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Skin Tags – Are They Really A Disease?

Introduction and background

Skin tags are basically small tags of skin that can also have a peduncle (stalk). They basically give the look of soft and hanging piece of skin. Skin tags can appear on practically any part of the body. However there are some places that are more prone to getting skin tags than the rest. These include the places where there is a lot of skin rubbing against skin. The places where this happens the most include:

  • Armpits
  • Eyelids
  • Underneath the breasts
  • Upper chest
  • Groin
  • Neck

The fact is that our skin is one of the most important elements of our body and we care about it a lot. The look that we desire in ourselves can be tarnished if there are skin tags bugging you all over. But what if there is more to skin tags than being a nuisance? Is it a real problem that needs to be kept in check? Could you get seriously ill because of having skin tags? In this article all these questions will be answered. Keep reading to find out more.

The truth

The fact is that skin tags aren’t actually a disease. Diseases are related to illness and skin tags don’t cause any illness. They are actually completely harmless. They are basically minute skin flaps which are about the same size as a very small nail. The reason for their growth can be one of many and they are also a naturally occurring phenomenon as the old people usually have skin tags on their bodies. You can say that skin tags are for elder people and for teenagers there is acne. Both are completely harmless and it is just because of the ugliness of the skin tags that people feel the need to have them removed.

Why do we get skin tags?

The biggest reason behind skin tag formation is one that cannot be avoided in anyway; friction. You cannot possibly imagine any disease that is cause simply by body friction. Even if you could, skin tags are definitely not it. As the friction is caused by the rubbing of skin on itself, it is due to this fact that it is the most common to see skin tags on old and obese people. Old people have sagging skin and obese people have layers of fat on their bodies and both cause a lot of friction on the skin.

Disease or not?

The most crucial question about skin tags is if they cause any illness or not. Well the answer is simple, no they don’t. Skin tags are just another skin condition and they are neither a growth segment of any type of cancer or any other mild or serious disease.

Removing skin tags

Another thing that needs to be cleared is the fact that removing skin tags is totally fine. It is wrong to think that of you remove a skin tag, another one will replace it. This does not happen in the case of skin tags and the only reason you may see new growth in the same place is because it was meant to happen anyway. The truth is that you can actually go to a doctor and get your skin tags zapped too. What you must remember however is that that can be quite expensive and there are several home remedies that you can also use to remove them yourself.


After having read the discussion above you can clearly make out that skin tags are no problem whatsoever and you can easily remove them. They only make you look bad, so don’t hesitate in either removing them yourself or getting them zapped from a doctor.

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