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Is It Possible To Treat Moles, Freckles And Skin Tags?

Introduction And Background

Moles, freckles and skin tags are all features that are found in areas of the skin, mostly on the face and the back. Moles and skin tags can be found anywhere on the body even if they are most prominent on the face but freckles are generally found on the face only or sometimes on the back of the neck. We all know what they are but here is something that I am sure you did not know; it is possible to treat, cure or make these things disappear the natural way. This might come as a surprise but is certainly is possible.

What Are Moles, Freckles And Skin Tags?
Before we start on the treatment methods, we must get an idea of what they really are. Moles are actually brown or black protruded cells on the skin which have accumulated on the skin in a cluster to form what we call a mole. Freckles are just spots on the skin that are on light skinned people and can be seen as small spots that are not like pimples or any other substance but rather just spots. Skin tags are the strangest of all, no pun intended. They are actually tissue that hangs from the skin by a connecting stalk!

What Causes Them?
The melanocytes, cells in the skin, cluster to form a mole. These cells are responsible for the color of the skin but the color of the mole is darker because of sunlight exposure. These cells are basically what causes a mole to be. For freckles, it is basically all genetics that causes freckles. At times, extreme exposure to sunlight can also cause freckles. Skin tags are generally created because of weight gain or they are formed in elderly people because of the wrinkles and sagging of their skin.

Is It Possible To Treat Moles, Freckles And Skin Tags?
Yes, it is! There are many children, as well as adults who believe that moles and freckles cannot be treated. People believe that skin tags can be treated but they also think that it can only be treated by surgery. Well, here is news for all of you. It is possible to treat moles, freckles and skin tags the natural way. No one has to get them surgically removed!

How To Naturally Treat Them?
Well, now that we know it is possible to naturally treat them, I’m sure you all would want to know how exactly that is going to happen. Now we all know that there are creams to get rid of the pimples and pills we can take to cure acne. There are also supplements, natural supplements that can treat moles and freckles and skin tags. What can be better than this? The natural supplements are usually made from herbs and natural remedies or elements. They are not that expensive and are actually good for the health as well. The natural supplements do not have any side effects either nor do you have to undergo any expensive surgery with a cosmetologist to get rid of the moles or the freckles or even the skin tags! Other than that, if you do not want to try the natural supplements even though they are a good option, there are natural remedies you can try at home:

  • Take a small piece of raw garlic and put it on the mole, making sure it stays there by bandaging on top. Remove it in the morning. New skin will form underneath and the mole will come off like a scab.
  • Massage virgin oil on the face to get rid of moles and freckles. But remember this, do not massage in circles. It is known to work only if you massage back and forth.
  • Avoid excessive sunlight when you are trying to get rid of the freckles. Freckles are darkened by sunlight because pigmentation occurs in the skin.

Are They Life Threatening?
Moles and freckles and skin tags are not life threatening at all. They are just small appearances on the face which bother some people. But now ways are known to get rid of them! Skin tags are a much bigger hazard than moles and freckles because they are flaps that hang from the skin. But they are not life threatening either.

My mother just saw this article and has gone to work on her moles which have been bothering her for more than half her life! Well, she’ll be rid of them in a few days if she works on them consistently. More than eighty percent of the people believe that moles and skin tags can be removed surgically only and freckles are just permanently there. Well, this article will just prove to change their thinking, and yours if it wasn’t already.

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