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Human Papillomavirus And Skin Tags: Is There Any Association?

Introduction And Background

You might be aware of what skin tags are and you might not be. You might have heard about the human Papillomavirus or you may not have. You might even be confused whether or not there is an association between the two. However, you need not worry. The article will aim to explain everything to you and to handle this question whether or not the two are linked in any manner. But to understand this, we first have to know exactly what skin tags and the human Papillomavirus are! Read on further to find out.

The Human Papillomavirus
We will handle this first since you might have heard about skin tags but there is little chance that you are well versed on the human Papillomavirus. It is actually a virus of the DNA that infects humans. However, the infection is only limited to the skin. Basically, this virus makes warts grow on the skin and they can form possibly anywhere. They are even found in the genital regions so you can imagine where else they can easily form. This virus is considered to be transmitted through intercourse most of the time but it has other ways of transmission as well. Warts are actually known to be certain growths on the skin, almost flap like structures. Sounds familiar? Well, it might in a bit. Read on!

Skin Tags
Skin tags is very common term. You might easily have heard it being used by your parents or your grandparents. Funny thing is, most people often confuse a skin tag to be warts because of their similar appearance. Skin tags are also noncancerous growths on the skin, flap like structures that are visibly different from the actual color of the skin. They are not bigger than the size of a fingernail and are often found around the face, the armpits and also the genital regions. Told you it would soon sound familiar, yes?

The Association Between Skin Tags And Human Papillomavirus
You can easily see the similarities between the two, so many of them that it can often lead to confusion as well. But that is where the similarity ends. The association between them is nonexistent or at best just in the appearance. Otherwise, they are extremely different from each other. You should know the differences well enough to not be confused by it.

  • Skin tags are not contagious at all. In fact, they are not even considered to be remotely infectious and all evidence leads to the exact same conclusion; that either they are a hereditary appearance or they are caused by friction of skin against skin or skin against clothes. You might now have figured out that the human Papillomavirus, being a virus, is infectious and the most common pathway for it is by sexual transmission. It is contagious and is painful as well sometimes which is not the case with skin tags. The human Papillomavirus can easily be transmitted to another person and sometimes the person does not even know about till a lot of signs and symptoms are seen or felt.
  • Skin tags are more harmless than the human Papillomavirus. Having skin tags does not hurt and sometimes it is only their appearance that causes discomfort. But having warts is actually painful at times. They can also form on the plantar surface of your feet, making it unbearable to walk at times! You do not hear that about skin tags now, do you?
  • Their treatment methods are also pretty different from each other. With skin tags, the removal process is often easy and does not take much of your time. With the warts of human Papillomavirus, you certainly have to be careful and considerate with them and their removal methods, said again, are different from each other. Home treatment methods and remedies are easily used in skin tags. In fact, they are preferred by a lot of people instead of paying for expensive visits to the doctor. But with the warts treatment, you must visit a doctor first and then consider your options. It is not good to treat them by yourself as that is not favored and can even make the condition worse if you do not know what you are doing or what it might possibly lead to.

As you can see, the association between the two is very little. It just lies in the appearance and nowhere else as skin tags are not contagious, they do not hurt and they are easily treated even at home. It is the opposite with the human Papillomavirus. The warts are contagious, they do hurt at times and they are not that easily treated. Nevertheless, now you are well aware of their differences and the similarity they behold!


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