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Removing A Skin Tag At Home


Introduction And Background
We immediately run to the doctor’s if we have anything to worry about. We think that they have the solution to all our problems. Well, they definitely do have the solution to everything but why waste money when something can be done at home absolutely free of any cost? I am talking about skin tags in this context. Most people prefer to have it surgically removed while I think that you can safely remove a skin tag right in your own kitchen or standing in your own bathroom. All you need to know is how to do it. And you’re on your way.

What Is A Skin Tag?
Before you embark on setting off to remove a skin tag, you should know what a skin tag actually is! A skin tag is a piece or flap of skin that is not actually part of the skin but is joined to it by a connecting stalk. They are usually easy to detect because they grow on the neck, over the eyelid and even on the cheek. However, sometimes they are not so easy to detect because they can even occur in the underarms, the genital areas and the shoulders. A skin tag is not very pleasant to look at and most people are uncomfortable with it being in the eyes of the public which is why they want to get it removed. Otherwise, a skin tag is really quite harmless.

Removing A Skin Tag At Home
As I said before, removing a skin tag at home is probably the best option on the table. Going to the doctor is good too but why in the world would you want to go through a surgical procedure over something that can be done easily right at home? Here are a few methods you can use to remove a skin tag right at home!

  • This is probably the easiest and the most commonly used of all methods of removing a skin tag. Take a piece of dental floss and wrap it tightly around the end of the skin tag, right where it is connected to the skin. The dental floss wire will cut off the blood supply of the skin tag completely, making it change color and probable to dropping off. In a day or two, it will probably drop off by itself or you can pull it a little to remove it.
  • Take a piece of band-aid and some Vitamin E. Rub the Vitamin E on the skin tag and then put the band-aid on it really tightly. After about twenty four hours, you can remove the band-aid. Most likely the skin tag will come off with the band-aid but in case it doesn’t, put on another band-aid and then pull on it tightly. Do not do it if it hurts. Wait for the skin tag to come off by itself then.
  • Do the same technique as with the band-aid but this time you do not use the band-aid but to you use a duct tape and instead of vitamin E, you will apply tea tree oil to the skin tag. The duct tape is sticky and the skin tag will also come off with it when you pull it off the skin.
  • Apple cider vinegar can also be used to remove a skin tag. It is easily found in the kitchen. You simply dab a cotton ball in it and then dab it on the skin tag. It takes about two weeks for the skin tag to disappear with this technique.

Be Aware
Home remedies for skin tag removal are great but there is one thing you have to be aware of and you have to keep in mind; consult a doctor if the skin tag is an unusual place. For instance, do not use these remedies if the skin tag is on the genital areas or on the eyelid. These places are sensitive and can easily be damaged if you are not careful enough. Therefore, it is better if a doctor handles the situation.

Herbal Products Used
Mostly, herbal products are used to remove skin tags. As written above, Tea Tree Oil and Apple cider vinegar are herbal products that are used to remove the skin tags. Castor oil is also used sometimes. There are also herbal supplements available that can remove skin tags simply by taking them as instructed. They are cheap, easy to get and do not even cost you much money! The best thing though is that they have no side effects.

Become your own doctor if you have a skin tag. Take a dental floss or simply apply a little apple cider vinegar. But remember one thing; Be careful while you are doing it.

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