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Skin Tags – Psychological Impact


Introduction And Background
Perfection is a yearning that is rarely satisfied in all human beings, yet it is a natural instinct, an unrepressed feeling that cannot be sent away. Everyone wants to be perfect. They want their personalities to be perfect, their hair to be perfect and most of all they want their skin to be perfect. If it isn’t, due to any reason whatsoever, it harms them emotionally and mentally. Humans are sensitive creatures who care a lot about what other humans think. Hence, the psychological impact of skin tags. It can be bad but not if it is handled well.

What Are Skin Tags?
To understand their impact, we must know what skin tags are at first. Skin tags are actually small flaps of skin that are no bigger than a fingernail. They are formed on the actual skin and are connected through a stalk. It is clearly visible at times that skin tags are not actually part of the skin and sometimes old people even confuse them to be strange wrinkles, especially if they do not know what skin tags are.

How Are They Caused?
Skin tags are basically caused due to three reasons. Either skin tags are inherited, that is if the parents had it and it is genetically inherited, then even young adults can get skin tags. The second reason is friction of obesity. Obese people often have skin tags because their skin stretches and can overlap in certain areas, especially around the chin. The third reason is the most common and that is old age. Skin tags are very common in old age, especially due to the sagging of the skin which again causes friction which causes skin tags!

What Psychological Impact Can Be Caused?
Skin tags, as you can already see by their description, are not that good to look at. In fact, skin tags often give out an abnormal and weird stature to the skin that is not appreciated by people who are very sensitive about their looks. Most women get skin tags and they do not like it at all. It depresses them and they fear that old age has struck because skin tags are mostly developed then. It can lead them to a weird kind of depression.

Reasons For Emotional Stress And Depression
No one likes to grow old and in most areas, skin tags are kind of a sign of that. Hence, if a person has developed skin tags due to reason number three, they enter a stage where they undergo a bit of emotional stress and trauma. They want to get rid of the skin tag and are not even sure if they can do it. Skin tag removal is possible but the information of it is not that common amongst people. Only those who go to the doctor or research about it will know that skin tags can be removed successfully. This is also a reason for depression, thinking that they won’t be able to do anything about their skin tags.

A Public Embarrassment?
Most people think that having skin tags is a public embarrassment and mostly become a hermit until they figure out the problem. This is also another psychological impact of being anti-social which can harm and effect considerably, especially in old age. Since skin tags are not that good to look at, the person who has it refrains from being in the public eye. Skin tag removal can cost you a doctor’s visit and a small operation of its removal. If a person cannot afford that, they turn to home remedies which can be pretty effective but they might take time which can also increase the sadness. Truth be told, any skin condition can make someone depressed but skin tags can harm more because they are not that well known and look abnormal on a person.

Are They Harmful?
Skin tags are not at all harmful. In fact, a person doesn’t even have to get them removed. They only want to do that because of the weird appearance.

How To Handle It?
The best possible way to make yourself not drown in the depressed state is to do something about the skin tag and quickly at that. Understand that it does not look bad and calmly remove it by going to the doctor or using a home remedy. And if you have a friend or a family member with skin tags, comfort them about it and help them in ways of removing it.

Skin tags can be hazardous to the psyche but they are not at all hazardous to the body health. True, they are not good to look at but hiding from the public eye is not that smartest thing to do. The smartest thing to do is getting it removed or removing it yourself.

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