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Skin Tag & Mole Removal
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Skin Tags – Fact And Fiction

Introduction And Background

A famous businessman once said that if one should invest in anything, it should be in skin products. Almost every single person on the planet is concerned about either their skin or their weight or their hair. The skin tops the list mostly. It is in fact skin products that get most of the revenue for companies as their prices are increasing day by day. But most people do not get that they can solve their skin problems even without buying products; that they can easily use home remedies or other methods to get their skin on the right path or the path to recovery in case of acne. Same is the case for skin tags. Before we get on, everyone should know what skin tags are…

What Are Skin Tags?
Skin tags are the name given to small flaps of skin that are hanging from the actual skin connected through a stalk. They are not large at all, about mostly the size of a fingernail. They are sometimes of a different color than the actual skin and at times they are just a shade apart. However, they are not dangerous to the health. In fact, they are quite harmless. The only nuisance they provide is to the eye. No one really likes to look at them and the person who has them becomes really conscious of their appearance. Hence, skin tags are not at all liked.

How Are They Caused?
There are mainly two causative factors of skin tags. One of them is genetics. It could be in your genes that your skin tags develop and in that case scenario, even people below the age of thirty or twenty five can get them. Usually, skin tags are associated with old age which brings us to the other reason. They can appear due to friction of skin. In old age, skin often sags and this way friction occurs of skin on skin which is why they appear. Skin tags can also develop on obese people because friction also occurs on their skin due to layers or expansion. Skin tags are often seen on the eyelids, around the neck and even the shoulders. They can also appear in the genital region and in the armpits.

Facts About Skin Tags

  • Skin tags are not at all dangerous. This is a fact. Most people are afraid that they have some sort of tumor or anything when they first see a skin tag because it seems like an abnormal growth. It is best to consult a doctor in that case who will confirm that you only have skin tags and that they are harmless.
  • They are generally common amongst old people. There will be very few young people who will be seen with skin tags and this is mostly because of the genetic reason of their appearance.
  • Skin tags do not grow into the real skin. There have been some cases in which people were afraid that their skin tag was growing into their actual skin and they actually ripped it off. There are ways of getting skin tags painfully and easily removed but ripping them off isn’t one of them!
  • Skin tags can easily be removed at home. One does not need to go to a doctor to get their skin tags zapped off at extra costs. There are a lot of ways in which one can do this at home. Instructions are easily available on the internet and one only has to go through them. There is one involving wrapping a dental floss around the connecting stalk of the skin tag and then removing it after a few hours. Then the skin tag will fall off because the blood supply of it had been blocked.

Fictions About Skin Tags

  • Removing a skin tag will cause other skin tags to grow is pure fiction. This does not really happen. If skin tags grow because of removal of one skin tag it was because of some other reason. Some people don’t get them removed because they think more skin tags will appear but this is not the case.
  • Skin tags are not any cancerous growth as some would come to think when they first look at it. It does look weird but other than that skin tags are just what they are; skin tags.
  • Removing a skin tag is painful because it is like taking your skin off? Wrong again. Removing a skin tag is painful only if you rip it off. It is painless if you do it the right way with the proper instructions, kind of like clipping your nails.

Skin tag removal is quite common. One should not hesitate to remove it through the help of a doctor or right at home by various home remedies. It is best to do it at home as going to a doctor would needlessly cost you a lot. Don’t worry, if you follow the right instructions, you will do no damage to your skin.

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