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How To Get Rid Of Skin Tags From Your Neck?

Introduction And Background

You’ve seen them. I have seen them. We have all seen them. The only problem is, most of the time we do not know what they’re called! Those small little things that are on the skin, that seem to most of us as some sort of abnormal growth are actually skin tags. Now, before you get confused on what skin tags are, the answer to that will be given before the answer to their removal from the neck is given! Scroll down and enhance your knowledge on skin tags and what they are, how they are formed, where they are formed and how to get rid of them from the neck!

What Are Skin Tags?
They are little flaps that are attached to the actual skin. But bear in mind that they are not really part of the actual skin and neither are they in a continuous attachment with it. In fact, they bear a connection only through a small stalk. Skin tags are not even of the same color as the skin which is why our faze often comes to towards them, especially if they are on a visible region of the other person, such as the face or the neck.

How Are Skin Tags Formed?
Skin tags are formed due to three basic reasons:

  1. They can be formed because of the genes. Sometimes, skin tags arise on incredibly young people and sometimes they run in families too. The reason behind this is genetics. If they are common in your family, chances are that you will grow them too.
  2. They can arise due to friction of skin on skin. As the skin of old people often becomes saggy and forms layers on top of another, friction is created which enhances the rise of skin tags on that place.
  3. They can form due to obesity. The reason here is the same. Obese people also have hanging skin and a lot of friction. Thus, their skin tags are also formed easily.

Are Skin Tags Only Formed On The Neck?
Skin tags are formed on the neck because a lot of friction of skin on skin occurs there. However, that is not the only place that skin tags are formed. Sometimes they are formed on the eyelid, sometimes they form near the shoulders and even the underarms. Sometimes they are also formed between the thighs and the genital areas! Thus, wherever friction of the skin occurs, skin tags can form there. Of course if the reason for formation has to do with genes, then it can be formed in other possible places as well. But these so far are the most common.

Skin Tags Can Be Removed Or Not?
Of course they can be removed. Skin tags are not part of the actual skin thus they can be removed easily.

How To Get Rid Of Skin Tags From Your Neck?
Ah, the moment you all have been waiting for. To get rid of skin tags from the neck, there are various methods you can use but first and foremost, the visit to the doctor has to be mentioned. Skin tags can be removed right at home by natural remedies but bear in mind that the visit to the doctor is a good option. For skin tags in the genital areas and the eyelids, relatively more sensitive areas than the rest, the doctor would be the best option at zapping away those skin tags. Nonetheless, since we are concerned with the neck at the moment, you can do the good old home remedies to take off the skin tag right off!

  • The most common method to get rid of a skin tag from the neck is by using a dental floss. It is the easiest technique and dental floss is present in the cupboard of everyone’s bathroom! The dental floss is used to wrap around the connecting stalk of the skin tag. This way, the blood supply of the tag is blocked and thus is it falls off by itself after about twelve to twenty four hours!
  • Tea Tree oil is also used to remove skin tags. This oil is available pretty easily and is applied on the skin tag. You should massage thoroughly and let it stay there for a while before washing away with water. Repeat the procedure for a few days, about four to six at least. The skin tag will fall off by itself after a few days. With Tea tree oil, you will not only be getting rid of the tag but also nourishing your skin!
  • Duct tape and Bandage with Vitamin E are also used as a method of skin tag removal at home. The duct tape is pasted on to the skin tag and then taken off. Sometimes the skin tag comes off with it. The trick is to let the duct tape stay there for a while before pulling it off. The same is done with Bandage but a little vitamin E is applied before doing that. It also nourishes the skin and is a great antioxidant!

Treating the skin tags on the neck are the same as treating the skin tags of any other area, unless they are the eyelids and the genitals. Then you need to be more careful. However, getting rid of the skin tags on the neck is pretty easy, as you can see for yourself!

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