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How To Remove Skin Tags With A Liquid Bandage

Introduction And Background

Skin tags are not the only thing in the world but when you get them it seems like they are. For old people, they sometimes confuse skin tags to be some sort of wrinkles with a different color but they are actually skin tags. For somewhat younger people, skin tags seem to be a benign or malignant growth that is abnormal! They freak out and go see the doctor who tells them that it is just skin tags being formed and they do not have anything worse than that. Thus, skin tags are not pleasing to the eye. They are not harmful for the health but everyone wants them removed because of the obstruction to beauty on the skin.

What Are Skin Tags?
As you read above that people often confuse them to be some sort of abnormal growth or some weird wrinkles, skin tags’ appearance is a little like that. They are small flaps of skin that are not of the same color as the original skin but are hanging from it through a connecting stalk. Skin tags are just the size of a fingernail but they are visible if they around exposed parts of the body.

Where Are Skin Tags Found And The Reasons Behind Their Formation?
Skin tags are generally found in the neck regions, around the chin and the eyelids and even the shoulders. They are also commonly seen in the arm pits and in the genital areas too. Basically, they are seen in areas where skin friction is caused. It can be friction of skin against skin or friction of skin against clothes but this is how skin tags develop. The other reason is present inside your genes. If skin tags are common in a family, most like you will suffer from it too. And by suffering; just displeasing to the eye otherwise skin tags are not at all harmful for the health. They do not harm your body in any way.

Is The Removal Of Skin Tags Possible?
The removal of skin tags is possible. It is in fact an easy procedure and can be done right at home. Some people prefer to go to a doctor and have their skin tags removed by zapping them away but some do not have the means to pay for such a procedure. For them, there are other methods of skin tag removal, one of which will be discussed in the next segment as one of the best and easiest methods of skin tag removal.

How To Remove Skin Tags With A Liquid Bandage?
Removing skin tags with a liquid bandage is not only possible but it is a good method of removal. One should definitely consider this before deciding on any other home remedies of skin tag removal. Read the instructions to see how easy and methodical the entire process is and how easily it can be done right at home!

  • Clean yourself completely which means taking a shower. Be careful to lightly scrub the area of the skin tag with soap and water but be very gentle. More often than not people often scrub too hard and this can either irritate the skin tag or cause it to bleed a little. Both things should not happen.
  • After this, dry yourself. Be careful again to pat the area of the skin tag as gently as you can with a clean towel.
  • Take a cotton ball and dip it in some alcohol and then soak it out afterwards. Swab the cotton ball on the skin tag very gently. After applying, wait for fifteen to twenty minutes so that the alcohol which is present on your skin evaporates. This procedure is done to aid the liquid bandage.
  • You can either spray the liquid bandage or paint it on to your skin tag. It is your choice and as per instructions which are present on the on the box.
  • Wait for the liquid bandage to dry.
  • The area where you have applied the liquid bandage, rub it with a little water and soap. Be gentle.
  • Dry the area again with a clean towel. Make sure it is not the same one as used before.
  • Repeat the process again.

Removing skin tags is an easy process, isn’t it? But there are some precautions that you have to take. For instance, if the skin tag is around the eyelids, you have to be very careful with the cotton ball which has been soaked with alcohol. You have to be careful with skin tags around the genital areas too. If you can handle being extremely careful, well and good, but if you cannot then it is better to have your skin tags in these areas removed by a doctor. However, doing it with a liquid bandage cannot get any easier than this!

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