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Skin Tags – Some Common Myths

Introduction And Background

The word skin tags are not that common amongst the younger generation. Skin tags do exist among them but they are rarely aware of what it is called. The older generation are more scared of it than the younger ones because it is common amongst them and they still are not aware of what it is called! In this article, you will learn about what skin tags actually are and the myths that are concerned with them. You will also learn about their removal and how to go about it through a number of instructions.


What Are Skin Tags?
Skin tags are actually pieces of skin or flaps of skin that are attached to the skin but are not really part of it. They are of a different color and are often confused to be wrinkles or warts, depending upon their size. They have their own blood supply as well and make people very conscious because they are a little weird to look at. They often grow around the eyelids, the neck and the arm pits. They can also grow in genital areas as well as the back of the shoulders.


Can Skin Tags Be Removed?
Yes, skin tags can easily be removed. They are not a danger to health nor are they hazardous but since people do not like looking at it, they urgently want to get rid of it. Skin tag removal can be done easily at home or one can go to the doctor and get it removed.


Common Myths About Skin Tags
Here are a few common myths about skin tags. Some people are generally confused about them because their name is not that common, especially in Asia and other continents. It is generally more heard of in America since people know what to call it there!


Skin Tag Growth After Removal
There are many women who think that removing skin tags will cause more skin tags to grow. This is not true. Scientifically, there is no such proof that this happens and if a skin tag growth is there, it is not because a previous one was removed. The truth is, there are people who have more growth of skin tags than others and they think that removing it is the cause behind such growth. Skin tag is not a bean and neither is it contagious. Hence, this is just a myth.


Skin Tag Is A Tumor
When skin tags first appear, they are usually mistaken to be an abnormal growth on the skin and the first thing that crosses a person’s mind is; shoot, I have a tumor. Well, they needn’t be afraid and neither should they worry about it because it is a harmless growth and can be dealt with quite easily.


Skin Tag Removal Will Cause Scars
Skin tag removal does not produce scarring because the skin tags are not really part of your actual skin. They are just a growth on it. They can be dealt with easily and there are rarely any scars. If you remove it thoroughly and carefully as instructed, there is no way that there will be any type of sign that your skin has been messed with. Through some removal processes, the skin tag comes off by itself. However, you need to be careful. Do not just pull it off. Find out ways to remove it otherwise go to a doctor for surgical removal.


Only Elderly People Can Skin Tags
While elderly people are the lot who gets skin tags the most, the occurrence of skin tags is very much present in young adults as well as some children too. The reason behind skin tags is mostly friction. The friction of skin produces skin tags. Elderly people have a lot of wrinkles and that causes friction. Obese people also have skin tags because of the friction of their skin. Skin tags are also caused due to genetics. These are the major reasons behind the skin tags. Thus, it is not only the elderly who have this skin condition.


The Removal Of Skin Tags
Skin tags can easily be removed at home. You can use dental floss and wrap it around the connecting stalk of the skin tag. It will stop the blood supply and eventually the skin tag will come off itself. Other methods are using Vitamin E and a duct tape as well as Tea Tree Oil. These are all effective methods of removing skin tag. However, note that if the skin tag is in a sensitive area, such as near the eyelids or the genital areas, it is better to go to a doctor and get it removed. The procedure is simple.


Do not be afraid if there is some growth on the skin. It is most likely a skin tag. However, be sure to go to a doctor to confirm it.

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