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Herbal Remedies For Treatment Of Skin Tags

Introduction And Background

You might be unaware of the fact that almost every human being has a skin tag in old age. It is often noticeable and sometimes unnoticeable, but our grandparents have it. We see it too but the thing is, we almost never know what to call it. Children sometimes refer to is as something hanging from the skin or others call it a flap. Some would even call it a weird wrinkle or a strange pimple that has risen in a weird manner. The few who would know about skin tags would call them skin tags. But other than that, you’ll probably get to hear funny stuff if you haven’t already said them yourself.

Information On Skin Tags
Before learning about how to treat skin tags, you should be aware of what they actually are. Skin tags are known as small, tiny flaps that grow on the actually skin without really being a part of it. It is evident that it is not part of the continuous skin that one normally has and often they are of a different shade or a slightly different color. Skin tags can also become black after a while so that makes them very obvious. They are formed due to friction of the skin. It can be friction of skin and against skin or skin against clothes. This is why mostly obese people and elderly people get skin tags.

Are Skin Tags Curable?
Yes, skin tags are curable. In fact, they are probably the easiest skin condition to deal with and do not even leave a mark. If you have skin tags, you should not be worried. There are numerous methods to cure skin tags. You can visit the doctor and get him or her to zap it off or they could use some other kind of therapy. You can use home remedies to get rid of skin tags. You also have the option of herbal remedies for treatment of skin tags. Out of all these options, we will now talk about herbal remedies.

Herbal Remedies For Treatment Of Skin Tags
There are various herbal remedies you can use for your treatment of skin tags. Commonly, herbal remedies are also used as a source of home remedies. Nonetheless, here are a few home remedies that you can apply to treat your skin tags and remove them for good.

  • Many people have used Tea Tree Oil to remove their skin tags. Tea Tree Oil is a herbal oil which is very easily found in good stores. It is taken in small droplets and massaged on to the skin tag in smooth moments. This is done for about a week or two and the skin tag come off after pulling on it slightly. No pain, no interference of any sort of any medicine and no scar.
  • Some use oregano oil as well due to its antibacterial nature. Oregano oil is applied on the skin tag, mixed with coconut oil, about thrice a day. It is a fast way to remove skin tags as it takes up to a week or two. It can however also take up to two months.
  • Garlic is also used to remove skin tags. This option is less favorable due to the strong sense of smell of garlic which is generally disliked. But garlic has proven to be beneficial to the skin as well as removal of the tag. Cut up a thin piece of garlic and put it on the skin tag. To keep it there, paste a small piece of duct tape or bandage over it. Remove it in the morning and wash your face. Do this for several days for best results.
  • There are also herbal ointments available made from natural herbs that are quite good for treating skin tags. You can also ask around and read on the internet to find out the best and reliable one.

Are Skin Tags Harmful?
Skin tags are not considered to be harmful. In fact, you don’t even have to treat them and they won’t harm a single cell of your body. But the fact remains that they are highly unpleasant to look at and those who have skin tags are often embarrassed by them or lose their confidence in public, even elderly people! No one wants to have some sort of growth on their skin now, do they? And especially one that looks like a cancer growth! Yes, many a times men and women think that they have some cancerous growth! When they visit the doctor do they get to know that it’s just a case of skin tags.

Treating skin tags is easy and one should do it if they want to. There is also a myth going around that removal of skin tags causes more skin tags to form! This is not true. If more skin tags form it is because they were supposed to and not because they were removed.



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