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Freckles And How To Protect Them

Introduction And Background

The thing is, the entire world is pretty concerned about their skin and rightfully so. After all, it is the first thing that everyone else sees, right? And since we live in a materialistic universe, it would come as no surprise that those with beautiful skin are considered beautiful. This is majorly why people are so concerned about the skin and this is why we’re going to talk about one of the things that affect the skin and how we can help prevent and protect it. We’re going to talk about freckles.

What Are Freckles?
You’ll often hear the phrase ‘freckles’ countless times in your life. Almost everyone has freckles but some are more visible than others. They are basically spots of melanin on the face that are a different color and tone from the rest of the skin. Freckles are generally clearer on people who have lighter skin than those who have darker skin.

Why Do We Get Freckles?
Genetics has a huge role to play in freckles. However, do remember that almost everyone has freckles. It is just that some people have more freckles and it is more prominent while others have less and light freckles. The amount of freckles is decided by the genetic factor.

How To Protect Freckles?
Firstly, we need to decide what freckles need protection from. Freckles can get darker in extensive exposure to sunlight or heat. They can also worsen if you use some product which is not suitable for the skin. Basic methods of protecting the freckles are:

  • Try avoiding sunlight. You’ll notice that even the people who do not have freckles will get them if they sit under the sun for too long. Avoiding extreme exposures to sunlight is necessary if you want to protect the freckles.
  • Freckles get darker in the sunlight. If you cannot avoid going out the try wearing sunscreen or any sunblock lotion so that it does not adversely affect your freckles. This will also keep more freckles from appearing.
  • Wear a hat. We all know that women love to show off their lovely floppy hats and men like to wear caps so think of this as an added advantage. Whenever you are going to the beach or sitting in the sun, wear a hat. But one thing to remember here is, if you wear a hat, the only part of your skin that will be protected is the face. You hands and legs will still be exposed to the sun.
  • Lemon juice naturally bleaches and cleans. It is best to apply it for little time onto the skin so that the skin gets nourished and clean and that your freckles are less visible than before.

A Fun Fact
Scientists claim that the vitamin C is a known component to reduce the freckles and make them lighter and less visible. Well, better start stocking up on foods that contain vitamin C. I’ll give you a hint; citrus fruits contain a lot of vitamin C. Start eating oranges if you want those freckles to lighten up naturally through the diet.

Can Freckles Be Rid Of?
Yes they can. People get rid of reckless all the time through various ways. Sometimes they use the process of surgery but let me tell you, there are better treatment methods available. Simply getting the laser done is easier but it is expensive and not everyone can afford of having the luxury of simply going to the doctor and having the freckles taken away. There are creams and there are natural pastes one can make to avoid getting freckles or to make them better. There are also some foods you can eat that can make freckles disappear. As mentioned above, there are certain fruits that contain vitamins and minerals that will help to make the skin fresh and the freckles lighter. But the best thing you can do to get rid of the freckles is to avoid sunlight or protect your skin from it. Sunlight is the major reason why people get freckles because the dark spots of melanin get darker and thus it shows clearly. However, do not lose hope. Freckles are not that hard to get rid of. It does not take as long as acne to heal.

If you have freckles, do not be so sad. Freckles are actually considered cute by most people. There are little spots on the nose or on the cheek that don’t look bad at all. Nonetheless, it can become a problem if you have a lot of freckles. Then, a person is bound to get irritated by the spots on their skin and they would want to get rid of them. Well, just follow the above instructions and your freckles will probably be fine.


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