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Complications Of Surgical Skin Tag Removal

Introduction And Background

We hear that surgeries are always complicated and there are certain risks involved in each and every one of them. This is certainly true. However, skin tag removal is a fairly common surgery with minimal risks. Even if the risks are minimal, there are still some risks and complications involved. I hope everyone knows that skin tags are since I am already talking about their removal but for those of you who do not know, they are a flap of skin which is connected to the skin through a stalk. It is not sensitive and certainly does not cause any pain or trouble. Even the removal of the skin tag does not cause any pain.

What Are The Complications Of Surgical Skin Tag Removal?
The complications of the entire procedure are few but they are there. Some of them are:

  • Scarring can occur if the doctor does not remove the skin tag carefully.
  • Some of the real skin tissue can come off as well but this rarely happens if you go to an experienced doctor.
  • Some irritation and rash can occur on the area where the skin tag used to be after the surgery.
  • Sometime, a certain nerve can grow into the skin tag. This is the rarest of cases but it can happen. When the skin tag is cut off, even by a surgical procedure, you are still in pain because part of the nerve has also been cut off with it.

These are some of the complications of surgical skin tag removal. They are not that serious because the procedure itself is very minor but the complications are there and if they occur they can be really painful. In fact, most of the people refrain from getting skin tag removal surgery because skin tags are not at all harmful for the body. They are pretty much just flaps hanging there, sometimes in places which is not even visible to the public eye. However, if they are in a visible area only then does it become important for people to remove it. And if it is in areas where it can annoy, such as the neck or the arm pits, it can be a nuisance then too and one has to get it removed.

Can One Remove The Skin Tag By Themselves?
There are certain techniques in which you can easily remove the skin tag by yourself and do not even have to go to the doctor for consultation. But remember this, it is always better to go to a doctor because he or she would know better and would do it much more carefully with more experience than you ever could. But if you want to save money, then you can try removing the skin tag by yourself. The most common way is to take a piece of floss and wrap it tight around the root of the skin tag. The blood vessels which supply to the skin tag are thus compressed and their blood supply is stopped. After a few hours, approximately twenty four hours, the floss is removed and the tag falls of itself. There are other methods as well where certain leaves and oils are applied to the skin tag until it falls off a few days later but they are all home remedies and there is not even real guarantee that they will work. Thus, it is always better to remove the skin tag by getting a doctor to do it rather than inexperienced hands dealing with the situation.

How Do Skin Tags Form?
Skin tags are not a disease and they do not form by any action of the human like acne is formed. It does not have to do with hygiene or any other such thing. Skin tags are mostly formed because of genetics. They are inherited eighty percent of the time. The other twenty percent are divided into skin tags which are caused by obesity and skin tags which come on the skin of old people. In both cases, skin is sagging and in the case of old people it is wrinkled as well where the skin overlaps. This can easily cause skin tags to occur. These are the main reasons of why skin tags form. They can also form in pregnancy but besides these four factors, there are no other major reasons for the occurrence of skin tags.

The complications of surgical skin tag removal are minor and are not major enough that you might think of avoiding the surgery completely if you really need it. If your skin tag is bothering you and is becoming a nuisance for you in the public eye, you can easily think of getting it removed by going to the doctor. No harm in it.

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