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Skin Tag & Mole Removal
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Moles, Freckles And Skin Tags


Introduction And Background
We are so engrossed in the pimples and the whiteheads and blackheads that we forget one of the major things that are actually on the skin. We start to accept them as a natural part of the skin but the fact is, even these can be removed safely and effectively. They are the moles, the freckles and the skin tags. I’m sure you’ve heard the names before but a little introduction and background would do no harm, especially if you want to know what skin tags are. This is the least common name of all.

What Are Moles?
Moles are not a birth related issue, as some people think. Moles actually grow on the skin, and can be in the color black or brown. They can appear anytime in your life, in young age or in old. Mostly, you get moles because it is in your genes. However, moles arise due to a rapid growth of several cells in a cluster form on a single spot.

What Are Freckles?
These are the brown spots that you see on light skinned people mostly, especially during the summertime. Freckles are not a disease and are not a type of skin disease either. Freckles are mostly there because of genetic reasons or too much sunlight exposure.

What Are Skin Tags?
Skin tags are just what the name says they are. Skin tag is a type of tissue that hangs as flap from the skin through a stalk. Although the sight of them may seem unusual, it is not an abnormality and is quite common, mostly in women. They are formed and do not cause any pain, as they are not exactly part of the skin even if they are connected to it.

Are Moles, Freckles And Skin Tags Permanent?
Of course they are not! Even though they may not seem as if they are threatening or a bad condition like acne, they are still a skin condition and can be rid of completely if one wants them to be. Moles and freckles are generally acceptable by people which is one the reasons why it is so rare to treat them. But that does not mean that treatment is not available. There are natural methods and there are methods that the doctors apply to get rid of these three things.

How To Treat Moles, Freckles And Skin Tags?
There are creams available for moles and some lotions that will make the visibility of the freckles far less than actual and there are doctors and dermatologists who can surgically remove skin tags. However, there are natural methods of treating moles, freckles and skin tags. Some of them are listed below:

  • Wash your face thoroughly and then dry it off with a clean towel. Mix some lemon juice in a cup filled with a little sour cream. Keep mixing the two substances until a paste is formed. Apply the paste to the freckled area and massage gently. You must leave the paste on for fifteen to twenty minutes and then remove it gently with cool water. Do this routinely, at least three to four times a week for results. It is sure to get rid of the freckles in due time.
  • Another natural method to get rid of moles this time is the mixing of honey and castor oil, about two table spoons of each. Mix the two items and then gently put it on the face where the moles or mole are. Leave it on for ten minutes and then wash it off. Do this often and keep on doing it till the moles disappear, which they are sure to.
  • Skin tags cannot grow off the skin unfortunately and a natural method of getting rid of skin tags this way are zero. One has to physically deal with them, not relying on natural substances to do their job eventually.

Natural Methods; A Different Turn
Natural methods do not include the stay at home make your own paste type methods. They also include the natural supplements that are available in the market. Moles and freckles are quite common and so are skin tags and there are many supplements that can provide just what you need to get rid of them. There are several herbal remedies and several herbal supplements as well which contain no side effects and claim, with testimonials from users, that they can make moles and freckles and even skin tags disappear!

I bet this article has changed your perception. To tell you honestly, there was a time when even I thought that moles are permanent and only laser operations or surgery could get rid of them. Well, now I know the truth. You can get rid of them easily by taking natural supplements or following your own natural remedies such as the ones mentioned above.



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