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Skin Tags – Some Popular Myths

Introduction And Background

Our skin is the most important thing to us, correct? Day and night we worry about it. We buy an endless list of skin care products and often research about the problems that arise on our skin. It could be acne, it could be scarring and it could be skin tags. Skin tag is not a very common word and people often do not understand what it is. My parents have skin tags and they often think it is some sort of weird wrinkles that are forming on the skin or some dark spots that are arising. They did not know that they had skin tags.

All About Skin Tags
Skin tags are small flaps of skin that are not the actual skin but are just connected to it through a connecting stalk. Skin tags are often not of the same color as the skin and are pretty evident on the skin. They are most commonly seen on the face, near the neck and the eyelids, the shoulders and the genital areas as well. Skin tags are also found on the armpits. They are not that big and are just the size of a fingernail if not more. There are basically three reasons of why people get skin tags. The first reason is of course genetics. Sometimes, skin tags run in the family. In such scenarios, even youngsters can get skin tags. In other cases, skin tags are caused because of friction of skin against skin or skin against clothes. Obesity and old age then becomes a reason for skin tags formation.

Some Popular Myths Of Skin Tags
Here are a few popular myths of skin tags with explanations of why this is so and what is actually true. Read below to see:

  • Skin tags are only formed on old people
    This is one of the biggest myths and most men and women do not worry about themselves because they think it is a skin condition for the older people. Skin tags can occur even in obese people.
  • Removal of skin tags cause more skin tags to form.
    This is also a common myth which is not true at all. It is because of this reason that most people do not get their skin tags removed although they should if they can. If skin tags occur because of removal of skin tags, it is because they were supposed to form there in the first place. Skin tag removal is not the reason.
  • Removal of skin tags cause scarring.
    This is also false. Of course, removal in a bad way without doing any research can cause scarring but if one gets their skin tags removed by a doctor or by doing a proper home remedy, then scarring will not occur. Only a little redness will occur.
  • Skin tags are actually cancerous growths.
    In old age, if the skin tags are more prominent, this is the first reaction that people have. They think that skin tags are some sort of cancerous growth and they get worried. A check up by a doctor will prove that it is nothing but a small flap of skin on skin.
  • Skin tags cannot be removed.
    This is not a common myth but it is a myth that exists. Skin tags can be removed because they are not part of the actual skin. Skin tags are not part of the actual skin and their removal is quite easy.

How To Remove Skin Tags?
Skin tags can be removed by going to a doctor and getting the skin tags zapped or frozen off. Nonetheless, skin tags can also be removed at home by following the instructions to several home remedies. One of the most common remedy is using a dental floss and tying it around the skin tag connecting stalk. The blood supply to the skin tag is stopped and the skin tag falls off by itself in a day. Some people like using duct tape and vitamin E to remove their skin tags while others prefer a bandage and using Tea tree oil. All of these techniques do not cost at all and can be easily done at home. One thing to keep in mind is that if the skin tags are at a sensitive area such as the genital areas or the eyelids, it is better to go to the doctor. These areas are comparatively sensitive and it will be easier to go to a doctor and get your skin tags removed rather than doing it yourself at home.

Skin tags are common and one should not worry if they form. This skin condition is way better than acne and its removal is also very easy to do. Do not be afraid if you have skin tags. Anything that you’ve heard is just a myth probably!

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