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Why Sunlight Is Essential For Healthy Skin?

Introduction And Background

We are all looking for the ultimate solution for the healthiest and youngest skin alive. Everyone wishes to stop aging and of course, the skin has a major role to play in that. Think for yourself for a moment. How do we really know that a person has aged? One can see it through the lines and wrinkles that are present on their skin. Skin ages. But we can keep it healthy, can’t we? And sunlight has a major role to play in that. Now, you’ll be confused about this little blessing of sunlight. Many people tell you stay away from it while others say you can have a little of it while most around the world happily lie beneath it. What is it about sunlight and healthy skin then? Where is the connection? Read on to find more.

Why Sunlight Is Essential For Healthy Skin?
Sunlight is actually very essential for healthy skin. We think that the sun is our enemy sometimes when it gets too hot or we get sunburned. But the thing here to see is that how much sunlight is really required for healthy skin? We’ll get to that later though. Here are a few reasons of why sunlight is actually very important for healthy skin.

  • The Sun Gets Rid of the bacteria
    Bacteria and germs are present everywhere, most of them on our face. They can easily cause blackheads and most of them also block pores to cause acne. Now, the sun’s rays are a very powerful thing. They can actually kill the bacteria on our body, quite easily though. In the olden ages when there were not many medicines present as such, the patients were given the sun treatment which meant lying in the sun and letting their wounds heal quickly. That is how good the sun is for the skin.
  • Skin conditions can be fixed by the Sun
    Obviously, not all skin conditions come under this category but there are some that can be fixed if one sits and basks in sunlight. Skin conditions such as eczema requires the treatment of sunlight. Even acne sometimes requires sunlight though you have to be a little careful with how much exposure you give. Sitting in the sunlight for a long time will not do anyone any good. You have to be a little careful. Psoriasis is also another disease which can be cured by sunlight.
  • Immune system gets stronger
    The more sunlight we get, the stronger our immune system gets! Our immunity is very important. It battles everything, down to the last pimple that arises or the smallest whitehead on the back of the arm even! If our immune system is strong, we’ll have healthier skin, won’t we?
  • Sunlight helps fight depression
    When we worry or age, the lines are pretty evident on our face. They can make our skin age years from its actual age. Sunlight can actually help fight that. A lot of studies have shown that many people claim that they feel better and less sad when they sit under the sun. That means that they are not depressed as such and are definitely not releasing any extra stress hormones which can actually cause our skin to look beyond its years.
  • You Sleep Better
    Sunlight has also proven to make people sleep better. Obviously that does not mean that you sleep under the sun. It means that if you have exposure towards sunlight on a daily basis, you will sleep better at night. And we know that sleeping better gives a fresher and glowing skin rather than dark circles beneath the eyes.
  • Sunlight will lower the cholesterol levels
    Science and research has shown the connection between the two. Cholesterol levels which are high more often than not take a toll on the skin. Lower the cholesterol levels, healthier will be the skin.
  • Cleans the Blood system inside
    The inside is as important as the outside to the skin. In fact, it is the inside that reflects on the outside. Sunlight can actually help cleanse the arteries and other minute blood vessels present inside the body. Once this happens, the blood circulation improves beneath the skin which means the skin cells are getting proper blood circulation and oxygen which means better coloration and in the long run, healthier skin!

Sunlight is no doubt the best thing for healthy looking sun but again you have to know how much exposure to give yourself. Sitting underneath the sun for longer periods of time can also make you age. We don’t want that now, do we? We want healthier and younger looking skin. You can that from sunlight but limit your exposures towards it very carefully. You can even time yourself.

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