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Skin Tags – Are They Curable?

Introduction And Background

It always is a problem with the skin, isn’t it? The teenagers are getting acne. The elderly people are getting wrinkles. People who work under the sun are getting sunburned. People who work in cold areas have dry skin. And then there are skin tags, probably to those who get it as the worst skin condition of all. In this article, we will discuss about skin tags. You will get to know exactly what they are and how to deal with them and whether they are curable or not. Read on further to enlighten yourself about skin tags.

What Are Skin Tags?
Skin tags are actually small flaps of skin that have somehow grown on the skin. They are of a different color than your original skin but are connected to it through a connecting stalk. They are hardly the size of your nail.

Are They Dangerous?
Skin tags are not at all dangerous. They are not harmful to health but only prove to be a nuisance for the eye. Due to their weird appearance, no one wants other to have a look at their skin tags. This is the basic reason of why skin tags are not at all liked by people. Other than that, even if you let them hang there, skin tags will not put you in any kind of danger.

Are They Curable?
Now to answer the main question. Yes, skin tags are curable if what you mean by that is that they can be removed or gotten rid of. Skin tags do not exactly need to be ‘cured’ since they are not dangerous. They just need to be removed and there are many means of doing that.

Why Do We Get Skin Tags?
We can get skin tags due to three basic reasons. The first one is of course genetics. Skin tags often appear because they are in our genes. For this reason, skin tags can occur even in young adults or teenagers sometimes although it is most common in elderly people. The other reason is old age and friction. In old age, people are more prone to get skin tags than ever. Their skin sags and layers are formed which are then led to the formation of skin tags. Friction is also a reason for obese people getting skin tags.

Where Do Skin Tags Appear?
Skin tags can actually appear around any part of the body but they are most common around the neck and the eyelids. They can appear on the shoulders, the genital areas, the legs and even the stomach. They are also common on the sole of the foot.

How To Cure And Treat Skin Tags?
There are various methods to remove and cure skin tags. Some of them are written below:

  • The first way you’ll all think of is to get a skin tag surgically removed by a doctor. While it might be the safest way to all of you, it is not the most convenient way. Doctors can surgically remove the skin tag but why spend money on something that you can do right at home free of cost? The only time you should go to your doctor to get a skin tag removed is when it is around the eyelids or the genital areas. These are sensitive areas and one needs to be careful. Therefore, it is better to let a doctor do it.
  • You can also use dental floss to remove a skin tag, all by yourself, right at home. Tie the dental floss around the start of the skin tag, the connecting stalk. This will block all the blood supply to the skin tag. The skin tag will change color and will drop off by itself after a day or two.
  • You can also use Tea Tree Oil and duct tape to remove a skin tag. You can also use Vitamin E. There are various other processes but you need to know a lot more detail of how to use these items and when to remove them.

Common Misconceptions About Skin Tags
Here are a few common misconceptions about skin tags:

  • Skin tags are not an abnormal growth and they will not harm you in any way. Many times, people start to think that there is something benign growing under the skin tag and think it is a tumor. It is not like that at all.
  • Skin tags are also often confused with wrinkles.
  • New skin tags will not grow if old ones are removed. I have no idea why people think that new ones will grow. There is nothing like that.

Skin tags are just a nuisance for the eye. You can have them removed easily if you want but if ou want it to stay, there will be no danger.


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