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Skin Tag & Mole Removal
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Various Ways For Skin Tag Removal

Introduction and Background

Well, we are all well endowed with the knowledge of any kind of skin condition aren’t we? Everyone knows about blackheads and pimples and the different types of acne but we rarely hear about the type of skin condition known as skin tag. Well, in this article we will get to know what skin tags really are and how to remove them easily. Skin tags are not as bad as everyone thinks they are. They might look a little…well…disgusting. But other than that, they really are harmless pieces or flaps of skin hanging.

What Are Skin Tags?
A little introduction has been given above but here is more information about this skin condition. Skin tags are flaps of skin that are usually hanging from the body by a connecting stalk. The flaps are not huge flaps as you would imagine but rather small pieces of skin that are sometimes undetected by the general public. They are harmless to health and do not really cause any trouble. It is just that some people find them strange which is why they want to have it removed. But know that skin tags are not a disease and are just skin that is hanging, in other words. They usually develop in obese people or people or it is sometimes genetically present. It is also quite common in older people because of the sagging of their skin.

Ways For Removing Skin Tags
Now you’ll think that removing a piece of skin requires some doctor work. This is not the case. Removing a piece of skin does not require a doctor in the scenario for skin tags. There are ways you can remove it easily yourself. Here is how:

  • Skin tags usually have a blood supply which can be completely stopped by wrapping dental floss around the end of the tag. This is not easy to do alone so it is better if you have someone to help you. Let the blood supply be diminished completely for a day or two and the skin tag will automatically drop off. Make sure that you are not harming your actual skin while putting on the dental floss. This is exactly why it is better to make sure that someone else does it rather than doing it yourself.
  • Another way to remove the skin tag by yourself is to get a band-aid and some vitamin E whether it is in a medicinal form or a powder or pill form. Apply the vitamin E to your skin and then cover the skin tag area with the band-aid. Make sure that it sticks securely. This will, again, cut off the blood supply of the skin tag and after two or three days it will get removed by itself when it falls off.
  • Well, if you have a duct tape or a scotch tape lying around or even masking tape, it is better to use it now. The main thing to do to remove a skin tag is to cut off the blood supply of that area of the skin. Apply the tape sharply and firmly on to the skin tag and ensure that it is tight enough. After a day or two, remove the tape to see if the skin tag comes off with it as well. If this does not happen, repeat the exercise. It is sure to work the second time you do it.
  • Dilute acid for some warts and inflammatory spots are constantly used on the skin by people. This can also be useful for getting rid of skin tags. However, make sure you do not do this exercise alone as it can be harmful.
  • The last way is to go to the doctor’s. There is no high level surgery to be done. The doctor simply numbs the area a little and cuts it off with scissors. However, if you want to try to remove it yourself, you can try. But the doctor can do it easily too if the option is viable for you.

A Thing To Keep In Mind
The above mentioned techniques are for skin tag removal but there is one thing to keep in mind before performing any of them. The area of the skin tag should be kept in mind before doing anything. Sometime the skin tags are on the eyelids. Of course, you certainly wouldn’t want to put any tape on that part of the area, would you? In cases like these, it is better to go to the doctor. But if the skin tag is around the neck or the shoulders, then it is easy to remove it yourself.

The name skin tags sound quite unique and unusual but now that you think about it, it isn’t that bad at all, is it? It’s just a piece of skin you don’t want.


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