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Skin Tag & Mole Removal
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Skin Tags… Don’t Ignore… Treat Early

Introduction and background

Skin tags or Acrochorda, as is the medical term for skin tags is a problem that is taken very lightly and considered to be harmless. This couldn’t be more wrong and the truth is that if you end up having a skin tag in a wrong place, it could actually turn out to be pretty annoying and discomforting. The most common place for the formation of a skin tag is places where the skin gets folded. So the most common places where they form are necks, armpits, groin area and even the eyelids sometimes. If they are in a place where you can just let them be and don’t feel bothered then what you usually do is just let the skin tag do its time in that place after which it falls off by itself. But what happens when it grows in a part where it becomes irritating. Well this is when you feel the urge to remove them and that is the worst decision ever because once you do, the whole spot grows red and then you are left with a bad looking mark. Removing skin tags just like that or simply ignoring them isn’t healthy in any way and can cause complications too if left untreated. There are several ways with which you can remove them and at the same time avoid all the mess. Read on to find out what these methods are.

Skin tag removal techniques

Using oregano oil – In this method, what you do is take a couple of drops of oregano oil and mix these drops in 4-6 drops of coconut oil which acts as the solvent. Applying directly can cause the formation of red skin marks and you don’t want that. Repeating it all daily 2-3 times will cause the color of the skin tag to change for some days after which it will fall off automatically.

Using tea tree oil – This remedy is also very effective and what you do is take a small cotton ball and dip it in some water. After that you squeeze most of the water out, leaving some to keep the cotton ball moist. The next step is to add the tea tree oil and the water acts as a solvent here too. Rubbing it on the skin tag and repeating it all three times daily will result in the skin tag falling off in only a few days.

Using lemon juice – The importance and benefits that lemon has are simply countless and here is one of the ways it can benefit you. All you need to do is take the juice of half a lemon and soak a small cotton ball in it. Apply it gently onto the spot where the skin tag is and then let it dry. Repeat the whole procedure 3-4 times a day and within 2-3 weeks you will see that your skin tag is gone without a trace. One thing you must remember is to not go out into the sun with the lemon juice on you. Otherwise you will end up with a bad skin tan.

Do not ignore your skin tag

It is a very important thing that you get your skin tag checked because sometimes what may look like a skin tag could turn out to be something much bigger. Therefore having complete information about what it is and being vigilant about getting rid of it properly is very important.


For your own well being, it is highly recommended that you seriously take note of all the information provided above and stop taking skin tags lightly. The whole purpose after all is to ensure that you look and feel great.


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