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Skin Tags – Fact Or Fiction?

Introduction And Background

We are all worried about our skin as soon as we become conscious of beauty and age. As we grow older, it becomes more of a worry because our skin is slowly sagging and the wrinkles are arising. We definitely do not like looking older and skin tags contribute to that. They are often found on older people more so than the younger ones. Many people do not know what they are and they would probably wonder about them. In this article, you will get to know what skin tags are, how they are caused, where they appear and the facts and the fictions related to them.

What Are Skin Tags?
Skin tags are actually flaps of skin, quite small, hanging from the body through a connecting stalk. They are not that prominent as they are hardly the size of a fingernail but if they are in the front of the area such as the neck of the face, they can be seen quite clearly. Skin tags are often not of the same color as the skin and that has the tendency to make it prominent.

How Are Skin Tags Formed?
Skin tags are formed due to three main reasons. The first reason is genetics. If it is in your gene pool and is very common in your family, there are higher chances that you will get them too. It can even occur at an early age then if the familial part to it is present in your body. The other reason for skin tag formation is friction. If friction is caused in the skin by skin, skin tags develop. For instance, the skin of old people tends to sag and form layers, creating friction between the two layers sometimes. Skin tags can easily form there. The third reason is obesity. This also consists of friction as obese people often have layers of skin in the stomach or the neck and skin tags can easily form there.

Where Are Skin Tags Formed?
Skin tags can possibly form anywhere in the body but they are more common in the armpits, the neck region, the facial region, the genital areas and near the eyelids. They are also sometimes found between the legs and even on the foot!

Skin Tags – The Fiction
Here are a few fictitious details about skin tags that you will need to clear out of your head. Sometimes people get confused and wary this but you should know it is all fiction.

  • Skin Tags Are A Malignant Or Cancerous Growth
    Many people start to freak out at the appearance of skin tags, thinking that it is some sort of cancerous growth on their skin. They worry and fret that it might be even skin cancer but this is not the case. Skin tags are pretty harmless and they also are very different from any bumps and bruises that might arise in a cancer patient. Nonetheless, the appearance of skin tags is disturbing but that’s all that is; disturbing. Other than that, skin tags are harmless to health and you don’t even have to remove them if you don’t want to.
  • Removal Of Skin Tags Cause More Skin Tags
    This is also another fictitious detail floating around. Removal of skin tags does not cause other skin tags to appear! If other skin tags are appearing, that is because they were meant to or supposed to appear, not because skin tags are being removed from the area. If you want to get rid of your skin tags, do not worry about more skin tags coming about because of it.
  • Skin Tags Occur Only In Elderly People
    This is not true. Skin tags can also occur in very young people and now it has become even more common in middle aged people. Skin tags are not only restricted to the old and the elderly!

Skin Tags – The Facts
Now here are the facts that you need to keep in mind about skin tags.

  • Skin Tags Removal Are Harmless And Painless
    Skin tags are not really part of your skin so their removal is actually quite painless. If you are alright with your skin tags, don’t get them removed. But if you do want to get them removed, know that the skin tags removal is a harmless and painless procedure.
  • Skin tags Can Be Removed Easily At Home
    Skin tags removal can be done right at home. No one has to go to the doctor. However, if the skin tags are at a sensitive area, such as the eyelids or the genital region, it is better to get them removed by a doctor.

Skin tags are nothing to worry about. At least you don’t have acne! Skin tags can be removed and dealt with quite easily if they are bothersome to your appearance.

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