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Why Natural Therapy Is Safest For Skin Tag Removal?

Introduction And Background

With skin condition, we always suddenly think of the words pimples, blackheads and spots. We don’t stop to think of the word ‘skin tag’. This is also a skin condition which we commonly see but do not really know the name of. Well, the descriptions given of the skin tags below might recall your memory and you’ll finally know what that thing you’ve seen is called! Read on further to know more about skin tags, their ways of removal and how the natural therapy is considered very safe for it.

A Little Information On Skin Tags
Skin tags are basically small flaps of skin that are hanging from the skin by a connecting stalk. They are not part of the skin and are usually the size of a fingernail. They are not hazardous to the skin and do not provide any danger to the body. Their only dilemma is that they are a bit weird to look at and pose a certain discomfort to the person who has it which is the only reason why people want to remove it. Although it does not give any pain, sometimes a rub in with certain objects can irritate and annoy the skin tag. They are usually occurring due to genetics. If your family has a strong history of skin tags, there are chances that you will get it too. Other reasons of getting skin tags include being obese or being old. In both cases, the skin sags and friction occurs due to which skin tags can develop. Skin tags are more common in women, obese women to be more precise.

Areas Where Skin Tags Can Appear
Skin tags can appear on the skin basically but they are more commonly found on the neck, on the cheek, the shoulder, the eyelids and even the genital areas.

Natural Therapy For Skin Tags
Skin tags, as said before, are not good to look at. People want to remove it because it makes them uncomfortable. There are two different methods of removal. You can both go to the doctor and get it removed surgically or you can remove it through the natural therapy done right at home. Here, we’ll discuss the natural therapy and why it is better and safer than other methods.

How To Remove Skin Tags Naturally?
There are various ways in which skin tags can be removed naturally. The most common way of its removal is by the use of dental floss. The floss is wrapped tightly around the skin tag flap where the blood supply is cut off completely. After a few hours or a day, the skin tag will change color and shrivel up and will fall off when the floss is removed. Similarly, sometimes duct tape is used or even a band-aid but other substances are involved in these cases such as the tree oil or even vitamin E.

Why Natural Therapy Is Safest For Skin Tag Removal?
As you all would know, skin tags can safely be removed at home. But why is it considered the safest way? There is why:

  • It is easy and natural.
  • You are not given any medication for numbness of pain.
  • No surgical instruments are used to cut off the skin tag.
  • Some natural therapies involve oil and organic substances which are quite good for the skin.
  • It is safe because it does not involve any scissors and most of the methods require a simple wait for the skin tag to fall off itself.
  • You are nourishing your skin through different ailments.
  • You do not use any medication before or afterwards.
  • It is not a surgical procedure and does not hurt.

A Different Opinion
Although natural therapy is the safest way, sometimes skin tags appear in certain areas where it is best not to deal with it yourself. It is better to go to a doctor then, even if the natural therapy is the safest. The areas include the genital areas and the eyelids. If the skin tag is on the eyelid, there is no proper way to remove it yourself without having a risk of damaging or doing the process wrong. Getting someone else to do it then might be safer but in any case, visit the doctor to get it removed.

Skin tag removal is not at all a dangerous process but you can never be too careful when the skin is involved. Although they are not at all dangerous for health and are simply flaps of skin, people do not like their visibility and strange appearance. It is fine if they want it removed but everyone should know that there is a free and safe way of removing it naturally before they run off to the doctor and empty their pockets.



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