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Skin Tags – How Do They Affect Your Appearance?

Introduction And Background

All of us, every single one of us, are very specific and conscious about our appearance. We care about what other people think and we care a lot about what they think of how we look. So, the slightest blemish, the smallest spot and the most invisible pimple is enough to make us worry about our skin or the face. Hence, why shouldn’t skin tags affect our appearance and how we react to it? But to know further, you first have to know what skin tags are and how they are caused.

What Our Skin Tags?
Skin tags are actually short flaps of skin that are not exactly part of the skin but are connected to it through a connecting stalk. They are quite common and are often experienced in old age. Skin tags are not at all harmful for health and their existence does not affect a healthy and active life.

How Are Skin Tags Caused?
Till now, research has significantly given three reasons for the cause of skin tags on our skin. The first reason is of course, genetics. Sometimes the skin tags are inherited and there isn’t anything you have done to bring them about. The second reason is friction of skin which happens mostly in obesity. The skin often forms layers when a person is really fat, like the bulks on the neck or around the stomach. This creates fiction, which creates skin tags. The last reason is old age. Most people get skin tags in old age because their skin sags and wrinkles and also creates friction which again, creates skin tags.

How Do Skin Tags Affect Our Appearance?
Skin tags may be harmless to health but they do affect our appearance and how we look to other people. This is the main reason of why people want to remove their skin tags quickly. Here are a few ways in which Skin tags affect our appearance:

  • They are of a different color.
    This is the thing that hits the most. Skin tags are sometimes not of the same color as the skin and it makes the tone incredibly uneven. If the skin tag is especially in a really visible area like the neck or the eyelid, then they definitely make us uncomfortable in public because the difference in color often gets people staring at the person who has skin tags.
  • They are hanging from the skin.
    Of course they are of a different color but they are not exactly patched on to the skin. As written above, they are actually flaps that are no bigger than a fingernail but the mere sight of them is enough to see that they are not really the normal skin. The small flaps often give an abnormal and ugly look, especially if otherwise your skin is perfect. It makes a person squirm and self-conscious in society.
  • They look like wrinkles if together.
    Most old aged people get confused about skin tags because they sometimes mistake their skin tags to be wrinkles. Especially around the eyes, skin tags actually do resemble wrinkles but only if you look closely will you see the difference. Skin tags are taken to be a sign of old age too because their appearance tells the person that their skin is not what it once was.
  • They can cause discomfort.
    While doing make-up or applying cosmetics, people do not take skin tags into account and it causes them discomfort to see the final display. The skin tags are often more obvious in these ways.

Can Skin Tags Be Removed?
Skin tags can be removed really easily. A person doesn’t even have to go to the doctors to get their surgery done. Why should one spend so much money on something that one can do easily and for free right at home? Yes, skin tags can be removed at home. There are herbal supplements that remove skin tags and other than that there are numerous ways in which you can either remove the skin tags by applying herbal oils to the skin or even using dental floss to remove it smoothly. Either way, it is effective and safe. It is only suggested that if the skin tag is somewhere sensitive, like the eyelids or the genital areas, then one should not risk in removing the skin tags themselves. Only then is it better to go to a doctor who will do the job carefully.

Skin tags are not hazardous nor do they harm in any way. But they do cause discomfort to the person who has it because they are not at all good to look at. This is the main reason why someone would want to get their skin tags removed.

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