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Top Causes Of Skin Tags

Introduction And Background

Probably the only similarity in every human is the attention they give towards their skin. I have never come across a single person who does not show worry about their face or body skin sometime in their lifetime. We all fret about the perfect skin and go to many lengths to ensure that it remains younger looking than our actual age. The people who are young fight constantly to avoid getting acne or any other type of skin condition. Thus, skin tags are also a hated thing amongst the skin lovers. Now you’ll ask…what are skin tags?

What Are Skin Tags?
Skin tags are actually small flaps of skin. They are no longer than a size of a finger nail and their color is actually different from that of the actual skin. These small flaps are connected to the actual skin by a connecting stalk and are referred to as skin tags. They are often confused to be wrinkles by some people but if they are in more unusual places, they are also confused to be some sort of abnormal growth on the skin of a person. There have been cases where women have freaked out because they thought they had some cancerous growth!

Are Skin Tags Harmful?
No, skin tags are not at all harmful. They are not dangerous in any way and the only harm they can give you is that they are displeasing to look at. There is nothing else in them that can affect your body. Skin tags can occur around the neck region, the shoulder region, around the eyelids and even in the genital areas. They are also found in the armpits and between the thighs.

Top Causes Of Skin Tags
The top causes of skin tags are mainly three in number and about two of them have the same reason. Read below to see:

  • Genetics – One of the main reasons of why people get skin tags is because it was in their genes. It is commonly seen that many members of a family can develop skin tags while those of another family have none. It is also seen that skin tags is not only an elderly people skin condition but can be seen in teenagers and even children. Young adults can also get skin tags. Genes have a role to play in the cause and development of skin tags.
  • Friction – Mostly, it is the friction of skin on skin or skin on some sort of clothes that can develop skin tags. This is what happens in elderly people. Their skin sags and can form layers on top of each other. Friction develops and pretty soon you will be able to see a skin tag formed in that area. They are mostly confused to be as wrinkles in elderly people but if you look closely, you can see the small flap and the connecting stalk.
  • Obesity – This is another reason of why skin tags are developed. It also has the same to do with friction as obese people also develop layers of skin which can cause friction. Obesity is also a top cause of skin tag development. It is better to stay slim and fit rather than be obese and develop skin tags.

Can Skin Tags Be Removed?
Yes, skin tags can be removed. They are not dangerous and if you let them be, they will not harm you in any way. But other than that, women are very conscious about them and if they are in areas of the skin where they are clearly visible, such as the neck, anyone would want them removed. Thus, skin tags can be easily removed if you want. And another thing to clear out…most people think that removing a skin tag can create more skin tags. This is not true at all. It does not work like that and even if skin tags do develop after the removal, it is because they had to and not because a skin tag was removed!

How Can Skin Tags Be Removed?
A doctor can remove them by performing a small surgical operation where he’ll numb your skin and then zap the skin tag right off. It will cost you money. It is better to go to a doctor to have your skin tag removed if the skin tag is in a sensitive area such as the eyelid or the genital areas. However, you can also remove them right at home. There are many ways to do that. Some people use dental floss by tying it around the connecting stalk of the skin tag and cutting off the blood supply so that it falls off by itself after a while. Some use duct tape and band-aids with tea tree oil and vitamin E!

Skin tags are very common nowadays. If you want to remove them, you can. But know that they are harmless.

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