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Skin Tag & Mole Removal
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Removing Skin Tags Safely At Home


Introduction And Background
To have a perfect skin has become necessity, a thing that most people would die for. If anything happens to our skin, we immediately cry for help and then do everything in our power to fix it. Acne is a major skin condition and it makes the hair on our skin stand up at the ends. Most teenagers go into severe depression because of it. But acne is only popular in teens and is rarely seen in adults or elderly people. They have their own skin condition to worry about whose name is skin tags. They are the most common skin condition that hits elderly people and thus the one that is talked about the most in their circles, like acne is with teenagers.

Skin Tags…What Are They?
In case you’re surprised by the name and are not sure what skin tags are, here’s a little information to help you recognize what you’ve already seen a number of times on the skin of people who are older. Skin tags are small flaps of skin which grow on the skin but are not really a part of it. They are connected through a connecting stalk and have blood capillaries but they are not the actual skin. They are of a different color and can clearly be seen as some sort of growth. Generally, when the first few of them grow at a particular age, most start to freak out that it is some sort of malignant cancerous growth. It only turns out to be skin tags.

Why And Where Do Skin Tags Form?
Skin tags form due to friction of skin on skin or skin with clothes. Basically, they form because of friction. Elderly people have sagging skin and that causes layers, thus friction, thus skin tags. Obese people also develop the tags due to the same reasons. However, friction is not the only reason. Some get skin tags because of genetic reasons; it is in their genes. In such cases, even young children can get skin tags.
They are mostly seen on the back of the neck, around the cheeks, near the eyelids, in the underarms, around the shoulder region and even in the genital areas between the thighs. Basically, they form on areas where there is chance of the reasons mentioned above.

Removing Skin Tags At Home A Safe Option
Skin tag removal is considered to be an easy process. One can go to the doctor and get them zapped off but then again, zapping them off is considered to be painful by some people. There is mild irritation and for those whose skin is sensitive, it can even be more than irritation at times. And of course, there is the hefty bill to cover after the visits to the doctor’s office. Nevertheless, it is safe to remove them right at home with several home remedies. You need to know exactly what to do but the procedures are really simple and you won’t have a problem understanding them and putting them into action. Here are a few home remedies to consider:

  • The first and foremost and most commonly used thing to remove a skin tag at home is dental floss. You’ll be surprised to hear this word, since how can a dental floss be utilized to remove something on the skin correct? Well, it can. Take a piece of dental floss and wrap it tightly around the connecting stalk of the skin tag. This will block the blood supply of the skin tag and in a few hours, it will fall off by itself.
  • Another way to remove skin tags is to use Tea Tree Oil. This natural oil is beneficial for the skin in many other ways, not just in removing skin tags. It makes it softer and healthier. Nonetheless, people use it to remove their skin tags by dipping a cotton ball in it and then soaking it on the tag. One can also massage with the finger tip in small circular motions. This procedure is to be done at least twice a day for results.
  • People also use duct tape or bandage to remove skin tags. They first put vitamin E on their skin and then apply either duct tape or bandage tightly on the skin tag. After a few hours, about twelve actually, they remove the duct tape or bandage. The skin tag either comes off with it or it takes two or three attempts at it to remove it.

Skin tags are harmless really. One can leave them right there  but since they are very displeasing to the eye and the one who has it hates to look at it, they are eventually removed. But they prove to be no danger to the person who has it. They are what they are, small flaps only.

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