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What Are Skin Tags And Their Types?

Introduction And Background

We are all well acquainted with words such as acne, pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. We know about cysts and nodules and we know about freckles. Basically, we know about everything that is a common condition that can occur to the skin. However, there are some things that are still unknown to us or we have not heard about. There are some medical conditions related to the skin that are just becoming common. There are types of cancer that are now popular because of their direct relation with the sun. And then there are skin tags. Let’s find out what they are.

What Are Skin Tags?
Skin tag is basically a small flap of skin that is connected to the skin by a stalk so that it actually looks like hanging skin. Skin tags can appear anywhere on the surface of the body but they are common in areas where there is possibility of rubbing of skin. Skin tags might look as if they are dangerous for the health and may actually be a small tumor or some cancerous growth but the fact is that they are pretty harmless. Skin tags do not cause any harm to the body.

Why Do People Get Skin Tags?
Skin tags are not that common. People get them because either it is part of their genes, meaning it was hereditary, or either it happens because a person is overweight. The flap of skin grows when you become fat because then the skin comes into contact with other skin around. Skin tags are also caused sometimes due to reasons not known. However, research has shown that women are more prone to getting skin tags but doctors and dermatologists believe that gender plays no role in skin tags.

What Are The Types Of Skin Tag?
There are no specific types of skin tag. They just vary in shape and appearance but their basic form is the same and there are no degrees of skin tags such as the degrees that are present in acne or any other skin condition. Skin tags are often:

  • Smooth. They can be without any folding or any creases in between.
  • Wrinkled. This generally appears in old people who have a sagging skin.
  • Irregular. Skin tags can be irregular in shape too because overweight people can develop them in various areas. They usually appear behind the neck.
  • Brown in color. Their color can also be fresh but they are mostly brown.
  • Short. The sizes of skin tags also vary. Sometimes they are just the size of a finger nail while other times they can be the size of your thumb even!

How To Treat Skin Tags?
Skin tags are treated by various methods. It’s a good thing to remind you that skin tags are not a nuisance nor are they dangerous to health. At times they are not even clearly visible and no one really notices the small flap. However, you should know that skin tags are not necessarily treated by surgery only. You can easily remove the skin tag at home even, all by yourself. You can remove the skin tag by scissors but if that does not seem plausible than you can always tie the end of the skin tag and then burn it using an electrical device and then lightly remove it from your body by using any utensil. Where small growths can be dealt with easily, larger growths have to be shown to a doctor because they can hurt while removing. It is better to make the area numb before removal process is taking place. Home remedies can also be applied where you can freeze the area but damage can still be done if you are inexperienced so it is better to go to a doctor to solve out the mess of skin tags.

Skin Tags; Leave Them Alone?
There is a concept that skin tags can fall out by themselves. While this is true, it is always better to deal with the problem. However, be assured that skin tags are not like acne. They will not spread around the body if you neglect taking care of them. But keep one thing in mind, it is better to fix the problem before your skin cannot tolerate it anymore. And by that I mean young skin. Young skin can heal quickly.

Skin tags are nothing to be afraid of. It is not like a case of acne that you’ll be terrified and wouldn’t be able to sleep at night! Skin tags are not good to look at but they are in places which can stay hidden from the world. If you want to get them removed, go ahead and if you want to do nothing about it then that is okay as well because skin tags are not harmful.

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