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Skin Tag & Mole Removal
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Skin Tag – The Most Common Type

Introduction And Background

Skin tags are not at all hazardous to health, that is the first thing you need to know about it. The moment we hear the word skin tags, all sorts of various images cross our minds because we don’t really know what it is. Well, this article will help in relating to you what skin tags are and what is the most common type. But keep an open mind as we discuss skin tags, their types and their treatment processes. Believe me, you are definitely going to need it!

What Are Skin Tags?
Have you ever noticed a little flap of skin that is not exactly skin but is connected to it? Well, that is a skin tag. It’s a little area that is joined through a connecting stalk and is usually hanging outside the skin. Skin tags are not that common or uncommon and most people have usually seen it somewhere, either on others or themselves. The only problem is that they don’t know what it really is. They think it is some sort of abnormality at times but this is not the case. It is a perfectly normal skin condition which people have.

How Do Skin Tags Develop?
Skin tags develop mostly due to friction. They are often seen in old people and obese people. As we all know, old people’s skin sags quite a lot and the layers can sometimes grow a flap of skin tag. With obese people, they have more area of skin than most which can lead to skin tags. However, skin tags are not only due to friction. They can also appear because of genetics. This is the most common reason of getting skin tags. If the gene of skin tags is strong in your family, there are chances that you’ll get it. It sort of works like acne.

Most Common Type Of Skin Tag
Skin tags are quite common but know a fact; there are no types of skin tags. They are almost all of the same length, about as long as a fingernail. They are all connecting to the skin through a connecting stalk and they are all hanging outside and are not really part of the skin. So the question of having a most common type of skin tag is really not we mean by the most common type. This basically refers to the most common area that the skin tag is found. Skin tags are found in various places. They can appear on the eyelids, the neck, the shoulders, the cheeks and even the genital areas sometimes! They can come in uncomfortable areas as well such as the underarms and the breasts. However, they are most common in the neck. You’ll see it mostly occurring there. That is where the skin tag is commonly found.

How To Remove A Skin Tag?
Skin tags might seem like proper part of the skin to you so you might think that going to doctor is imperative in a situation like this but the skin tag is not part of the skin. In fact, if you do the proper procedures right at home, it will fall off by itself! You don’t need to go to the doctor to get your skin tag removed; you can do it by yourself with the right instructions. Most people use a dental floss to remove their skin tags. They tie it tightly around the area where the skin tag is beginning to block the blood vessels of it. When this is done, the skin tag gradually changes color and starts becoming like dead skin, often coming off by itself when you remove the dental floss or sometimes a short pull is enough to remove it. Some people also apply a specific oil on the skin tag and then apply duct tape to it. When they remove the duct tape in a day or two, the skin tag comes off with it. These techniques are given in detail on the web and if you really want to solve your skin tag problems with home remedies, they are safe and effective!

A Word Of Advice
Although it is an agreed fact that going to the doctor’s to spend money on something you can do yourself at home is stupid, we all know that the doctor is safe. They can surgically remove the skin tag safely. It is best to go the doctor when the skin tag is at a place like the eyelid or the genital areas. It is best not to do anything to the skin tag there by yourself or let anyone else do it. Go straight to the doctor.

Do not worry if you have a skin tag. They are not at all dangerous. If you find them a hazard because of their strange visibility on your body, then only get it removed otherwise they really prove no harm to you.


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