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Skin Tag & Mole Removal
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How To Safely And Painlessly Remove Skin Tags

Introduction And Background

When you go to a doctor to get a surgery done, sometimes it is painful but the pain subsides or is ignored completely because of the chemicals given to numb the area and sometimes the person is given anesthesia so that they can lose consciousness throughout the entire surgery. However, with skin tags they do not give you anesthesia and it is not even necessary to numb the area because it does not pain much. The pain is very little and is pretty bearable. But we are not talking about surgery only. There are other ways to remove skin tags, ways that can be done at home and they are effective as well as painless. On top of that, they are safe.

How Do Skin Tags Come About?
To answer this, firstly, you have to know what skin tags are. They are little flaps of skin that are joined to the actual skin by a connecting stalk. Skin tags are harmless. Now how do they come to exist? Well, there are three reasons for that. Skin tags are mostly occurring nowadays due to genetics. It is a hereditary aspect to the skin. The other reason behind skin tags is obesity. Friction of skin to skin causes skin tags to be created. The third reason for skin tags is old age. The wrinkled skin that can overlap one another also causes skin tags.

Ways To Safely And Painlessly Remove Skin Tags
Home remedies and natural methods to remove skin tags are safe and painless. Instead of undergoing a procedure that is highly uncomplicated and will probably cost you money, why not do it yourself at home? Here are a few methods on how to remove skin tags efficiently and painlessly.

  • A method to remove the skin tag is to cut off its blood supply. In order to do that, you have to tie the base of the skin tag with a tight substance, probably a dental floss in this case. Once it is tight enough, you’ll notice the color of the skin tag begins to change from the color of the actual skin. After one day or maximum two, the skin tag will come off.
  • Another method of the home remedies is to use vitamin E. This vitamin is really good for the skin but we are not looking to give any nutrition the skin tag! We first apply this vitamin to that area of the skin where the skin tag is and then cover it tightly by a band-aid. In other words, the band-aid does exactly what the dental floss would do. It cuts off the blood supply to the skin tag so that it will come off by itself after sometime. These methods are not at all painful. They might itch or irritate a bit but they will not cause you any pain.
  • Tree oil is also used to get rid of skin tags but along with the tree oil we also use the freezing technique. It is best to freeze of the skin tag as well so that it drops off by itself but the thing with this is that you have to buy nitrogen liquid. It takes more of a hassle than the other two procedures but it is also painless and safe.

A Trip To The Doctor
Going to the doctor’s is probably the safest thing in your mind but these procedures and methods are not at all dangerous. If you read every bit of them, not one of them says to pull at the skin tag or cut it off with a scissor or a knife. In fact, in every single procedure the person always waits for the skin tag to fall off by itself. And there is not a single pain occurring in the skin. So you might as well do it yourself. There is a little truth in the fact that the doctor is probably safer but I assure you, you doing it yourself will probably be painless and will keep your pockets intact. Why spend money on something that you can do perfectly well for free?

A Thing To Keep In Mind
Do not follow with the home remedies and natural procedures if the skin tags are in places such as the eyelids or the genital areas. The procedures are not at all dangerous but the areas are considered to be really sensitive and your own visibility is reduced to a minimum. How can you do all of this on your eyelid? You need your eye to see. In cases like these, it is best to go to the doctor.

Skin tags are not at all something to worry about. They are harmless to health and are just flaps hanging from your skin. You can let them stay there if you’re comfortable with it but if you want it removed then you can use the techniques written above.

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