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Skin Tag & Mole Removal
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Removing Skin Tags With Liquid Bandages


Introduction And Background
Our skin takes up most of the time. We worry about it, we take care of it, we beautify it and we spend money on it. As we grow older, we obsess more and more about it until it becomes what we want it to look like. All in one word; ageless. Nonetheless, skin is supposed to age. There are some things that you just cannot prevent from happening, unless you get plastic surgery that is. However, skin tags are something that you can prevent or remove and they can make you look younger than before. They are an added thing to your skin that you do not really need to show to the world. Read on further to see what skin tags really are, if you are confused about that.

What Is A Skin Tag?
A skin tag is actually a small flap of skin that is connected to the skin through a small stalk. The flap is not really a big flap but is actually the size of a finger nail at most. They are easily visible because it is obvious they are not part of the actual skin and that their color is also a little different from it.

What Causes Skin Tags?
Skin tags are mostly caused by friction. Friction of the skin against any substance is what causes skin tags. For instance, elderly people get skin tags because their skin sags on top of the other, forming layers and producing friction which forms skin tags. This is also the reason of why obese people get skin tags. Genes also play a causative role in their formation. If it is in your genes to get skin tags, even at an earlier age, you will.

Are Skin Tags Dangerous?
No, skin tags are not dangerous. If you let them stay there they will cause you no harm but people are often uncomfortable with the idea of their skin tags being visible to the world which is why they don’t want it on their bodies anymore.

Can Skin Tags Be Removed?
Skin tags can be removed very easily which is why people do not need to worry about it. Skin tags can be removed by the doctor or by yourself right at home! One does not need to go to the doctor to pay for an expensive zapping process when they can do it with liquid bandages right at home at a much lower cost.

Removing Skin Tags With Liquid Bandages
Liquid bandages are available easily in the market and one can easily remove skin tags with them. The process is really not difficult at all that even a child can get it. Nonetheless, better safe than sorry! Here are some instructions that you’ll need to read before doing anything.

  • It is important to clean the area of the skin tag thoroughly before doing anything. Clean it gently with soap and water and make sure that you do not irritate the skin tag or pull at it at any cost. It is important that you not aggravate the area of the skin tag.
  • Wait for the skin to dry off but it is also better than you dab your skin with a clean towel so that the skin dries off quickly. It is essential that you see that the towel is clean.
  • Take a cotton ball, a small one and then dab it with a little alcohol. Apply it to the area of the skin. You have to wait a good fifteen to twenty minutes for the alcohol to evaporate completely. This is done to make sure that the liquid bandage sticks to the skin more thoroughly. If someone does not want to do this step for any reason whatsoever, they can skip it. It is only done to further help you in the process of making sure the liquid bandage works more efficiently.
  • Take the liquid bandage from the box and apply it on the skin tag carefully as per the instructions on the box. Make sure that you apply it properly once and removing it and applying it again is not a good thing. It will ruin the efficiency of the bandage.
  • You must wait until the liquid bandage has dried up before doing anything like pulling off the bandage.
  • You can apply the bandage again until the skin tag comes off. Then to clean up the area properly, repeat the first three steps to ensure that your skin is properly cleaned and devoid of any skin tags.

Removing skin tags with liquid bandages is possibly the easiest way to do it but there is one thing you should keep in mind. If the skin tags around areas which are sensitive such as the genital areas or the eyelids, it is better not to do anything yourself. In cases like these, consulting a doctor would be the best solution. But for all other areas, liquid bandages are good!

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  1. Removing skin tags with liquid bandage is a great idea. It is a effective and painless method to get rid of skin tags at home.


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