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Skin Tag & Mole Removal
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Skin Tags – Why Should We Get Them Removed?

Introduction And Background

We are pretty self obsessive. The human race is constantly worried about their appearance and it shouldn’t be any other way because we often judge other people by their appearance. A beautiful person would automatically get our approval while one who looks disheveled and homeless and has something weird growing on their face would automatically get our resignation. By something weird growing on their face, this obviously means skin tags. Very few would know what they are and how they develop because they are more common in the older generation. Nonetheless, they can exist in the younger generation too!

What Are Skin Tags?
Skin tags are exactly what they are by their name; they are tags on the skin. They are small flaps which are just the size of a fingernail to be more precise. They are connected to the actual skin by a connecting stalk. Skin tags can grow on various places. They can grow on the neck, near the eyelids, in the shoulder region and even in the genital region! They are not at all dangerous. Their existence should not alarm you nor should it make you think that something is wrong with your skin.

Reasons For Removal Of Skin Tags
Skin tags are not dangerous, as mentioned above but people get them removed all the time. Here are a few reasons of why one should get them removed:

  • They look weird. This is the major reason why most women rush to the doctor and get their skin tags removed. They do not like it when other people glance longer than necessary in an area where a skin tag has grown. Since the skin tag color varies from the color of the actual skin, it is very distinct and cannot be hidden from the public eye, especially if it is in a place easily visible such as the neck or even the chin.
  • It can sometimes be annoying if you are aware of its existence. Skin tags near the eyelids can get in the way of vision but other than that they can make a person look old as they can be confused with wrinkles.
  • Skin tags form their own blood supply. This can also help to remove it through a process done by using dental floss. However, their difference from the actual skin is also a reason of why one should get it removed.

How To Remove Skin Tags?
Skin tag removal is really easy and can be done right at home using things which are present. Most people use dental floss to remove skin tags. They tie it around the connecting stalk, finishing off the blood supply of the skin tag. After a day or two, it shrivels up and falls off by itself. It does not leave any mark, if you’re wondering about that. Skin tag removal is also successful by using duct tape and band-aid along with tea tree oil and vitamin E. However, you need to do proper and thorough research on instructions of removal consisting of these elements before starting on it. Keep one thing in mind though; it is not necessary to go to a doctor and pay him to do something that can be done right at home but if the skin tags are around the eyelids or the genital areas, it is better to go to the doctor. Since these areas are sensitive, it is safer to go to a doctor and have your skin tags removed.

How Do Skin Tags Grow?
Skin tags can either be brought about by friction, in the case of old people and obese people or they can grow because of genetics. These three reasons are the major reasons why skin tags grow.

Common Misconceptions
There are a few common misconceptions about skin tags. The most common is confusing them with wrinkles. Another one is thinking that some abnormal growth has started to show itself and it could mean you either have cancer or anything other of that sort. Please go to a doctor if you want a peace of mind rather than thinking about it constantly. The last misconception that will be mentioned here is about more skin tags growing after a removal on skin tag. This is not true. If more skin tags grow after a skin tag has been removed, it has nothing to do with the removal. Skin tags grow naturally at places. They are not aggravated by removal or anything of that sort.

Skin tags are actually a normal part of life, often seen in old age. They can be removed if one wants them to be removed and they have good reasons to do so. However, if you want them to stay as they are, no harm in that too.

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