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Skin Tags – Should We Really Care?

Introduction And Background

Our skin problems seem to be endless after the age of ten. In the teenage years, we live in the terror of the threat of getting acne till we become young adults. The threat of acne exists even then but till then we either get used to the feeling or the degree of the threat becomes less. We’re afraid of the sun because it can burn our skin if we sit under it for too long. We don’t want too much of a dry skin like in winters. And when we get older, wrinkles are all we’re worried about. And then there are skin tags…


What Are Skin Tags?
Skin tags are actually small flaps of skin, no bigger than the size of a finger nail. They are connecting to the skin by a connecting stalk. They are not actually part of the skin but are connecting to it and are more often than not a different color from the actual skin. Skin tags are often found in the neck region, around the eyelids, in the genital areas and the armpits too. They are also found in the thigh region and the shoulders.


How Are Skin Tags Caused?
Skin tags are caused due to three main factors. They do not have an endless list of causes like acne but are actually a straight skin condition. The first reason for their cause is genes. It is mostly a genetic factor if you get skin tags at a really young age. If it runs in the family, it is most likely that you will get them someday. The next reason is old age and friction. Skin tags are most common in elderly people because their skin sags and forms layers on top of each other which induces friction and causes skin tags. The other reason is obesity and old age. Skin tags are found in obese people because their skin also induces friction.


Are Skin Tags Dangerous?
Skin tags are not at all dangerous. One shouldn’t worry about them. They prove no harm to the skin and do not cause any damage to the body. Their existence is as safe as the wrinkles present on the forehead or the cheeks. However, they do prove to be a nuisance to the eye which is why most people do not like them in the least.


Should We Really Care?
Truth be told, one should not care about skin tags because they are not harmful for the health but they do make one conscious. If the skin tags are bigger than usual, their flaps more evident, it makes one uncomfortable in public. This can cause a problem and then one wants to get rid of their skin tags. Other than that, if one doesn’t look in the mirror, sometimes they don’t even know whether skin tags exist on their face, especially around the eyelids where they are the smallest in size perhaps.


Do Not Worry
Sometimes people mistake skin tags to be a benign growth and some think it is some sort of abnormal tumor that is growing on their skin! Best thing to do is go see a doctor so they can confirm all your suspicions but do not worry about it.


Can Skin Tags Be Removed?
Of course they can. Since they prove to be such a nuisance to everyone, skin tags are a top priority for removal amongst people, mostly women. They can be removed quite easily. One can go to a doctor and get it done but why should that happen when it can be done quite easily right at home? There are numerous ways for a removal of skin tag. You need to do some research and you’ll be well and good. Some of the ways consist of using a dental floss by tying it around the connecting stalk of the skin tag so that all the blood supply is stopped. This will make the skin tag fall off by itself after a day or two. Another method is to use Tea Tree Oil and Duct tape or vitamin E and a band-aid. Either way, it is actually really easy to remove skin tags.


A Warning
Removing skin tags is easy and can be done at home but if the skin tags are in the genital areas or around the eyelids, it is better to go to a doctor. These areas are sensitive and should not be dealt with on your own. You should have them surgically removed. It is a small and painless process done easily by the doctor.


Skin tags are not on the worry list in my agenda because there are much worse skin conditions present in the world. Nonetheless, if it does bother you, have it removed easily!

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