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Skin Tag & Mole Removal
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Skin Tag Facts And Fiction And Treatments

Introduction And Background

If you want all the information on skin tags, you’ve come to the right place. Now, before we embark on all the points, let’s get it out what skin tags really. Skin tags, as the name itself indicates, are actually small little flaps that are connected to the skin through a connecting stalk. They are not really an original part of the skin but grow later on due to reasons which we will get to later. They are generally of a different color than the skin. Most people do not know what skin tags are but they’ve definitely seen it. The problem sometimes is that what they’ve seen, they don’t know what it’s called. Well, now it’s clear that the name is Skin Tags!

Facts About Skin Tags
Now that you know what skin tags are, here are a few general facts about skin tags. They’re interesting and a lot of things will clear up about skin tags after reading them.

  • Skin tags are formed because of friction of skin on skin. They are sometimes formed due to genetic reasons too, especially when a person of young age develops skin tags. But usually, it happens because friction is created. This is the major reason why elderly people get skin tags. Obese people also get skin tags because of the same reason.
  • Skin tags can easily be treated. Their removal is not at all painful or difficult and sometimes, one does not even have to worry about money since the treatment can be done right at home too. Going to a doctor is not compulsory and not even necessary sometimes.
  • Skin tags can be formed on all possible areas of skin but they are generally more common around the eyelids, the underarms and even the neck region. They are found in the genital region as well.
  • Skin tags are not associated with causing any pain to the person who has it. In fact, skin tags are quite harmless and their existence is often gone unnoticed unless you’re looking at a mirror. Only the sight discomfort causes people to remove skin tags.

Fiction Of Skin Tags
Along with getting the facts straight, you should also know the myths behind skin tags so that there is no confusion whatsoever.

  • The removal of skin tags will not cause more skin tags to grow. Numerous times, the people do not want to get their skin tags removed because they fear that more of them will grow if they just removed one or two. This is false. If skin tags do grow after some removal, it was because they were meant to anyway in that area. It has nothing to do with the removal process.
  • A lot of people think that skin tags are some benign and malignant growth on their skin. They become deathly afraid. Only after the confirmation of a doctor do they become okay. Well, skin tags are not at all some sort of cancerous growth. In fact, they are pretty harmless. They do not cause any pain or damage.
  • Skin tags do not only occur in elderly and obese people. They can easily occur in youngsters too. Of course then, as mentioned above, genetics would play a huge role in it, more so than friction.

Treatment Of Skin Tags
Since they are displeasing to look at, no one wants to keep their skin tags around. Lucky for them, skin tag removal is an easy process. They don’t have to worry about much. Here are a few methods in which skin tags can be removed:

  • The first and foremost method to mention would be by going to the doctor’s and getting your skin tags zapped away. The doctor will numb the area and remove the skin tag. It is a safe process and recommended in case the skin tag is at a sensitive area such as near the eyelids or the genital regions. If it is in other places, you might want to use the home remedies which are safe and free of cost.
  • Using a dental floss can also easily remove a skin tag. You wrap the dental floss around the connecting stalk and then pull at it about twenty four hours later. The skin tag will come off by itself due to lack of blood supply to it.
  • Bandage and duct tape with tea tree oil and vitamin E is also used. The duct tape or the bandage is applied to the skin tag and then removed after a few hours. The skin tag comes off with it. Repeat the process if it doesn’t. But be gentle. Some also rub Tea Tree Oil on and off at a daily basis for a few days to remove the skin tag.

Skin tags are nothing to worry about. As you can pretty much see in all the segments mentioned above, they are harmless. You can remove them if they bother you as the process is not that difficult or harsh. But if you don’t want to, that is fine too.

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