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Skin Tags And Insulin Resistance – Is There A Relation?

Introduction And Background

The term skin tags and insulin resistance are often heard in the older crowd, the crowd of parents and grandparents. Younger ones do not usually know what these terms mean until they study about it or go through it themselves somehow. Otherwise, the only skin condition they know too well about is acne and they do not even think to research on skin tags or anything with the word insulin in it. However, things have changed no and even the young ones are becoming too well aware of what skin tags are and about other diseases such as those concerning insulin resistance.

What Are Skin Tags?
They are short flaps of skin that are connected to the actual skin through a stalk. What you should know though is that these flaps are not really part of the skin and can be easily removed. They are also of a different shade mostly and are no bigger than a size of a fingernail. Skin tags are found in areas of friction which is how they are commonly formed. They can be seen around the neck, the shoulders, in the arm pits, between the legs and even in the region of the genitals! Mostly, they are seen on either elderly people or obese people which is why the youngsters often do not know what skin tags actually are as their age group are mostly oblivious to it.

What Is Insulin Resistance?
This term might be heard used by a person who is diabetic or is on the verge of becoming a diabetic. Insulin is actually a hormone which is released in our body by the pancreas (an organ) which takes care of our blood glucose level. If we eat sugary foods and our blood glucose level rises, insulin is released so that the glucose can be turned into glucagon for storage for later use whenever required. By insulin resistance one means that the insulin is being created and released by the pancreas but it is unable to perform its usual function because the cells of the body are resistant to it. Thus, this can cause a lot of problems for normal functioning of a human being. Glucose cannot enter this way and it collects in the blood which can lead to a dangerous blood glucose level for the body.

What Is The Relation Of Skin Tags And Insulin Resistance?
After reading about the two, you might be wondering what could possibly be the relation between two such different conditions; one that is inside the body and one that is solely outside. However, insulin resistance can cause skin tags to appear. Even before taking blood glucose tests, a symptom of recognizing diabetes in an older person is the appearance of a lot of skin tags. Of course, this is not an accurate diagnostic test but it is widely accepted that skin tags are a symptom of insulin resistance. And you should notice it too in people who have type two diabetes mellitus. You will notice the strange appearance of small flaps or strange pimple like appearances on their face or the axillary region. Those are skin tags.

Are Skin Tags Dangerous?
No, they are not dangerous. In fact, skin tags are pretty harmless. They can also easily be removed which is why there is not a frenzy created about them like there is about acne! People can let their skin tags be. The only reason that they don’t is because sometimes skin tags appear in obvious places and they are not good to look at and everyone is conscious about their appearance. One should not worry about skin tags. It is the insulin resistance that is the dangerous condition here!

How To Remove Skin Tags?
Removal of skin tags is not a very hard process. In fact, it can be done right at home. You can of course visit a doctor and he can freeze them and zap them right off or with whatever else technique he uses but you can also remove them at your own place. There are techniques such as wrapping a dental floss around the tag and cutting off its blood supply. After a few days, it will shrivel up and fall off by itself. You can also use Tea Tree Oil and massage it on the skin tag till it falls off after a week or two. There are many other home remedies you can use.

Skin tag removal is not hard. And neither is it dangerous. If you want to remove it, you can and if you don’t want to then it is up to you. However, insulin resistance does cause skin tags to form. Do check your blood glucose levels if skin tags are forming on your skin all of a sudden.





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  1. I’m happy to report as a “prediabetic” that after taking my diet under control and adopting a ketogenic diet/fasting while eshewing the ADA recommendations – my skin tags are about 75% resolved.

    I’m happy that my A1C is normalized. My fasting glucose has moved from the 120s to the 80s (but I want it lower!), my lipids are now normal, and my liver enzymes are now normal, too, but I’ve not had a follow up US to verify that my liver looks healthier yet. That is on tap for this summer. I’ve also lost 50 pounds to boot!

    My mind has a hard time wrapping itself around the fact that my biomarkers worsened when I worked toward the goals set out by the ADA and AHA.


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