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Do Skin Tags Run In The Family?

Introduction And Background

Skin tags is not a common word. In fact, most of us would be very confused at the notion, wondering what it really is. Even though the word skin tags is not common, skin tags are very common. You’ll be thinking now of what they really are, how they come to be and whether or not they are dangerous. Well, all your questions will be solved as well as the one which will come up as soon as you get to know about what skin tags really are; do they run in the family?

What Are Skin Tags?
Skin tags are little flaps of skin that are connecting to the skin. But…they are not really part of it. They are often connected through a connecting stalk and even have their own blood supply but their color varies and their size is only as big as a fingernail. The size can vary of course.

Where Do Skin Tags Appear?
Skin tags can appear anywhere on the body really. They are most common around the eyelids and the neck region but they are also seen in the arm pits, in the genital areas and even around the shoulders and legs. They are actually quite common and you must have seen them but you just did not know what to call them. Skin tags are also often confused as wrinkles sometimes, especially if they are near the eyelids.

Why Do Skin Tags Appear?
Skin tags mainly appear because of three reasons. They can occur because of friction, old age and obesity. Friction is mainly the reason because it causes skin tags to occur. With old age, their skin often sags and this also induces friction, bringing about skin tags. In obesity, often layers of skin are formed due to the extra amount of fat present. This also leads to skin tags. The third reason is genetics. If it is in your genes, most likely you will get skin tags too.

Do Skin Tags Run In The Family?
Skin tags do run in the family. One of their causative factors is genetics. If your parents or your grandparents have skin tags, most likely you can get them too. However, there are chances that you might not get them. It isn’t necessary that you get them just because your family had them. Nonetheless, the chances of you getting them are high. Yes, skin tags do run in the family.

Are Skin Tags Dangerous?
Skin tags are not dangerous. It is a common misconception to think that they might be some sort of cancerous growth. Their appearance is a little freaky which is why most people think that they can be dangerous. Truthfully, they are just a hazard to the appearance, nothing else. Skin tags have not proven to be of any harm to the human body. One only gets them removed because they don’t want them to be seen. Otherwise, even if they stay, nothing bad will happen.

Can Skin Tags Be Removed?
Yes, skin tags can be removed. As mentioned before, they are not dangerous to the health but they do give discomfort to the eye. Most people get skin tags removed because they feel uncomfortable when people stare at the strange flap of skin hanging from their own skin. Skin tags can easily be removed by the doctor or one can do the procedures of removal right at home. There are several of them and it is an easy fix but before talking about them, it would be safer to say that a doctor removing skin tags near sensitive areas would be better. Skin tags which appear near the eyelids or the genital areas should not be tampered with or messed with at home. One should go to the doctor as the areas are fragile. For the other skin tags, you can remove them right at home!

How To Remove Skin Tags?
Skin tag removal is not that hard. Some people remove their skin tags by using a simple piece of dental floss. They tie it around the start of their skin tag, the connecting stalk and then tightly wrap it. It stops the blood supply to the skin tag which shrivels up and falls off by itself in about twenty four hours or more. Others use duct tape to remove their skin tag along with tea tree oil or they use a band-aid and some vitamin E. Either process is not expensive and is easy to follow. The skin tags fall off in a day or two!

Skin tags should not be something to cause worry, even if they do run in the family. And even if you think you might get them. If their presence does not bother you, don’t have them removed but if you want to remove them, you can do so at home.

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