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Skin Tags – Do They Affect Your Beauty?

Introduction And Background

Beauty has become the essence of our being. It has become the centre of our universe, the thing most women would kill for and the thing most men are after. It is safe to say that next to money, beauty is in the topmost things of the list of ‘Human Cravings’ and this is a list which does not have different foods in it. Anything that stands in the way of beauty for a human, a woman especially, has to be gotten rid of immediately. No one can stand any dent or any sort of mark of any kind on their face or their body. I am of course, referring to skin tags.

What Are Skin Tags?
This is the weird part. As common as skin tags are, no one really has heard of them. I think people do not know what to call this but everyone actually knows what a skin tag is, just not what it is called. A skin tag is actually a small flap of skin, no bigger than the size of a fingernail. It is attached to the skin by a connecting stalk. A skin tag is not of the same color of the skin and is easily identified and seen when looked at.

What Causes Skin Tags?
There are basically three reasons due to which skin tags can occur. The first reason is genes. Skin tags are often the basis of genetic makeup. It is very commonly seen in some families while no sign of it is present in other families. Genes have a major role to play in skin tag formation. Another reason for skin tags is friction. Friction of skin can cause skin tags to appear. This is what happens in old people. Their skin sags and forms layer one on the other and this can cause a lot of friction to develop. It is one of the major reasons why old people get skin tags. Even obesity is a reason for skin tags to occur. Its foundation is also friction though.

Do Skin Tags Affect Your Beauty?
Yes they do. Skin tags can easily affect beauty if they are visible. For instance, here are the examples in which skin tags can affect beauty.

  • Skin tags are often of a different color than the skin. It is extremely obvious if a skin tag is on the face and is often of a lot of prominence. Mostly people who have skin tags often feel that the gaze of others lingers a lot on their skin condition. It is true. Even the person who is looking at a skin tag will start to wonder what disease he or she has, if they are not aware of what a skin tag is.
  • Skin tags are very common around the eyelids and the neck area. This makes them an easy target to spot. A lot of women do a lot of makeup to hide it but sometimes makeup is not enough. Alas, skin tags have affected beauty.
  • Sometimes, skin tags appear on the thigh region too. This stops people from wearing swimsuits or bathing suits, even if they are doing something as simple as swimming. It can really affect a person’s beauty so much so that they refrain from wearing any sort of bathing suits at a beach!

Can Skin Tags Be Removed?
Yes, skin tags can be removed quite easily. This is one of the best things. If a skin tag is really affecting a person’s beautiful face and is making them uncomfortable, they can easily get it removed or even remove it themselves!

Is It Necessary To Remove A Skin Tag?
No, it is not. Some people who are really old and do not care about their looks are not really concerned with removing their skin tags. Skin tags are not at all hazardous to health. Even if one keeps their skin tags, it will do nothing to harm their body. However, many find their presence uncomfortable as it might be displeasing to the eyes so they prefer to have it removed.

Removing Skin Tags
Going to the doctor is the best option, isn’t it? Well, in the case of skin tags you will only be wasting your money. Go to the doctor only if the skin tag is in a sensitive area such as the eyelids or the genital areas. Otherwise, you can remove the skin tag right here at home by using duct tape or dental floss or even a band-aid and tea tree oil and some vitamin E.

Skin tags are not really something to worry about. When one gets them, they often think it is some sort of cancerous growth! It is not like that at all. Skin tags are actually harmless.



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