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Skin Tag & Mole Removal
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How To Remove Skin Tags At Home

Introduction And Background

We all want to know home remedies to certain solutions because with the advanced technology and treatment processes also increases the side effects and the prices that go with it. Sometimes of course there are no side effects involved but the prices do not reduce. Then a person wonders, if a thing can be done free of cost at home then why should one go to the doctor and waste their time and money? This is exactly what this article aims to achieve about the skin condition known as skin tags. Firstly, we’ll see what skin tags really are if you are not sure about it.

What Are Skin Tags?
Skin tags are actually the flaps or a little skin tissue that is connected to the skin but not actually part of it. It is usually the size of a finger nail and hangs through a connecting stalk. In case anyone is confused, skin tags are easily differentiated from the skin. There is no chance that you’ll be taking off your actual skin while trying to remove the skin tags! That is, if you are careful enough. They are usually found around the eyelids, the neck and even the corner cheeks at time. Basically, they can be found anywhere, even in the genital areas but these ones are the most common.

Techniques Of Removing Skin Tags At Home
As I said before, why would one go to a doctor and get their surgery and use their money while all along that thing could have been done at home for free? Well, here are a few techniques that can be used to remove skin tags at home!

  • The most common home remedy of removing skin tags is by the simple usage of dental floss. What you are supposed to do in this is that you take the dental floss and round it up tightly around the skin tag, blocking the blood flow to it. Little by little, after sometime, you pull at it gradually. You will see that the area of the skin tag is changing the color from the rest of the skin and it will soon dry up and shrivel, falling off by itself after you pull on it a little.
  • Skin tags are also treated with alcohol at times though it is an unverified technique of removing skin tags. You take a clipper and very carefully clip off the small skin tag. It is connected to the skin so the area might bleed a little but it will not be very painful because there are no nerves network involved in the formation of a skin tag. If it pains a little, take substance that has a little alcohol and soak it in cotton, dabbing it onto the area where it hurts. This is not entirely recommended but is one of the home techniques involved in removal of skin tags.
  • Skin tags can be removed by the freezing process as well. Liquid nitrogen is available in the markets along with lotions and after removal application kits. Once applied to the skin tag, it will come off eventually in a few days.
  • Tape is also used to remove skin tags at home. This is somewhat similar to the use of dental floss. The main thing here is to cut off the blood supply to the skin tag and cover it completely tape. When you’ll notice that the tape has somewhat loosened around the skin, remove it to see if the skin tag has loosened as well. If it has, wait for it fall off itself or apply duct tape again so that it’ll be removed the next time you take it off.
  • Applying a band-aid to the skin tag is again just like the process of using duct tape. The only difference here is that a vitamin E cream is used with the band-aid, giving nutrition to the skin as well.

An Important Thing To Keep In Mind
Although the home remedies sound pretty good and they work most of the time, do not blindly apply these techniques to any area of skin tag. It will definitely save you money and are not at all risky but that depends. If the skin tag is around the eye lid area, it is better to go to the doctor than do any of these processes. Since the skin tag is near a sensitive area and you might mess up, consult a doctor before doing anything to the skin tag yourself. The same applies for the genital areas. If the skin tag is on common areas like the neck and the shoulder or the cheek, then it is safe to do these.

Home remedies are good. They are not at all superfluous and they are free of cost. All you have to have is steady hands and have a know how on what to do and what to expect.

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