and then dry it off with a clean towel. Mix some lemon juice in a cup filled with a little sour cream. Keep mixing the two substances until a paste is formed. Apply the paste to the freckled area and massage gently. You must leave the paste on for fifteen to twenty minutes and then remove it gently with cool water. Do this routinely, at least three to four times a week for results. It is sure to get rid of the freckles in due time.
  • Another natural method to get rid of moles this time is the mixing of honey and castor oil, about two table spoons of each. Mix the two items and then gently put it on the face where the moles or mole are. Leave it on for ten minutes and then wash it off. Do this often and keep on doing it till the moles disappear, which they are sure to.
  • Skin tags cannot grow off the skin unfortunately and a natural method of getting rid of skin tags this way are zero. One has to physically deal with them, not relying on natural substances to do their job eventually.

Natural Methods; A Different Turn
Natural methods do not include the stay at home make your own paste type methods. They also include the natural supplements that are available in the market. Moles and freckles are quite common and so are skin tags and there are many supplements that can provide just what you need to get rid of them. There are several herbal remedies and several herbal supplements as well which contain no side effects and claim, with testimonials from users, that they can make moles and freckles and even skin tags disappear!

I bet this article has changed your perception. To tell you honestly, there was a time when even I thought that moles are permanent and only laser operations or surgery could get rid of them. Well, now I know the truth. You can get rid of them easily by taking natural supplements or following your own natural remedies such as the ones mentioned above.