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Skin Tags: Will Herbal Treatments Really Work?

Introduction And Background

We all are worried about our skin at one time or another. It could be because our skin is becoming too rough. It could be because our skin is becoming too old, too dry, too wrinkly. Acne could be the reason behind our skin troubles. Tanning of the skin can also worry people, especially those who live in areas where the fair skin is considered to be a sign of beauty. However, in this article, we will not be talking about these worries. The worry we will be talking about are skin tags. They are more often than not ignored as a topic on the whole because old people are the ones who get the most skin tags. However, this is definitely not always true. Even young people get them. Read on further to find out.

Will Herbal Treatments Really Work On Skin Tags?

What Are Skin Tags?
Skin tags are actually small flaps of skin which are hanging from the actual skin but not really a part of it. You can see the difference and know that it is some kind of growth and not actually the skin. Some people look at it and think it is some sort of weird pimples growing while others consider it to be blackheads. But if you look closely, you can tell the difference between a skin tag and all the other stuff. They are very small, hardly the size of a fingernail or smaller but they are a nuisance to the eye and which is why we are talking about it in this article.

Where Are Skin Tags Formed?
Skin tags are actually formed on our body where friction is produced. We will get to the reasoning later but they are most commonly found on the face area which is the neck region, in the armpits, the genital regions, between the thighs and even around the shoulders. Skin tags are also found near the eyelids or on them. Skin tags can also be formed on the stomach. Almost all parts of the body have been mentioned which takes us back to the reason that skin tags are formed anywhere where there is friction of the skin.

Why Are Skin Tags Formed?
Skin tags are formed because of various reasons. No one really knows why skin tags appear in children and the reason was researched and then genetics was blamed. It could be in your genes that skin tags appear. Other than that, there is no real specific reason for it to be found in children. In old people, skin tags appear due to friction of skin against skin or skin against clothes as their skin gets really wrinkled. Obesity also causes skin friction and this is another reason of why skin tags are formed.

Can Skin Tags Be Removed?
Of course. Skin tags can be removed quite easily if one just knows how to remove them. However, a lot of the times people get confused on what treatment method to follow. There are home remedies and then there is the zapping of the doctor. Both of them have their own methods to follow and both of them have their own advantages. However, there is the herbal treatment that you haven’t considered.

Herbal Treatment For Skin Tags
Herbal treatments for skin tags actually work. This is not an exaggeration. Home remedies are not trusted by some but these ones are actually better for skin tags than the doctors zapping in some ways! Treating skin tags in the herbal manner not only makes sure that you treat your skin tags naturally but you also get to give your skin a good nourishing feeling. The herbal treatment has no chemicals and the things you use are actually good for your skin! For instance:

  • Using Tea Tree Oil. This home remedy is quite famous and has been used successfully by a lot of people. All one has to do is soak a cotton tip or a cotton ball in the oil and apply it gently on the area of the skin tag. One has to do it for two weeks minimum so that the skin tag can fall off easily or it vanishes completely. Some people also use duct tape with it but some people just use the oil.
  • People also use Castor Oil as a herbal ointment for skin tag removal. Mix castor oil with a little baking soda and add citrus oil to the tops. The paste has to be applied on the affected skin tag area and then apply a bandage on it to cover it properly. In about three weeks time, the skin tags will vanish. You have to do it every day though.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar is also used in some cases. The procedure is like the one with the Tea Tree Oil but the vinegar might sting a little so few people use this home remedy.

Herbal treatments are actually quite famous and are known to work wonders for skin tags. Going to the doctor to get the skin tags removed is just going to cost you a lot of money. You could save all that money only if you’re a little patient enough to wait for at least two to three weeks and make an effort towards it.


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