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Skin Tag & Mole Removal
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Herbal Treatments For Skin Tag Removal

Introduction And Background

There are some things that you want removed from your life. Well, skin tags are one of them. If you don’t know what they are, here is a little introduction. Skin tags are the pieces or flaps of skin that are connecting to the skin and are hanging outside. They are not actually part of the skin and can be cut off or removed. In fact, most of the people do get skin tags removed because it isn’t nice to look at even though the flaps of skin can be no longer than the nail on the finger but no one likes to have extra skin, do they?

Why Do We Get Skin Tags?
Skin tags are not like acne. They do not appear because of hygiene or blocked pores. In fact, there are little reasons to why we get skin tags. Some people get skin tags because of inheritance. It is in their genetic make-up which is why they’re stuck with it. Some people get skin tags because they are overweight. Many obese people have skin tags. Some people get skin tags because of their old age. A lot of people in their sixties and seventies get skin tags because of the wrinkles on their skin and the sagging of it they have to face. These are the main reasons of why we get skin tags. Other than that, there is little possibility of developing a skin tag.

A Fact About Skin Tags
Skin tags are a nuisance and might seem hazardous to some people but the fact remains that skin tags are not at all harmful for the body or health in general. They are just pieces of skin which are hanging. One can get them removed but even if we don’t get them removed, they will not alter anything or any chemical reaction. They are just not good to look at which is why people want to get them removed.

Herbal Treatment For Skin Tag Removal
We all know about the skin tag removal done by the doctor but that should be our last resort. Why go the doctor when you can do something right at home which could be free of cost or could cost way less than the doctor would charge for removing the flap of skin. Here are the herbal methods to skin tag removal:

  • Castor oil is frequently used to remove skin tags. Castor oil is to be applied on the skin but some people drink it as well. Since it does not taste that good…okay, I’ll be honest. It tastes awful. Since the taste it really bad, it is better to use castor oil only externally. Mix the castor oil with a little baking soda and then apply it to the skin tag area. It is necessary to cover the area with a band-aid. The skin tag will come off when you take the band-aid off. Repeat if it doesn’t work.
  • Tea Tree Oil is another herb which is used specifically for skin tags. This ointment is not mixed with anything but applied simply and plainly on the skin tag. Keep doing it until the skin tag vanishes. It might take a little time.
  • Apple Cider is the third perfect herbal treatment for skin tag removal. You only have to take a little cotton and dip it in apple cider. Apply it on the skin tag. The same as tea tree oil, you have to apply it for a few days to get the skin tag to come off.
  • Oregano oil is also used for skin tag removal. The same directions are done as the ones used in tea tree oil.

A Warning!
Make sure that you do not apply any of these herbal treatments on the areas of the eyelids. That area is best dealt by a doctor only. If it is some other general part of the skin such as the neck or the shoulders, then it is okay to do it by yourself.

Patience Required
Herbal treatments take a lot of time. This is purposefully why people do not like to use these treatment processes much. However, they are cheap and some of the oils mentioned above can also nourish the skin. However, know that it takes a lot of time so keep doing it and do not give up. The treatment method with Tea Tree oil actually takes about four weeks for the skin tag to fall off! So hang in there if you want to get your skin tag removed by the herbal treatment process.

Skin tags should be dealt with carefully. It is best to consult a doctor first but if a method is working fine for you then there is no need to increase your medical bills.

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