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Skin Tags – The Most Bothersome Sign Or Symptom

Introduction And Background

We are naturally very protective about our skin. Since it is the only organ that comes into contact with the public eye, it is natural for us to be specific about keeping it clean and clear. So if anything happens to it, again, naturally we are very concerned about what has happened. No wonder everyone is so afraid of acne. It is one of the worst skin conditions to arise and it is most common in the age where everyone is at their most sensitive stages physically and mentally; the teenage years. There is another skin condition which is again bothersome but this one usually comes in old age. And it goes by the name of skin tags.

What Are Skin Tags?
It would come as a surprise to know that skin tags are very common. People just don’t know what they are called. You know the little flaps of skin that are a different color from the skin, no bigger than the size of a finger nail and are hanging from the skin? They are called skin tags. Skin tags are often seen in grandparents and even obese people. But they are mostly seen in the elderly as it is also a sign of old age along with wrinkles.

How Are Skin Tags Formed?
Skin tags are formed because of three major reasons. Actually, it can be divided into two reasons because the basis of two is formed in one. Let me explain. Skin tags can arise due to genetic inheritance. This is reason number one. If skin tags are a common thing in your family, it is most likely that you will also have it. Reason number two is friction. Obese people and old people get skin tags because friction develops in the skin. Even a baby can get skin tags in a certain area if there is a lot of friction of skin against skin or skin against clothes.

Most Bothersome Sign
Skin tags symptoms are exactly what they are, tags hanging from the skin. There is no another symptom to it. The most bothersome sign is the fact that they are pretty abnormal to look at. Skin tags do not give a pleasant feeling and it feels like something abnormal is sticking out from the skin of the other person. That is their most bothersome sign and symptom, the little flap of skin connected through the stalk and clearly visible for the world to see.

Are Skin Tags Dangerous?
Skin tags are not dangerous. In fact, they are quite harmless and their existence does not bring any danger to the person who has it. It is just the discomfort of sight for other people that skin tags bring which leads people to have them removed. Otherwise, one can let it stay there if they are brave enough to not care about what the world thinks.

Can Skin Tags Be Removed?
Yes, skin tags can be removed. Their removal is also quite common as most humans, mostly females, do not really like their skin to look a little disfigured. Removal of skin tags is done easily and painlessly by a doctor but one can also do it right at home.

Easy Skin Tag Removal
Instead of wasting a lot of money by going to the doctor and having the skin tags removed because of the bothersome sign and symptom, why not do the job right at home? It will be free of cost and it will be very easy to do. Most people try to remove skin tags by using a dental floss. They tie the floss around the connecting stalk of the skin tag and then wait for the blood circulation to falter. Eventually, in a few hours or maybe a day or two, the skin tag falls off by itself. Other than dental floss, people also use duct tape and vitamin E or band-aid and tea tree oil. However, before setting off to remove skin tags, be sure to read the clear instructions on the internet. They are easy to search for and are easy to understand. The purpose of this is to be certain that one does not end up tearing off the skin tag! It can lead to a mark or two.

A Precaution
Even though many would agree that the removal of skin tag at homes is easy and better, it is perhaps safer to go the doctor for skin tag removal if they are present in a sensitive area. Skin tags can occur on the face, the neck region, the thigh region, the shoulder arms pits and around the feet too. But if they occur in the genital areas or the eyelids, it is better to let the doctor handle these places.

Skin tags are not bothersome to the body. They are only bothersome to the eye. The flap of the skin tags is the most annoying symptom. But to be fair, they can be easily removed.

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