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Skin Tag & Mole Removal
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Skin Tags – Natural Removal Is The Best

Introduction And Background

Skin problems are our worst problems. We can deal with hair problems and even weight sometimes does not bother us that much but if there is the slightest mark on our face or the weirdest pimples on our shoulders or neck, all hell breaks loose. No one wants their skin to go astray because we all know that the hair can be set right and the weight can be reduced if we try but it is really hard to get the skin we want, the fresh look or the unstained and unspotted flawless surface. In this article, we will be talking about skin tags. They are also a nuisance to some because of the way they appear to the public.

What Are Skin Tags?
Skin tags are pieces or flaps of skin that are joined to the skin by a connecting stalk. They are usually hanging from the skin and it is mostly obvious that it is some sort of different piece that is not part of the actual skin. This is why most people find it uncomfortable, because skin tags look really abnormal sometimes.

Are Skin Tags Dangerous?
Skin tags are not at all dangerous. They are in fact quite harmless. They can stay there for the rest of your life and not do a single damage to your skin.

Can Skin Tags Be Removed?
Skin tags can be removed, by surgery or the natural process. We will further discuss natural removal of skin tags and why it is considered the best option. I mean, don’t we all think that doctors can do the best job?

How To Naturally Remove Skin Tags?
There are several methods how skin tags can be removed. Some of them are listed below:

  • Take a piece of dental floss and wrap it tightly around the area where the skin tag is connected to the skin, the area where it begins or originates. This way, the blood supply of the skin tag is lost and the piece of skin soon becomes dead skin, changing color as well. This does not hurt because a skin tag is not part of the actual skin. Once you remove the dental floss after twenty four hours, the skin tag will also come off.
  • Take a piece of duct tape and put it on tightly on the skin tag. You can even layer it twice to make it tighter. The object to do here is again to stop the blood and oxygen supply of the skin tag. If you take off the duct tape after a day or two, the skin tag will come off with it. Sometimes, it does not come off but if you repeat the process, it surely will! Apply a little tea tree oil to the skin tag before applying the duct tape.
  • Take a little vitamin E and a band-aid. First apply the vitamin E on the skin tag and then tightly put a band-aid on it. Let it stay there for a day. Afterwards, pull the bad-aid off. Most likely, the skin tag will come off with it just as with the duct tape but if it does not, you have to pull on it slightly to make sure it comes off. However, do not pull at it harshly otherwise it might also affect your actual skin.

Why Is The Doctor’s Visit Unnecessary?
Going to the doctor’s for skin tag removal is not important. If you can do something at home for absolutely no cost, why would you want to go and get a surgery done for a large amount of money? The doctor will of course be safe but the natural method is also safe, probably safer since there is no spray or chemicals being used or any surgical instruments.

Why Is The Natural Method The Best?
The natural method of skin tag removal is the best because:

  • It is incredibly safe. You are using the things that are already at home and you are not using any chemicals or drugs either.
  • It is a painless process.
  • It does not cost a cent.
  • You are performing the procedure yourself.

Even though the natural method of removing skin tags is the best, there are certain times where going to the doctor might be better. Sometimes the skin tags can appear on the eyelids or even on the genital areas. In this case, it is better to go to the doctor because of course, you cannot remove a skin tag which is right near the eye!

Skin tags are not at all harmful but if you really want to remove them because they are a nuisance to the eyes, think about the natural methods. As you can see yourself, they are pretty harmless and will save you a lot of money.

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  1. Removing a skin tag with duck tape is easy and painless. I just bend the tag over and press a little square of duct tape over it, then go about my business. When the tape falls off a couple of days later, the tag also falls.


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